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As a New York sports fan, I loved watching the New England Patriots lose the Super Bowl (and their bid for a perfect season) to the Giants last night. Not only for the victory itself but also because it offered cosmic repercussions — a restoration of the universe’s essential order, a victory by New York over Boston, a reminder of the way things are supposed to be.

The Patriots' loss also represents its own brand of karmic comeuppance, a reminder not to count your 19th chicken before it's hatched. As late as this morning, after all, a book called "19-0: The Historic Championship Season of New England's Unbeatable Patriots" by the sports staff of the Boston Globe was burning up the charts at Amazon.com.   

Although the book has since been yanked, the Associated Press reports that it was first offered for pre-sale as early as Jan. 29, nearly a week before the Super Bowl. The irony is that, according to a post at America Online's Fan House, "The Patriots famously fired themselves up to beat the Eagles in [the 2005] Super Bowl by listening to [coach] Bill Belichick reading off the plans for the Eagles' post-Super Bowl parade route."

Hubris, anyone?

David L. Ulin

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While heartbreaking - we New Englanders DO have a recent champion as you all may recall. ( not to mention a 5 -1 championship advantage over NY ) . We have the Red Sox and what does NYC have? The Yankees with no pitching. The Mets can have Santana. The 2004 Yank tank was still bigger than the Pats loss. Sorry folks, but football season is over and spring training is around the corner !

It goes to show how much most Americans have come to hate Belichick and the New England Patriots when most football fans would prefer to see a NY team win!

It was definitely karmic retribution for the most over-hyped team in NFL history. And don't get me started on their amazingly obnoxious fans.

Looking forward to Sen. Arlen Specter blowing the lid off the Cheatriots. Goodall is going to have a lot of explaining to do for covering his best buddy Robert Kraft.


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