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Homicides: Oct. 26 - Nov. 1

November 2, 2009 |  3:56 pm

The year-to-date number of homicides in Los Angeles County is about 628. This number does not include a few cases in which specifying the cause of death has been deferred.

The Los Angeles County coroner's office has confirmed the following recent deaths as homicides:

Richard Traweek, a 65-year-old white man, on Monday, Oct. 26. Traweek was shot in the chest in the 11700 block of Goshen Avenue in Brentwood.

Esaul Villagrana, a 23-year-old white man, on Monday, Oct. 26. Villagrana was shot in front of 20th Street and Cedar Avenue in Long Beach.

Raymundo Perez, a 34-year-old Latino, on Monday, Oct. 26. Perez was stabbed in the 18300 block of Soledad Canyon Road in Santa Clarita.

Michael Conoscenti, a 56-year-old white man, on Tuesday, Oct. 27. Conoscenti was stabbed in the 20100 block of Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills.

Chelsea Markovich, a 30-year-old white woman, on Tuesday, Oct. 27. Markovich was shot in the 1400 block of East Workman Avenue in West Covina.

James Jones, a 43-year-old black man, on Wednesday, Oct. 28. Jones was shot in the 11400 block of South New Hampshire Avenue in Athens.

Melody Ross, a 16-year-old Cambodian teen, on Friday, Oct. 30. Ross was shot in the 4400 block of East 10th Street in Long Beach.

Byron Maldonado, a 20-year-old Latino, on Friday, Oct. 30. Maldonado was shot in the 4300 block of Clinton Street in East Hollywood.

Javier Mejia, a 43-year-old Latino, on Saturday, Oct. 31. Mejia was stabbed in the 100 block of East Avenue 45 in Highland Park.

Salvador Ayala, a 26-year-old Latino, on Saturday, Oct. 31. Ayala was stabbed in the 100 block of East Avenue 45 in Highland Park.

Allen Ruiz, a 16-year-old Latino, on Saturday, Oct. 31. Ruiz was shot in the 6000 block of Gotham Street in Bell Gardens.

Daniel Orozco, a 21-year-old Latino, on Sunday, Nov. 1. Orozco was shot in the 13400 block of Filmore Street in Pacoima.

An unidentified white woman in her twenties was pronounced dead on Sunday, Nov. 1. No other information was provided by the coroner.

Ramiro Limon Jr., a 27-year-old Latino, on Sunday, Nov. 1. Limon was shot in the 1300 block of West Roxbury Street in West Covina.

Antonio Tavarez, a 25-year-old Latino, on Sunday, Nov. 1. Tavarez was shot in the 400 block of Edgewood Street in Inglewood.

Arthur Hicks, a 34-year-old black man, on Sunday, Nov. 1. Hicks died in the 1600 block of Renee Street in Lancaster. The coroner has not yet provided a cause of death.

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16 murders in a week in Los Angeles County that does'nt happen in a whole year in some major cities and counties, I'm sure glad I got out of this foresaken county, Lakers, Dodgers and SC Trojans don't mean that much to me.

James Jones, a 43-year-old black man, on Wednesday, Oct. 28. Jones was shot in the 11400 block of South New Hampshire Avenue in Athens.....this is the area i live in..this guy was a good man even if he bang 112hoover but to his community he was a good man

Daaaaam....!!...20 Murders in a week?...And we dont have a problem?...The schools want more money...the state want more money...the cities...and the counties want more money to feed the beast...our tax money is going to where?...Public safety? Education?...What?...Man...killers are winning the war......

Man that's a lot of deaths in a week that's more like a summertime death to everybody and hopefully I won't be on this hr... I knew people were gona get killed on the 31st.... same ole areas wit a few exceptions...... MY SAME OLE QUESTION....WHO'S NEXT? Its a trip ain't it? There people right now as you read this, they are alive but my moday they will be at the la county coreners complex

We are living in the Last Days. The enemy the devil is an equal opportunity destroyer. He does not care where you live, if you bang or not. His job, his agenda is to destroy anybody and everybody that he can. The bible say's Hell hath enlarged itself. Let's live for Jesus who can and will deliver us by his blood.

Homicide Report should do an annual recap at the end of the year, it will give its readers real information on safe neighborhoods, the community mapping information law enforcement put up is too complicated to navigate, and hard to locate.

The HR doing this would put the spotlight on local law enforcement that are failing in their combat of major crime, and may force them to beef up the effort to make their respective communities safer.

Mario, if you have followed the news for the past 20 years, you would know that its not the fault of the police to prevent crime.

Its the fault of the people who live in those communities for reelecting year, after year, after year, the same politicians who promise change but never do.


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