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Harvard Park: Mulindwa Traylor, 24

November 16, 2009 |  5:06 pm

The location where Mulindwa Traylor was shot. Click for the Harvard Park Mapping L.A. page to learn more about the demographics of the neighborhood. Mulindwa Traylor, a 24-year-old black man, was shot and killed Tuesday, Nov. 10, in the 1500 block of West 55th Street in Harvard Park, authorities said.

Los Angeles Police Det. Carlos Velasquez said Traylor was a documented member of the 55 Neighborhoods gang who was driving about 1:45 a.m. when he thought he saw a friend.

Velasquez said police determined that at that time, Traylor got out of his car and walked up to the man, a male black, and realized he was actually a rival gang member.

The shooter, a documented member of the 107 Hoovers, asked Traylor where he was from and shot him several times, Velasquez said. The man was arrested over the weekend, and Velasquez said he will be charged by Tuesday morning.

Velasquez declined to identify the suspect until charges are filed.

-- Anthony Pesce

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Map: The location where Mulindwa Traylor was shot. Click for the Harvard Park Mapping L.A. page to learn more about the demographics of the neighborhood.

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is it me or didn't 3 people get killed in this same area within 2 months i know???

to black man:
yes there have been 3 murders on 55th st in about a 2 month span. I actaully live on 55th st just footsteps away from where all three murders have taken place.

i heard those gunshots at 1:45, i live the the middle of the block and those shots were loud, like they were right outside my window

how they know the killer was from 107 street?????..this guy was obviously a gang member from nap so i really cant say much..why dont these young male get job instead of dying with FRENCH FRIES in their hands?? life is to short and there is too much TROUBLE out there to be MOVING like that. this guy should of know the hoover are a very dangerous group of criminals. why joins 55nap for??? have a good evening your boy 107versidehard

107street' i feel sorry for your mother, it's a shame that you post something like that. it's plain to see that you are a gang member yourself trying to pose as an honest person giving a comment' but hey like they say it all starts at home so i'm pretty sure your mom is a gang member too. it's really unfortunate that we have people like you out here my bet is that we'll be reading about you on here one day. but youre just like the rest of these cowards. why dont you do us a favor and stop hiding so you can meet your demise

to : ihategangmemeberslike you
I second that! I am seriously surprised that an actual gang member knows how to turn a computer on and log onto the internet! they're smarter than I took them for.

107street is not a gang member, even though he/she may know a little of the slang, may live in some hood familiar with the drama, not black, 15 years old or so, some computer geek playing the dozens is all it is, don't pay it too much mind.

Some people like to drink, this fool tries to get under peoples skin.

why would i be a gang banger for?? so i can be slow like some people on here? any ways i am actually 20 years old and no i am not a computer nerd. I am actually in school (no its not a community college either) and plan on becoming a lawyer. also am not a gang member nor do i claim to be but this article claiming the 107hoover did this is shocking. i was shocked because there was no detail or anything.Some might say i tend to lean on the West Side hoover criminal gang but that's not true. I do live on 107 and hoover street in this gang so called turf (its the tax payers turf not street criminals) but do not associate with them (at least the ones not related by blood) 107vershard is out and stay safe everyone..oh am 20 years old

man ihatenetbanger wrote:"why dont you do us a favor and stop hiding so you can meet your demise" what do you mean by demise? death? and you feel sorry for my mother?? how kind of you..anyways stick and stones can hurt but word will never hurt me. now back to me the important one. First of all even if i was a gang banger i would still out smort all of these bloggers . second of all that are is filled with low like nap crip members who rob and steal from there own neighborhood and this guy was a nap crip ( the article states this Fact NOT the fairy god mother) so save me the sorry he was going to school (at 1 in the morning) cript Please.I am not saying he deserved to die but he choose a dangerous path in this short world and he got 107vershard is finally he died a NAP crip

wow.fools on here getting their low key bang on.thats so lame,u gotta be a mark,yep a hook ass n@#$&.anyway its sad that we have to keep burying young males.heres two more families that are suffering.too many daddys dead or in jail,man aint no future in that life only a dead end.if you are still bangin and got kids,damn u dumb.u should want better for them,i dont want mine to go through half the junk i went through coming up.charish your life so your child will have a chance to cherish theirs,GOD BLESS>>>>

I wonder if the shooter could get off on a self defense claim?
A rival gang member walks up on him at 2 in the morning, I'm sure he felt threatened.

Whatever, anyway. That's what they both get for being gangsters.

As The Offspring sang: "One's in the morgue and the other's in jail; One got wasted and the other's a waste".

to 107STREET i know you are lying about what you say! first of all the 107 hoover gang is not on 107 & Hoover (that's Denver lane hood)it's on 107 & Budlong stupid. it's people like you that keeps bullshit going

I feel sorry for all involved in these slayings. Choices are made every day that lead people into these situations. Make the right choices, people.

Hey 107, if you are in a good school and going to be a lawyer maybe along the way you can learn about punctuation and basic grammer skills. You'll have a hard time with the BAR with language abuse like that. You ain't as 'quick' as you think.

I cant believe you guys are really commenting about who is and isnt a gang member.. they exist. period point blank. Make a change n stop gossipin!

hey 107, don't pay them no mind.....I feel ya and yea I understood exactly what you wrote the first time. They assume cause we in tha hood and we use slang that we bangers....they do that with me too. I'm 27 black and live off pch and mlk in long beach. I hang in south central cruising off western and slauson to crenshaw.. one of my closet friends stay in cpt...but I never been a banger or in jail before... I work at a highschool in long beach , I'm a union member ..but still I might get laid out on tha sidewalk. Walking/drving 1am in any hood is a no no. I didn't make it to 27 for nothan.....and for you grammar police...git wit tha tymes... tha age of slang and instant messages are upon fact...they people good money to learn slang so they can investigate things on tha net and in prison..... but anyway he should have kept it pushing.....

Can the LA Times find out the name of the accused?

you hang out in so. central? Western and Slauson to Crenshaw? WHY? do you want to put yourself at risk? LOL, you didn't make it to 27 for "nothan" as you put it. WOW, how ignorant can one be? you're supposed to make it to 27, you make it sound like 27 is 87 if you just stay healthy.

Git wit tha tymes? the age of slang is with YOU not US.
You see, the young & educated from India and Asia have come to take not jobs, but careers that young brothers in the hood can have, but intstead of polishing your vocabulary you'd rather watch The American music awards and dream about being losers like slim shady or .50cent cussing where they're bleeped out because its cool, Yeah you may say they're rich, but they're still losers.

So to you and that other knucklehead 107street,the joke is really on you.Trust me, the world doesn't give a sh.. about you or the crips or gangbangin or how cool you think you are. When its all said and done in the game of life....YOU LOSE and that'll be your legacy IF you don't change your mindset. So go ahead and try to impress this blog with your stupidity, its your F...up life not ours!

One dead banger and one going to prison for the rest of his life. That's great. Two less peices of scum on the streets

this is becoming very amusing now.. we have people condoning what someone said that was completely a message disguised with your little gang vernacular..come on" FRENCH FRIES, TROUBLE, MOVING, and nap " these are all consider gang slang. Snoova , tramp, and insect are all considered names to disrespect gangs but think of it as oxymoron, not to disrespect them would be asinine.. in a nut all this is foolish and please spare me with i'm not a banger and that you just hang in the hood talk, if your not part of the solution you are the problem, you are what you eat and the company you keep, and remember what you do in the dark will come to light, and by that i mean i hope somebody lights a fire to you little gangbangings . just to let you know i am a parent and youth advisor, so i am hip to your little games 107 and 562vert

again i will repeat "I am not a gang member" and neither is the man from long beach. I was shocked and thought,only an INSANE person would think the man from long beach is a Banger. The problem is we are not focusing on the real issue here. A human life was taken and whether he was a nap crip or hoover is beyond the point. Also the word FRENCH FRIES is not a gang slang. I was just using humor people don't take every word to heart.One person even wrote the word MOVING was a gang slang???? please stop the madness. every one know in the west side 50's Trouble kids are being Gangsters when their parent are at work.hey lets all be adults here and find solutions to this growing problem. I so happen to live off hoover street between bud long and hoover so i know the area and my heart goes out to all. I was just saying, i hope the police have the right person. I dont want to see an innocent black male go t`o jail, just because he is associated with the 107 hoover crimminals..thats and Insane way of doing things ( insane is not a gang word) 107versidehard is out..have a nice day

this is very often that this type of murder happends, this is not an accident, this is not something where one is to judge, this type of activitie has been going on before my time, and most of you bloggers time, so to feel sorry for the victim is crazy, hes doing something that they have videos on, examples of the life style on the news everyday, so when one is killed in gang life, just know that he chose this, it didnt choose him, no one makes you gang bang, so laughter or sadness is appropriot because he threw his life away the day he became a gang member

It doesn't matter if the young men involved were gang members or not.
The truth is one young brother is dead and another is caught up in the system.
I don't pretend to have all the answers but I do know this...The real criminals
the politicians, who lie, cheat and steal are just as guilty of ruining lives as any gang-banger because they divert dollars that should be used to help those who need it most to their contributors or worse..themselves.
Whose to say that one of these young brothers couldn't have become the next Johnny Cochran. There is none among us who is free of sin and until someone living is found to be perfect, I don't want to hear you dumb a$$ rightwingers BS.

BIG MIKE, everything except the last sentence is correct. When it comes to criminal activity, anyone can be judgemental.

For all who may need a translation of what the troll 107street is saying, see below.

FRENCH FRIES = 55 Neighborhood Crips (NHC)

TROUBLE = 51 Trouble Gang, a nearby gang who gets along well with the Hoover Criminals but don't get along with NHC.

MOVING = Representing your set forever, also said as keep on movin

NAP=Dis term for NHC

CRIMINALS = Hoover Criminals, previously known as the Hoover Crips, part of tge gangster card of the crips but switched to criminals due to the in-fighting between crips. Do not like the neighborhood card.

INSANE=Insane Crips, Long Beach

Sounds like he needs attention

this guy obviously have a ton of time on his hands.. hey gang members aren't the only ones that use the word trouble or french fries. what is this world coming to???? My heart goes out the the victim......oh nap=buster

All this gang stuff is ignorant. Fighting over turf that's not yours! Such a vicious cycle, when will it end? I'm so glad I can afford to live in Palos Verdes!

hey 107street...catch my fade

Keep in mind that the homicide detectives do tap into theses pages to scan these comments in order to narrow down there investigations. FWIW be careful what you say most of theses posters could be cops.

just so you know.

hey bob-0 from grape street cut it out. no need for violence's people like bob-o that has people mad from COAST to Coast . This form of violence is being displayed by, young men especially when they are in PACKS.i don't want people advocating violence on here. remember young kids from as far as 1st street to close as delamo in carson are watching our every moves and before mr bob-o from fake street threaten me(mr 107vers) he should re think his childish approach

Why should we care so much that gangbang'in rats kill one another? What's Mulindwa Traylor doing @ 1:45am in a ghetto hood other than looking for trouble? Answer: looking to either kill or get killed.
I'm so glad my son is isolated from that lifstyle of death.
I live in Gig Harbor, Washington where people understand that to co-exist in a society of mankind one has to behave themselves and the result of that is harmony, oh sure its not a perfect world but c'mon, all this 55 neighbor & 107 Hoover crap, how nice that we won't have to worry about Mr. Traylor hurting anyone and his killer locked up.

107street you got it all wrong as usual. West Side Neighbors over here. I need that.

why cant every one use their hands in disputes instead of guns?? there is a boxing gym on south broad way street and 108street. ALL these nap crip claim to be tuff with the guns but can't fight the good old 107versidehard is out ..oh bob o nap please show up at the gym please

Big Mike,

I betcha everything I have that NOT one gangbanger killed in the last six months even had a high school diploma! SO your theroy about the next jail house attorney is out the window! An education thru the 12 grade is free my brother. Oh and by the way just because you don't want to hear it doesn't mean that your opinion is all that matters. Having all the answers and not knowing the questions doesn't make you right.

hi to the hater" big mike" please take spelling lessons. some of you i suspect are in love with my thoughts.I attract a lot of comments on here. is it because my name 107versidehard???....merry x-mas and quanza and yamaka,to all

that was my son dad who got killed on nov 10,2009 that really hurted me n my son for his dad 2 go so soon but imma pray for everyone on 55th ill miss u mukie n i love u

sabrina, did you ever wonder what pain and damage he inflicted upon others? Being a gangster is not a an activity that brings goodwill and love to other people.

So sorry for your great loss, Sabrina. I will pray for Mulindwa's soul and for all those he left behind.

Peter323, are you also going to pray for the victims this gangster?

yea i did think about that syscom3 but if that was life he wanted 2 live then hey i told him nothing good comes from peoeple who gang bang but even doe he was a gang member i still loved him he was my son dad it was hard ass fucc for me 2 tell my child he has no dad anymore my baby still cry's @ nite for his daddy n it hurts me cuz who ever did it i guess they didnt no he was someone daddy,son,brother,child,ungle,cuzzin,friend but i guess they didnt care n that was not right 2 take a man's life over bs but thanks for the prayers i need it

I still cant believe u is gone u can see im still checking up on you seeing wat i find. love you mukie.


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