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Dispatch: 'He just never made it back home'

December 30, 2009 | 12:40 pm

Jesus A small collection of candles sits near a street lamp outside Lincoln Elementary School in Long Beach, the only indication that Jesus Nava, a 23-year old Latino, was shot to death here at 11 p.m. on Dec. 12.

The intersection where he was killed -- 11th Street and Orange Avenue in East Long Beach -- was just seven blocks away from where he lived. Nava was pronounced dead at St. Mary's Medical Center, about 500 feet from the Metro station he had exited moments before his slaying.

“He just never made it back home,” his sister, Rosa Nava, said of that night. She learned of her brother's death when Long Beach police detectives visited her home about 3 a.m. as she and her husband were preparing to go to work on their delivery route for the Los Angeles Times.

Her brother had been walking home from the Anaheim Metro station on 11th Street after visiting his parents in North Long Beach -- something he did each weekend.

“All the brothers would be there all the time on the weekends,” his sister said. 

A recently out-of-work roofer, he had been living with his sister and her family since September. The day before he was killed, he received his unemployment check and gave his sister $150 to help pay for food for her family of six, including his four nieces and nephews. Navamap

“He knew we were currently struggling to buy groceries,” she said.

The other part of his unemployment check was going to be devoted to buying diapers for his 2-year-old son, Joseph, who lived with his mother in North Long Beach, where Nava was from, near where the 710 and 91 freeways meet.

People in their North Long Beach neighborhood have known Nava “since he was in diapers,” his sister said.

Most Christmases at their parents' home are busy, she said. Nava had four brothers and two sisters who all bring their families to celebrate, filling the home with more than 20 people. This Christmas, Rosa Nava said her brother planned to buy games for his son and his ex-girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter, Lucy.

Instead, all Christmas plans for the family were canceled.

Two days before Christmas, services were held for Nava at All Souls Mortuary in Long Beach. His ashes were be entombed Tuesday.

"There's still that one [present] that's still there," Rosa Nava said of a gift for her brother left unopened.

Nava was the only member of his family to die in recent history, his sister said. Some of their great- grandparents are still living and were not even told of his death because family members believed it would be too hard for them to learn that they outlived their 23-year-old great-grandson.

The possibility of Nava's death being gang-related is being considered, although Det. Patrick O' Dowd said authorities do not believe Nava had any gang involvement.

"We're still investigating different theories," O'Dowd said. "It's even harder when the victim has small children. Especially around the holidays."

Anyone with information about this shooting is asked to contact O'Dowd or Det. Terri Hubert at (562) 570-7244.

-- Lauren Williams in Long Beach

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Photo: Jesus Nava, 23, was shot and killed Dec. 12 in Long Beach. Credit: Nava family. Map: Location of Nava's shooting. Credit: Google maps.

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This doent make anysense, this man is gone from his kids and family for nothing. Who ever shot him I hope , should be put behind bars for life. Rip

Welcome to that LBC...aint nothin right over there...plenty of people got smoked or orange and anahiem..or 11th and Orange area.....LA times HR had a victim on the report on the same corner last year...a 25ish year old mexican gang banger was killed on a bike..same old asian kid was killed right there too on Anaheim....Just plain ol...u walkin right here...u must b from the hood..ima kill u...typa dont know anything nowadays.....

My prayers go out to this family, and I pray that justice is served. That is why we as a community need to stand up against these gangs and say enough is enough, and start anonymously reporting any information we have to the police, and start getting those low-lives off our streets one by one, group by group. If they don't know you turned them in, then they can't do anything to hurt you or your family, so we could once again have a better quality of life. Call We-Tip @ 800-78-CRIME (27463) or 800 47-DRUGS (37847), and let's start standing up against these cowards.

Well, foclipz, it's another new year, a new decade this time, and it's still the same old story. I've been reading this blog since it began a few years ago, you're still posting, I'm still posting (though much less often than you), and nothing really changes. I almost feel like you're an old friend. Our paths cross occasionally because of yet another tragedy.

The waste of lives, many of them young, is intolerable, and yet on and on it goes. Another family and another set of friends grieve a senseless loss. And the community once again loses one who was or could have been a valuable member.

The family and friends of this young man have my condolences. His face in the photograph has the glow of one who has his life ahead of him, and it seems to radiate goodness and happiness. Jesus Nava has gone from this world now, but we have the consolation, inadequate as it may be to those who loved him, that he no longer dwells in a world of violence and evil. He rests in peace, and I pray for his soul and for the well-being and eventual happiness of his son and his family, including his girlfriend and her daughter.

Whats wrong with you? I know that who ever murdered Jesus is reading this. And what's wrong with you? Where's your heart? you took a life. Who are you to decide who should live, and who should die? I hope you can see all the pain you've caused. I hope you bleed all the tears that we've shed. I cant understand how you could wish this on somebody, think about his family.. report yourself to the police. Do the right thing for once. If you really are the man you clame to be, then do the right thing. Rest in peace Jesus, my love goes to your family.

Diana please be realistic whoever did this is not going to turn themselves in no matter what you write or say

A world of violence and evil.....sadly, there are too many places like this in Southern California. Luckily, not all of So. Cal. is like that.

Parents need to get CONTROL of their children. Probably the best way to solve the problem of gang violence is to re-institute MANDATORY military service, or some type of community service. If parents of these gangsters can't whip them into shape, then a drill sgt. in the marines or army can.

The sad thing is, you have all these young punks that can't fight that just pull triggers. Any one can do that. I grew up back in the day and if you had a beef with somebody, you approached them and went toe to toe. Sometimes you got your a$$ beat, and sometimes you gave an a$$ beating. That's how real men handle beefs. So all you young punk gangsters out there read this from an old school homeboy. YOU ARE ALL JUST PUNKS that think your tough. Step to someone and see how tough you are. It's all good...take an a$$ whipping from time to time. Now you take a life and you sit in prison. It's too late to be sorry then.

Why was this fine young man walking around late at night in a sketchy neighborhood unprotected? Please..unloaded pistol with a loaded magazine on your belt that can be quickly called into service when a situation presents itself. Our politicians have intentionally left our border unsecured, destroyed our manufacturing base and transferred wealth from the People to the oligarchs, specifically JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Bank of America. Now we face even grander pillage going to the health care monopolists. When we the People are completely pillaged, taxed into oblivion, homeless, destitute and the terminator begins handing our fine law enforcement officers IOU"s, what then? Well, Kissenger told us- He said we'll be happy to see UN TROOPS restore order. Of course our Bill of Rights and Constitution will be moot. But, we'll be safe members of the global community, eh? (roll eyes) We are in this predicament fully by design and everyone must decide during this implosion of America to be armed and defend oneself or be an easy victim to ruthless killers. Condolences to the families and a respectful call to stay armed.

Feel so sorry for his great family, especially the great-grandparents, and his kid.
I hope that lightning can strike the killer.

Hey Irish. I realize that ofcourse but.. it just pains me knowing that he might not understand what he have done. It's so sad and.. i don't know. im speechless. I'm from sweden and last wednesday, a girl was murdered on her way home from her friends birthday party. She was just so young(1991) and whoever murdered her, did it without motive. I hope they will catch the guy, and i wish that Sweden would consider longer sentenses. If they catch this guy he would get 10 years for murder, 6 of them in prison, 4 of them on parole. That ofcourse if he's older than 20 years old. otherwise he will get 2 years in some youth institution.

you should definitely read the article. She was murdered with a "pommac" bottle. So brutal.

Diana, only 10 years for taking the life of a human being?

What type of society values life so cheap that you get a punishment so easy for the most vicious of crimes?

I am so sick and tired for the "holier than thou" Europeans dictating to the US on what constitutes appropriate penalties on violent crimes. Say what you want about the US judicial system, but one thing can not be debated is our judicial system understands that there are victims of crime and their needs and desires are not some little thing to ignore.

Mrs. Garvey, how about the LA Times interview some foreign "experts" on what is appropriate punishment?


Some of you has made very valid points about these cowards that do evil deeds like this by taking someone's life, and for what?. Which gives me mixed feelings about this blog site, because I know it's here to give info, but at the same time I look at how those low-life coward gang-bangers, also could come here and look at their work, and laugh how they've taken someones life, and if we as a community will start anonymously reporting them through We-Tip, and other crime reporting resources we have like Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477). Tipsters may also contact Crimestoppers by texting to phone number 274637 (C-R-I-M-E-S on most keypads) with a cell phone. All text messages should begin with the letters “LAPD.” Tipsters may also go to, click on "webtips" and follow the prompts, or We-Tip @ 800-78-CRIME (27463) or 800 47-DRUGS (37847), We have so many tools even at our fingertips that we should be using and taking these criminals off our streets. By reporting these criminals we can start protecting ourselves and our families if we could take them one by one, group by group off our streets. Please let's start honoring these victims, and getting justice for them.


The first question we would have to agree upon is what is the definition of appropriate punishment? For some it would be death for others it is not. Even in the US we cannot agree as to what appropriate is so why should we mettle in other jurisdictions for what is appropriate? To say that 20 years is wrong is the same thing that they would say about our life in prison or YES even the death penalty. Besides are there really experts on this subject or just people with opinions? Here in the US we rattle off what the cost is to house an inmate versus killing him to try to sway those that think the death penalty is the right way to go. Until every society has taken care of his/her own country problems may be we should not be trying to compare or take care of the problems for them. I for one agree with the confinement of the death penalty and the restrictions but the actual death part I have a hard time with that….however, that isn’t to say that the death penalty should be taken off the table. Just because I have a problem with it doesn’t make it a wrong or bad thing…it just gives society another option.

In reply to Diana, these people dont care about the damage they cause to the victims yet alone the families that are grieving. We live in a vicious world, gangs, murderers are ruthless nowadays will kill just for the hell of it because they like the feeling. Its sad to say but its true.

Its too bad we don't have Nile croc pits.

How long is everyone supposed to put up with (outside on the streets) or pay to keep alive (inside prison) evil humanoids who have absolutely no value for human life?

Hey....I feel the same when I see the same names...just like on the Press Telegram topix least were still alive...FOR NOW>>>>>>.................some body jus got smoked on 14th and Chestnut...same old same old...19yrs old...cold stiff in the county mourge...for what? Tha hood? for tha turf?...for the section 8 apartment? for the skate park? for the county nut house on cedar or chestnut and anaheim? All that on is illegal alien ville....blacks dont even have the numbers over there like they use to 20 years ago...all that was succeeded to mexico back in '93.......there is nothing right around 14th street...from dam near Obispo to the the Flood control to the 27 years old...I seen alot in my 27 years born and raised here in long are killed in the same spots over and over and over again.............BULLDOZE ALL APARTMENTS THAT CATER TO SECTION 8!!! And start over here in Long Beach...if you cant afford to live there...go move to watts..south central ...or compton........


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