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-- Megan Garvey and Anthony Pesce

Long Beach: Frank Castro Jr., 19

November 30, 2009 |  5:11 pm

The location where Frank Castro Jr. was shot. Credit: Google Maps Frank Castro Jr., a 19-year-old Latino, was shot and killed Thursday, Nov. 19, in the 3600 block of Santa Fe Avenue in Long Beach, according to police spokeswoman Jackie Bezart.

According to authorities, Castro and two other men were approached by a gunman on foot outside a liquor store about 11:30 p.m. All three men were hit -- Castro was shot several times and pronounced dead at the scene. The other two men, 18 and 40 years old, were treated at a hospital and released.

Police believe the shooting was gang-related.

-- Seema Mehta

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Map: The location where Frank Castro Jr. was shot. Credit: Google Maps

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This is my cousins boyfriend. Despite the reports, he was not a gang member. The shooter was/is. The suspect is a black guy. This was a racial incident. My uncle was with them and they were walking to the liquor store minding their own business when some low-life thug jumped out and shot them. He did not deserve to die. Payback is a b___.

What about the other two men? Were they gangsters?

I feel for you. All these ignorant folks out here in CA that deny race killings, intimidations, assaults, are happening are not on the front lines. Everyday there is some tension and incidents happening and that does not get reported. Many people from both sides are getting shot and beat yet survive and they never make the headlines. We are headed towards a race war. Be prepared everyone, be prepared. Brown Pride Unite

syscom3, NONE of them were active gang bangers. They were walking from the liquor store. The shooter shot them b/c he thought they were from a local Mexican gang. Anyway, NO, they were not gang bangers. A 40 yr old and two teens were shot and one was killed because of their race. What comes around goes around. Guaranteed...

brown pride unite huh sounds like a battle cry for you little gang bangers, and another comment about payback, this is the reason why it'll keep on happening over and over again, when will you all wake up why can't it be human pride the good vs the bad and not race against race, brown pride soldier shut that bs down, why don't you have pride about being a human being, and for harbor area resident remember when something is done as payback dig two graves your and theirs

why cant you guys take this brown pride unit stuff back across the border where your people like killing each other anyway. If tehre is a race war we know you guys would win because there are at least a thousand of you born daily. Beat it with the neglagence brown pride.

All this "e-banging" needs to stop. Your just getting people ready to go out and make bad decisions, instead of trying to find solutions to these complex problems. And to the LA Times, why are you fueling this powder keg? Letting people voice their opinions is one thing, don't worry you will have more murders to report on without pushing people to do it. Shame all around. If you must kill someone, start with yourselves first, after that kill as many people as you want.

brown pride nothing dude.around here on hoover street we say black ask the wafflos oh 107versidehard is out

Brown Pride vs Black Pride? two of the most mistreated abused and misused groups on the face of the planet and they want to eliminate eachother? Let go of hate and take hold of God people!!!

Snoovers are a joke cus they aint nothin southxlos brings pain to snoovers!!!!!

Harbor Area,
Let me understand this...this was JUST your cousins boyfriend and you feel this strong about it? Really?!! Just like cowards like you to slither around with threats and too afraid to post your real name! My gosh if you are that big and bad why not post your name? Is going out and killing someone going to bring back this young man? Would he want you to be saying/writting this kind of stuff? If your answer to those questions is YES he would want me to go out and get a little street justice that I'm sorry he probably was involved in some kind of street gang because only someone with that kind of thought process could actually say that they are willing to go out and kill. I hope you don't but just remember that it won't stop at they next killing...the next bullet just might be shot at you or worst an actual family member because you were doing something you should not have been. I don't know the entire story on this killing and relationships but their own little bend on things so I don't take much from the fact that you say no one was a gang memeber or rather NOT active gang bangers...not sure what that means I didn't know gang banging had a retirement plan but never the less just because they were not ACTIVE does not mean that at some poing in their active days they did not cross the wrong path just like the path that you are on.

Jet-Didn't you know whenever one of these idiots gets wasted they weren't in a gang?

Brown pride?
What are you proud of exactly? Your people turn any neighborhood they move into a cesspool not fit for humans. Your kids are all supported by the state and the education level of your people is a joke.

Black Power?
See above

You idiots (and yes you are an idiot if you claim a gang)should look deep into yourselves and see the true cowards you are. You hide behind your circumstances and blame everyone for why you turned out to be the piece of s@$t you are instead of standing up like a man and changing the circumstances for your future generations.

Well put, Jet, new2you, J and ihategangmembers.

The problem is much bigger than Black and Brown. This is what the establishment wants us to do; kill ourselves. That's why our schools are the way they are, our markets, streets and parks are sub-par. They don't care about us.
We have both Blacks and Latinos killing each the enjoyment of those who have NEVER loved us here in America. Do your research. Read a book. It is fascinating to learn the interesting and proud history that we BOTH share here in California....together. Did you know we were all we had?? Us and the Japanese people that suffered here too. There were areas designated for Blacks, Latinos and Japanese that were the worst places to live in the entire LA County. I am happy I am older and can remember going to school peacefully alongside all my Black, Mexican, El Salvadorian and Korean friends. A true melting pot. Some still stay in touch! If you ever want to learn more about our rich, vast history here in California, (both Brown & Black) I suggest you read: L.A. City Limits by Josh Sides. This same story can be told for the Blacks and Latinos that tried to live in early Las Vegas too. They want us to hate each other. We are only good for labor (slavery and present day low pay) and thats it. Wake up Brothers and Sisters/Despierta Hermanos y Hermanas. God Bless those good people out there, no matter your race! I love you and God Loves you! ....and remember love yourselves and one another, always....God asked that first and I am asking you too!

everyone in the beach knows each other and unlike other places,there is not a lot of black vs brown problems, matter of fact there are black members in the longo 13 so i don't know what fools are talking about.i don't buy the "he was not a banger stuff" ..It is very rare for either black or Mexican bangers to target others because of race (it happens but not as much as you think or the media is saying) finally to the buster Alex, the wafflos is nathan to the hxxvers man so stop living in a fantasy world because we know the hxxvers love to grxxve on all enemy's Ok

The only way all this killing will stop if the laws get tougher. You take a life, you get the death questions asked. And if you do get the death penalty, you are immediately walked out of the courtroom and executed. No sitting 30 years on death row enjoying your own cell with a tv and radio. And if you are a minor, you get the same sentence. Wake up lawmakers. Let's finally rid the earth of this scum.

Well put Jet! As I am surronded by several young girls and boys, taken them out of town wether it was water skiing, dirt bike riding, camping, all expenses paid and even helped with getting them nice "school clothes or shoes" All I've ever asked is that they stay in school, go to college or learn a trade. But I am often disappointed by the criminal lives they choose. You never know the real them till they are caught. It's always "she/he was not a GANG BANGER" or "she/he did not associate with gangs, she/he was a good person" the parents say. Yeah I thought so too! In the last 30 something years of my life, growing up in the streets of LA, I have never been hit up by gang members or other race, could it be because "I don't wear the baggy pants, 3 sizes too big shirts, hoodies etc?" Know your style and wear it with class, don't be a poser, it'll just get you in trouble. Good luck Harbor Area, it sounds like you have a lot of praying to do for your soul. Threats don't get you anywhere.

Harbor Area Resident... If youre uncle was walking with Frankie do you think you're uncle was the intended target? Since youre uncle had been shot five or six times before this incident am I correct? How can you sit there and say this was a racial incident since one of Frankies friend which got shot as well was black?? Makes no sense. Get your stories straight honey...

RIP Frankie Youre Family misses you more than anything,,,

Harbor Area Resident, Also please stop making yourself look bad and stop posting your payback is a b______ comments. No one deserves to take matters into there own hands but GOD! Lets keep it that way, For Frankie's sake, and the sake of his family. Frankie is in a better place watching over his sister, brothers mom and dad..

Chozen, for the past 30 years, this state has been controlled by democrats and liberals. If there is an "establishment" that you claim is oppressing you, then it has to be the same people you vote into office, year, after year, after year.

Stop blaming others and believing in grand conspiracies.

rip frankie...i told you guys it was not racial at all. its just some of us like to stir things up..anyways have a hxxver x mas to all 1x7versidehard is out

(Chozen, for the past 30 years, this state has been controlled by democrats and liberals. If there is an "establishment" that you claim is oppressing you, then it has to be the same people you vote into office, year, after year, after year.)

Stop blaming others and believing in grand conspiracies.

To syscom3:

This pre-dates 30 years syscom3........

You are probably a middle aged white male living a "privileged" existence no doubt. No, I didn't vote "the same" people in year after year. I have spent 30 years researching and learning the truth about our society. Just because you feel that the I am blaming others and that I believe these issues are some sort of conspiracy doesn't make it so. The comment I made clearly has nothing to do with you. I'm sure you and your forefathers benefited royally on the hard work of minorities (in this country and the next!). I believe in the truth. This crap has been going on even before women/minorities were even given their right to vote. So, my concerns are not for you; I'm more interested in building up the love and camaraderie that we once shared as minorities. You will never understand our struggle, nor do I expect you to. You are obviously part of what I refer to as the "establishment". Learn about something other than yourself for once.

dam frankie, you were a good friend man, we went through alot together i wish i could of been there for him more. He definitely didnt deserve to go the way he did. he was a good guy. may you you rest in paradise homie. And to his family i pray for you guys and hope you are doing ok.
And please stop disrespecting my boy like. its ok god will pay you back.


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