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-- Megan Garvey and Anthony Pesce

Whittier: Stephanie Almanzan, 21

October 14, 2009 | 10:38 am


Stephanie Almanzan, a 21-year-old white woman, was found dead on Tuesday, Oct. 6, in the 13100 block of Firestone Boulevard in Whittier, authorities said.

Almanzan, of Whittier, was discovered about 12:30 a.m. after firefighters extinguished a blaze set inside a trash bin behind a furniture store in the 13100 block of Firestone, Whittier police said.

Almanzan_Vigil Almanzan’s hands and feet were tied with cord and her body was badly charred, said Officer Jason Zuhlke. Almanzan’s identity was confirmed Saturday through dental records.

Family members had suspected the body belonged to Almanzan. who had two tattoos that matched those on the victim.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Whittier Police Department at (562) 945-8250.

-- Corina Knoll

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Photos: The vigil for Stephanie Almanzan, a 21-year-old white woman who was found inside in a Whittier trash bin. Credit: Sarah Ardalani / Los Angeles Times

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What is going on with women being brutalized and left in dumpsters? Jasmine Fiore didn't make the Homicide Report as her body was dumped in Orange County but she certainly was an L.A. woman. As for poor Stephanie, I can't imagine what her last hours were like. In news reports, it said that she was addicted to meth. Whether that has anything to do with her murder is unknown but it does seem likely that there is some connection. I just hope that we don't become so inured to these horror stories as to shrug them off as just another woman thrown in a dumpster. Stephanie will not get the same media attention that Jasmine did but I hope they catch the person(s) involved. RIP.

The Killing Must Stop. We as a community must stand up and demand that those who commite murder be arrested charged and convicted. Nothing less.

vist us on facebook at Justice For Murdered Children, we are a group of parents who have lost a child to murder in Los Angeles County and we have had it our website is

Well jb if someones body was found in a dumpster in orange county it will not be on the la times hr....the hr is for la county homicides ONLY. You must be new to the hr.....I'm a vet.....I've been on the hr site since the start of it. And as for her meth shoulld have somthing to do with it. She was stupid for getting on that stuff..she was involed with shady characters and the was probaly giving up her body for it. Its sad what happend to her...but she carved out her own path that led up to her death. If she stayed off that meth...she would have been still alive... everybody knows drugs are bad

I personally knew Steph, we were both cheerleader in high school and she was a really sweet girl. I feel so sorry for her two kids that she left. She is now in a better place. If she did use drugs god people stop talking about it, who ever did this no matter if it was for the drugs or anything similar cant be justified! Just get over it and pray for her and her family.
You will be missed Steph

Their is no justification for killing her. Regardless to her drug habit.

YOU KNOW the meth use had something to do with her death. She smoked her fair share of weed too. She must have crossed some drug dealer's path. Don't pretend her drug use didn't have anything to do with her death, that's naive. The last update she ever said on her myspace page was "Charma (obviously misspelled) is a bitch." That was on the 5th... something was going on as early as then. What the hell is a mother of two doing smoking weed and METH??

You know!! everything i always blamed on drugs.. when some one use to or still do it.. It doesn't matter these people who tortured Stephanie was a cold hearted killer no shame no quilt.. and they will die the same. but maybe worst.. Stephanie was cleaning up her act. she was a stuggling young mom working two jobs. Although i did not know her personally i knew her family and met her she is a beautiful young woman who had a few demons and trying to take care of them. and everyone has them Please quit saying how it is all the drugs. only the ugly people who murdered her know why>> they will be put to justice when they are found!!! May she rest in peace always!! the Lord is with her!!

So you didn't know her right? You knew her family? Drugs are a big reason why this young woman is dead. Drugs are why no one has been caught. You have no idea what she did to get those drugs, or who she was in debted to. When one enters that life style you give up certain human rights like the freedome to not be killed. She might have been in the process of cleaning up her act but she was still in the process of doing so. The biggest part of this life style is her family should be greatful that she did not have her kids with her at the time her debt came do or else they probably would have buried three people instead of just the one. Her process of coming clean and doing the right thing came one day too late. But this is the chance one takes when you enter this life style. She knew it, and those around her knew it. She willingly took the chances.


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