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Dionne Parker, 8 months [Updated]

December 18, 2009 |  2:22 pm

Dionne Parker, an 8-month-old black female, was found unresponsive with blunt force injuries Tuesday, Dec. 8, according to Los Angeles County coroner's officials. The location of her injury was not immediately known to the coroner.

Dionne was taken to Antelope Valley Hospital and then transferred to Loma Linda Hospital in San Bernardino County, where she was pronounced dead at 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 12, said Craig Harvey, chief coroner investigator.

Harvey said Dionne's mother had apparently left her in someone else's care at the time of the incident, but did not know where the incident happened. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has jurisdiction.

[Updated Dec. 21 at 2:20 p.m.: Dion Chevelle Parker, a 25-year-old black man, was arrested Dec. 8 in connection to the death of Dionne Parker. 

He has been charged with child abuse, torture, attempted murder, and attempted assault on a child causing death. He is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 23 in Antelope Valley, and is being held in lieu of $1,002,000 bail.

Updated Dec. 21 at 6 p.m.: Keri Smith, the assistant district attorney prosecuting Parker, said he has plead not guilty to these charges.

Smith said she will likely amend the felony complaint filed against Parker to include one count of murder after a meeting with homicide detectives later this week. Once the complaint is amended, Parker's hearing on Dec. 23 will probably be continued to a later date and he will have the opportunity to enter another plea, she said.

Smith said Dion Parker is the father of Dionne Parker, and the incident happened at their home in Lancaster. Officials have not released the specific address, or any other details about the case.]

-- Anthony Pesce

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Well who did she leave this baby with? And why?

Come on LA Times ..... you should be all over this story!

Syscom3...I'm Dionne Renee Parker's aunt! And before you get all with the who,what,when,and why's. Remember that there are always two sides to every story. She knows who she left my niece with! My niece was left with her dad...My brother Dion Parker, There are so many stories going around about what happened. And from a family members prospective, Why the poolice not bringing the mother in for questioning? My brother is in jail looking at the possiblity of never EVER seeing the light of day because of this!! I'm not about to put all my brothers buisness out in the open....But i will say that they (the police and whoever else)needs to be looking at the mom! Answer me this? How could someone have a child, A gift from god! Not want to take the responsability of taking care of it? YES!! I'm saying that i KNOW FOR A FACT that Barbara did not want my niece! She packed up all her belongings and told my brother Dion that she didn't want my niece! She didn't want to up with anymore and that my brother can have her! She knows more than what she's telling EVERYBODY! Before people get the pointing fingers, make sure you know what your talking about. My brother has two other children....And ain't never layed not one hand on them! There are MANY of people who have text messages...E-mails and all that with barbara telling my brother she didn't want her daughter. Don't make my brother out to be the bad guy! Because thats what he is not!! He's not perfect and has flaws just like everybody else! But i guess since he was there he has to go down for it huh? So...To syscom3 that's who she left her baby with and why...I will continue to check this website out and see what comments have been posted about this situation, But i tell everyone this.....I will continue to support and defend my brother at all cost!!

Well tasha, you certeinly added to the story. But you didn't answer the question on what condition did Barbara leave the baby with Mr Parker.

If the baby was injured when he received her, then why didn't he call the police right away? If anything you've said is true, then you will have plenty of chances to tell your side of the story to the jury.

So i'm taking it as that my last comment isn't going to get posted! Thats fine, i guess it was to much truth.....Or something. Well, here goes a nicer version. From my understanding my niece wasn't in the best condition. She was trying to get over a cold that she has had for over a month. My mother told me that barbara told my mom just days before the incident, dionne had a jelly like substance on top of her head. Why wasn't she taking to the hospital or to a doctor?? The mom was afraid that if the doctor seen her and saw all the scratches and bruise's on my niece that CPS would take her daughter, my brother dion had also made a similar statement. When i found out that my brother and niece was back at barbara's, i asked him why? Why would you and your daughter want to be somewhere neither one of you are wanted? I could tell that he wanted to tell me something but couldn't because he said barbara was sitting right there by him. Now as far as the calling police situation, Dion ran to get barbara after trying to perform cpr. Then the police were called. But my thing is why wasn't barbara brought in to take a polygraph test just as how dion was?

Well syscom,
why would you write to Tasha that she didn't answer YOUR question on what condition did Barbara leave the baby with Mr. Parker- when you hadn't asked it before she posted!?
I think you've asked enough questions, and she came on here and graciously answered.

Snoopyno, theres lots of unanswered questions.

Theres something missing in the story on why the charges were leveled at Mr. Parker and not the mother.

If its a rush to judgement, then the story will come out.

Wait one minute...this child is dead!!! And we are sitting at our computers arguing about who is more culpable? Are we serious? Maybe both parents should be in jail but ONE is not less guilty then the other. Mom should have taken better care of her kid. But the family knew something was wrong with this situation and NOT ONE person stood up for this child. This childs family can sit at any computer and say well what about so and so or why did social services step in but bottom line the people that are responsible for this childs injuries are in jail where he or she needs to be. This child died while in the fathers care not the mother's care. The father can and will say yeah but I got her (the baby) that way when in fact he had the opportunity to call for help before this child stopped breathing. Nothing is going to bring this child back, not hopes or finger pointing or saying who has less guilt. We do not know all the situations or beatings or torture that this child was under but someone saw something and not one person called this in. So now adults will or have attended a funeral and sat at a pew and cried and cried and cried BUT not for this baby but for themselves...because they did NOTHING. And then when given to the father he runs after the mother to get help...wasn't this the same person who had just dropped off a dying child? I hope neither parent gets a good night sleep, ever!! I hope both parents have to live through this and suffer. Once for every beating this child took, for every adult hand that landed on this child and one for every time the so called "good" parent let the beatings happen. No neither parents sounds to be any good...too bad this child was born into this family that did not care enough!

I agree with the both of you! There ALOT of unanswered questions! I seriously thought that when in a situation like this......Both parents are brought in and questioned? I just feel that they are being a little 'Favor-ish'..Sorta speak. You know don't just get one story and run with it, But what doesn't make it even better is that he's a "Black male" I mean we all watch CNN....Nacy Grace....etc, It's hard for you already when your a male, but being a black male is even harder. I just want everyone that's envolved in this case to really do their homework. Really try to find out what happened, that means even bringing in barbara for some questions. Hey! Maybe even a lie detector test.....I'm asking that you do it for my niece, the little girl that lost her life. I know the saying is "Innocent until proven guilty" But what if it's the other way around?

Kelly....Thank you for supporting my niece, my thing is i'm not pointing fingers, i'm not arguing over the computer. I'm pretty much saying the EXACT SAME THING as you are, i want to know what happened for my nieces sake but at the same time don't just try to bring down one parent. I can get way deep into a conversation about this that will just have mouths hanging wide open, but that's not what i'm here for. What i'm here for is to...... (and i will say again.) Is to say that when a situation like this happens, let's not just look at one parent, especially with certain facts being known. Yes, your right a child is dead but why? There are always to sides to a story.

tasha you sure have alot to say about the situation but where was you as an aunt to this child. Are you saying you never saw bruises and if so why wasnt it reported???

Ms. Parker,
A part of me can understand where you are coming from, however if the stories you have bottled up inside you are true then why, why didn't you call someone to help this child? You stood by and did nothing. I know I should not be writing down these words to you but I have tried to put myself in your position keeping in mind that my brother was just as guilty as the birth mother and I still come to the say answer which is there is no way in hell that I would let me niece die! Someone anyone would have to pry her body from my cold dead hands before I would let one more person hurt her. I don't know your family background, I don't know if abuse was a normal part of your life and I certainly don't know why this baby had to die but I do know that there are several people responsible for her death. The person that actually killed her, and the people that stood by and watched and listened and did nothing. I don't know if child services would have been a better option. But this child is dead and now we will never know if child services could have helped. I do understand where you are coming from in standing up for or behind your brother. I think I would be doing the same. After all the child is dead and nothing I do is going to change that right? You and I agree on one thing Ms. Parker more then just your brother should be in jail. Every person who came across this child and saw and experienced the signs of abuse should be in jail. On the other hand may be this is what is meant when someone says hell on earth. We all have our deamons that we must carry around with us. Circumstances that shape who we are and how we react. I guess my only thoughts now have to go out to this little girl who was born to suffer. May she rest and find a family in her next life that loves her beyond thier own lives and may she live that life with compassion. You are free baby Dionne go find the loving home and parents and family that you were looking for here on earth during this life. I hope you find peace with the answers taht will someday come out. If your brother did it that you continue to stand by him and if he did't do it that you make up live up to his responsbility and find out who did!!

This is such a sad story... When I read stories like this, I wish I could reverse time and go back and get this baby and take her home with me, but that can't be done. I just hope that the right person is punished for this crime and I hope that this situation helps somebody else to stop child abuse.

The justice system has problems when a person or family is scared to report a crime for fear of losing their child. I understand why its hard to report these types of situations, but we must if we want to save our children.

Tasha is irrelevant regarding this situation, considering she was in an adjacent state when the incident occurred, and knew nothing about it until after the baby was hospitalized. Kelly, for your information, the father IS presently incarcerated and now the mother is scheduled to take a Polygraph test. Understandably, certain individuals feel as if all people who have detected the baby's injuries should be in jail, but it is also understandable somewhat that they never concluded to report it. Overall, they should have considered the baby's health, the most important factor. It was just complicated, but still in all this child is deceased.

I read where the father is currently in jail. And to be honest with you I believe he is exactly where he has to be for now. I don't think he deserves to be out and about with the public if he can take his anger out on a eight month old baby. Second I realize that for the family's sake a polygragh will probably make everyone feel better but what exactly is everyone looking for? For the sake of argument let's say birth mother fails the polygraph on the questions about hitting her child...ok? Now what? This polygraph cannot be submmited to the court. So where do we stand now? Birth mother is caught lying. We are at the same spot in the story that we are at now. No one wanting to take responsiblity for the life that was born and the life that was taken. Now Ms. Parker hints to stories that could make our mouths drop wide open. Now your stance is that she (Ms. Parker) just found out about this situation as you call it while the baby was in the hospital...but someone from this family had to have seen this child and known this child was gietting abused in order to be able to retell the stories. I think the thing that I found most disturbing about Ms. Parker's original post wasn't that it was filled with heartache for her loss but that it was laying a foundation for her brother's innocence. A crying child is probably the worlds worst and most annoying noise. I was 27 yrs old when I gave birth to my first child...almost perfect baby. Three years later his sister came along and this one was the child from hell. She cried all the time...hungry cries, wet diaper cries, just to hear her self cry cries. After about three weeks of little sleep I finally called my mother crying telling her I needed help before I went crazy. I know how difficult a crying child can be to deal with. With that said...there are always options. As a sister I feel compasion for Ms. Parker's devition to her brother. As a aunt myself I cannot understand NOT one person coming to the defense of this baby and there is nothing that you can say to me that will convince me that NOT one person knew what this child was going through. And there is not one word that you can say to me that will EVER convince me that this child's death was better for her then a call to children's services. I'm sorry to say that but I just don't think enough was done for this baby and I don't think enough second guessing will some how make this all ok. Too bad we are not reading about the eight months this child lived but rather the parents that she was born too....

I absolutely understand and share your standpoint on this situation, I have a little girl of my own, and her crying would NEVER result in her losing her life due to a lack of patience. There is no excuse for what happened to this 8 month young baby....NONE! The climactic point is that it never should have occurred, and those who recognized that the baby was being abused were in fact obligated to report the incidents, which allegedly also includes the mother. Therefore, I can also agree with Ms. Parker's statement in which she places the mother in the seat of judgment as well. Perhaps, once the mother is incarcerated as the father is, Ms. Parker will feel justice has been thoroughly served. I'm sure Tasha is just a concerned aunt as much as a devoted sister to Mr. Parker. Would not you proclaim your brother's innocence in a similar situation, also considering that your brother is a good father and has no history of abuse towards people in particular, let alone children? Granted, there is a first time for everything, but overall, I think she is just protecting the brother she knows and loves. And death is in under NO circumstances a better option for an 8 month young baby, that baby should be here playing with her siblings who probably miss her terribly.

The one common thread among all is the sadness that a little girl will never get to live out her dreams. Her last wishes never fulfilled. Dionne was put on this earth for a purpose and her parents are left to figure out what that was. To both parents pray and ask God to forgive your hearts, mind, spirit and soul for the lack of parenting and guilt you must feel at the loss of your child. To each adult that felt something just wasnt right there is a number you could have dialed to protect Dionne. See most view reporting as snitching and our community has got to stop making telling negative. If your reporting because you believe and not out of hate then no matter the outcome you did the right thing. Just know that if you had alerted anyone someone maybe could have helped this child. Never let this happen to you again. Stay vigilant and get a quest to save children. Out of this tragedy can come a healing so strong. Don't let this little girl life be in vain. Instead of posting comments that are not helpful please seek out activities to promote the safety for children.

God Bless this family as they cope with this tragedy regardless of who caused it and why.


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