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-- Megan Garvey and Anthony Pesce

Palmdale: Alfonso Gonzalez, 36

December 11, 2009 |  2:31 pm

The location where Alfonso Gonzalez was found dead. Credit: Google Maps Alfonso Gonzalez, a 36-year-old Latino, was found dead Wednesday, Dec. 2, in the 1700 block of Autumnmist Drive in Palmdale, authorities said.

According to coroner's records, Gonzalez's burned body was found with arms and legs bound in a closet at a residence. He was discovered by authorities after the residence was set on fire.

Though the coroner's initial report on the killing indicates Gonzalez may have been beaten before he was burned, detectives said they are still investigating what happened to him.

-- Anthony Pesce

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Map: The location where Alfonso Gonzalez was found dead. Credit: Google Maps

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This guy did one of three things to be killed like that:
1. slept with someone's lady
2. snitched
3. didn't pay for his dope

Los Angeles County has become Juarz, Mexico. I'm so glad I'm far far away.

hey i know the family and it was a robbery so you should'nt comment on something you know nothing about.

I'm Alfonso's niece and nobody deserves to die like that my Uncle Had an education he did not sell drugs or anything like that so please Christian dont go around saying things without knowing we r not all like you we have a life and jobs and $$$ cause we work hard for it thats why they killed him they broke into his house took everything they had the person who did it is the low life that has to steal to have $$$ why cause he doesnt have an education so please grow up and stop leaving unwanted comments

we miss u fonso! every day that ur not here our hearts r little sadder. R.I.P. Alfonso Gonzales!!!

If everything His niece says is true.meaning he was not our average mexican mafia guy,nor anyone of the 3 things surmised by Christian.Then a smart detective hopefully wont rule out current anf former spouses on revenge,or the feasability a family member may have a insurance policy in which financial motive could be the ulterior motive behind this gruesome residential murder.

Outraged Father: Seriously, are you that ignorant and out of touch? Crime in
Los Angeles County has been decreasing year by year. Put the rag down and quit contributing to the sensationalism, idiot.

Only white people think about killing for life insurance stop the hate that is the problem with America a lot of low life white trash ignorance attacking hispanics just for the color of ones skin!. Maybe mr davidzone is one of them so he should be careful with his former wifes or husbands cuz they might have a life insurance for him. Mr christian needs a life too.

This crime was a hate crime nothing to do with drugs people stop the hate! and the stupid rumors of life insurance motives or wifes trying to get back at mr Gonzalez alfonso was a good man and the color of his skin does not matter here he was robed and killed for trying to feed a heartless white trash. So mr christian, davidzone and outrage father Go to hell! with your stupid retarded comments!!!

I see the stupidity runs deep here. I have an idea lets read some of the comments before posting a response.

Christians comment-If you read here enough you will come to know that this is how this guy comment's and you will also realize he is not that far off base like it or not. Mexican on Mexican murder is reported everyday usually for one of the 3 reasons stated.

davidozone's comment-This poor guy wasn't even trying to be a d$%k he was just stating what he though some possible motives might be that had nothing to do with race yet you guys jumped all over him for being a racist.

Now to my comments-

optimus crime-I have some beach front property in Arizona I want to sell you. Silly boy do you really believe everything the media tells you?

jorge-way to sound just like every other idiotic racist on this blog.

Bill-Hate crime or robbery which is it????

I knew Alphonso very well and he was a very nice person .I no he didnt deserve this and evryone that knew him will agree with me

1. Do not believe everything you read or see on tv
2. The man who's face and name have been referred to as guilty in this, has not been charged with anything yet, except a parole violation.
3. Victim was a known methamphetamine dealer in the A.V.
4. No one deserves to die in this manner.
5. Cause of death has not been released to the public.

If you believe the news, don't you wonder who the third man was in this supposed love triangle gone wrong? Alfonso did not have girlfriends.

i loved my uncle very much and all of these comments are being thrown way out of would be nice if someone offered their condolences instead of just talkingcrap. i dont care what race you are or if you think my uncle deserved it or not. i dont care if those "facts" are true or have no source. all i care about is that i can never hug my uncle again. i can never see him, spend time with him, nor see his beautiful smile ever again. please stop all the bad comment, they hurt us.

Regardless to what Alfonzo did or was doing, he was a good man with a big heart! He did NOT deserve to die this way! Those who knew him, loved him. We will miss his smile, his laugh, and his "you go girl!" I pray that justice is done and the person or persons who did this to him are punished to the fullest extent of the law! May you rest in peace, Alfonzo, you will be greatly missed!

To the Family, Friends and Loved Ones of Alfonso, I do offer
to you my sincere condolences in this time of grief and loss.

Here we go again...outraged family crying about how innocent the victim was and how nice of a person he was. "With such a big heart". HIS ARMS AND FEET WERE BOUND AND HE WAS PLACED IN A CLOSET AND THE HOUSE WAS SET ON FIRE!!!! Are some people that nieve? If it was a random murder or robbery, do you think the perps would take all this effort? This was drug related. No one will say, "Yeah, my family member was a drug dealer." He might have been a nice guy with a big heart, but he definetely was involved with something that led to his terrible death.

alfonso was a kind soul with a big heart he was there for me in good and bad times. i will miss him dearly..yea he had his personal life issues but he didnt need to be murdered

Optimus Crime: ignorant? out of touch? put down what rag, this blog? Just look at the stories that keep rolling in on this Homicide Report, if its not a 13 yr olds getting murdered by gangs or a rehabilitated gang member turning his life around its a 70 yr olds, OK, I grant you that maybe the rate is decreasing some but c'mon still too much.

Don't call me the idiot, Christian is the one with the insensitve comments, direct your hostility toward him!

It is apparent that someone had an issue with him, and went to great lengths to torture him.

I think a lot of people who end up getting listed on this blog that were killed "assassination style", were killed for a reason even though they seemed to be normal law abiding people.

God bless you alfie u will alway be in our hearts who cares what all this haters say about you we know who you were we knew you ur a good guy u were not a drug dealer u prob got caught with some ilegal drugs In your past but it was only for personal use and we all know u went to rehab and thank god you were sinner this whole time u were doing good the only bad thing is that you trusted ppl a lil too much and that low life took your life rip love you with all my heart and I know you still love me and watch over me like you always did god bless the Gonzalez family

God bless you alfie u will alway be in our hearts who cares what all this haters say about you we know who you were we knew you ur a good guy u were not a drug dealer u prob got caught with some ilegal drugs In your past but it was only for personal use and we all know u went to rehab and thank god you were sinner this whole time u were doing good the only bad thing is that you trusted ppl a lil too much and that low life took your life rip love you with all my heart and I know you still love me and watch over me like you always did god bless the Gonzalez family

You know, folks, the family has lost a loved one, and here all these people are coming in to post judgment. How would you people feel if you lost a sister, brother, uncle, whatever and their death became a public forum for strangers with agendas to spout political garbage or theories on what crime your family member MUST HAVE been involved in?

I for one am sick of this garbage and I hope the Los Angeles Times shuts down the public comment boards.

This is a public forum. There is still FREEDON OF SPEECH in this country, at least for the moment!! If you want to mourn him publicly, go to Myspace and create an account there. There have been many facts stated by comments and if they hurt your feelings quit reading them. His choice of lifestyle and activities indirectly led to his demise. I'm not saying it was right, that is why it is a crime.

Jason P, if you dont like the blog, dont read it. Many people like the blog and regardless of what you want, its going to be here for quite some time.

Gee I don't about that syscom3, this blog is a good one but the best one that in the Times had was the one that Pete Viles ran and it fizzled out after Peter Hong left, now hardly no one of the old vets are commenting on Money & Co.

Wow guess my uncle had a lot of ppl that loved him but a lot of haters 2. Ppl that don't want their real name out here for some weird reason thank God he's in a better place far away from this haters and thank god John is charged with murder violation of parol and god knows what else justice is all we need now kisses to all the crap talkers muaw

syscom3 --

Reread my post before you kneejerk. I never criticized the blog, which I think does a valuable service. I'm just tired of folks who have no knowledge of the people involved coming in here to insult the dead. I'm also sick of people claiming "free speech" whenever they want to spout hate. I'm not accusing you of either, but I've seen plenty of both on these boards and from now on, I'm just going to skip the reader comments.

It's such a shame! For those of us here who new alfie, we know that this could not have happened 2 a kinder sweeter person. He's gonna be greatly missed. & i think everyone should just stop trying 2 speculate as 2 what activities put him in that horrible situation. regardless of what he was into, nobody deserves to die like this. he was a good friend & one of he most energetic optomistic people i knew. & all i care about is that a friend is now gone & no one has been brought to justice yet. the streets are alive with chatter, so soon enough we'll all find out what happened. & to alfie's family, "my sincerest apologies for ur loss."


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