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On Monday, Jan. 25, 2010, The Times launched a new version of the Homicide Report. You have arrived at the old blog.

Readers can no longer post new comments on this site, but we encourage you to join the conversation on our new site. The updated Homicide Report features an interactive map and searchable database of the more than 2,600 homicides in L.A. County since January 2007, when Times' reporter Jill Leovy first started this blog with the goal of covering each one.

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-- Megan Garvey and Anthony Pesce

Palmdale: Eugene Harrington Jr., 23

January 5, 2010 | 11:04 pm

The location where Eugene Harrington Jr. was shot. Credit: Google Maps Eugene Harrington Jr., a 23-year-old black man, was shot and killed Wednesday, Dec. 30, in the 37400 block of Kimberly Lane in Palmdale, authorities said.

Harrington was with his younger brother and another person about 9:10 p.m. when he got into an argument with the person, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The person pulled out a shotgun and shot Harrington once in the head, according to coroner's records.

Harrington was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead at 10:15 p.m., according to coroner's records. His younger brother was not injured in the incident.

Anyone with information about this killing is asked to call the Sheriff's homicide bureau at (323) 890-5500.

-- Anthony Pesce

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Map: The location where Eugene Harrington Jr. was shot. Credit: Google Maps

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Gene, Lena, Susan and Daniel, my heart and prayers goes out to you. May God comfort you all in this time.

They caught the guy and another person involved. He was arraigned yesterday. 1/08. They also got the weapon. As it was said at the funeral, "God is good."

amy, care to share with us the details on who the accused is and what were the circumstances of Mr. Harringtons murder?

Wow! Shot him in the head with a shotgun? So that must have traumatized his younger brother who witnessed the killing.

He'll now hate the world, I'm sure. We'll be reading about the younger brother either doing something crazy or being killed himself at some point.

It is good that the criminal that committed this crime is caught and off the streets. Lets hoe the justice depts convict and put him/them away for a long time to keep this from ocurring again by these monsters in our mist.

Actually the brother, father and whole family are christians to the core and they know that gene is in a better place and that we all have our time to go home to our father in heaven at some point. The brother is now more than ever determined to become a doctor and with a father like he has I am sure that he will be one some day. This was definetly a tragedy and one that everyone can learn from. All that we know about the suspect is that he is between the ages of 16 to 18 and that thankfully he is behind bars right now so that he can not hurt anybody else. I do know the details but it is not proper for me to gossip or tell a family's story that is not mine to tell. Just know that the whole family would ask for your prayers. They probably would also ask for the prayers for the suspect and his family. Yes, I know how crazy that this sounds but gene and his family were not the only one's to lose a son that horrible night.

Amy, it sounds like you're hiding the circumstances of your relatives murder. Was he engaged in criminal conduct himself?

Sorry, not trying to hide anything, it is just not my story to tell. The facts will come out during the trial and I do not want to say or do anything to hurt the case.

Can we just leave everyone at peace now. Let Gene rest in peace please.. Its hard already for the family and friends as it is. And yes its very Very different around the neighbor hood. Just let Him Rest in peace please. Just give your prayers to the family!


It isn't proper to tell gossip that isn't yours to tell? You have stories about the family but you won't tell them! Some friend or Christian you are. Gossip is what you are doing. You claim to know the family and know the whole story but your comments just leave people to fill in the blanks. You don't want to write anything that will jepardize the case. Like what the the victim wasn't an actuall victim? See this is the kind of mind set your statement leads to. You should contact the Times and ask them to take you post down and then pick up the bible and read it to occupy your time. You ask for prayers for this family but yet you stir the pot with half truths. Shame on you.

Thanks Victoy. This is Gene sr and yes it hurts but God is in charge. He will see us through this, we pray for our family and friends and yes the suspects and there familys. We will forgive thems if thay ask us for forgiveness. We love people like GOD loves people. Just pray for us all, God bless you all. This is to all of U

dont disrispect my brother like that..if u dont know who i am well ask..sketch

Wow i didn't expect all of ur comments to b here, i just found out about this site.. i was reading the comments and i feel..
Nobody should be saying anything other then ur best wishes, love, and support to our family..
Nobody should be disrespecting my brothers name in any way, because we all constantly live in sin who are we to judge anyone?
you leave that 2 god and if u dont believe in the Lord, leave it to the courts.
GodBless all those who truely love and care thanks,
those who just gossip bout the whole situation as if u were there, Figure out ur own problems and work on them im sure it would keep you busy...


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