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On Monday, Jan. 25, 2010, The Times launched a new version of the Homicide Report. You have arrived at the old blog.

Readers can no longer post new comments on this site, but we encourage you to join the conversation on our new site. The updated Homicide Report features an interactive map and searchable database of the more than 2,600 homicides in L.A. County since January 2007, when Times' reporter Jill Leovy first started this blog with the goal of covering each one.

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If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail, and we will do our best to respond.

-- Megan Garvey and Anthony Pesce

Unincorporated Los Angeles: Juan Carlos Garduno, 15

August 14, 2009 |  4:29 pm
The location where Juan Garduno was shot on August 7.Juan Carlos Garduno, a 15-year-old Latino, was shot several times and died Aug.7. Garduno was shot in the 11200 block of South Berendo Avenue in unincorporated Los Angeles County, according to Los Angeles County coroner's officials.

Ed Winter, a spokesman for the coroner's office, said Garduno was shot in front of a home. The residents heard gunshots and when they looked outside they saw Garduno wounded in their frontyard, Winter said.

The incident happened about 10:14 p.m. Garduno was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 10:50 p.m., Winter said.

-- Anthony Pesce

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Your family will miss you and love you forever. Although we want you to be here with us on earth we will let you go for now but not forever. Through all the negative your smile and love lives on in our hearts. Rest in Peace Fly home to your Mom embrace her you are together again.......forever!
To young to be gone to rest your eyes. Through God I believe JUSTICE will
be served here on earth and on judgement day for these cold, cold hearted empty souls.
RIP my nephew you will live on
Love your family in Ohio especially your Little sister and little brother

juan your life was taken so soon an ur life was jus beginning u never had the chance to live ur life,tho we didnt wanna see u go so soon we no ur in a better place,there will be no pain an sufferin,only eternal happiness,i member wen we was lil kids all the memorys we had,an all the things we shared togethr growin up,even tho im heart broken from ur loss i jus want to no that ull always be okay.We All luv an will miss you oh so much,AN THE PERSON WHO DID THIS TO U WILL PAY AN SUFFER FROM IT EVERYDAY,R.I.P JUANY WELL ALWAYS BE THINKIN ABOUT YOU AN ULL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS,I HOPE TO SEE U AGAIN SOON,I LUV YOU ALWAYS.YOUR COUSIN MOE


i love u so much!!! i wish u didnt die so young ... i remember the fun christmas when we all were messin around and u actin like a girl lol ... <3 i wish i would have had nephews and nieces from u soo much . but now that ur life has been taken away i will never be able 2 ... which sucks! i know now that ur r in good hands with mom... lots of love ur sis espi in ohio ..R.I.P Juan

P.S i love u soo much juan love ur sis espi

Well its going on 2 weeks since you left us to join your mom in heaven and we are still all in disbelief. I look daily and try to find anything that would answer our questions but find nothing.
Seems that death plays a role in our lives but there in that area its a daily role in many lives. Not one of us can understand the life that you had to endure while residing in LA, Not one of us understand how a life is taken so easily and a person becomes just another "STATISTIC" or just another death in LA. And to find nothing about who or why is disturbing.
Nephew we will not let you be another number to anyone you are a person with a meaning to life and unfortunately a meaningless person/people took your life and you from us......YOUR FAMILY I wish that I could go back in time back to March 2006 and stop you and your sister from getting on that plane but time travel is not possible the reality is that someone has to pay the price for your death and I pray LA serves justice unto these empty souls
Sad time reading the LA TIMES all the loss and families left crushed with unanswered questions................. never thought we would be one them

hey hun! wow it been a while. but i will still miss were so sweet..

Juan, i love you and miss you so much!!!! the people who did this to you will pay!!!!!!! and i hope they rot in the dirty pits of hell. Everybody loved you juan .... hey member "man i feel like a women" lol lol good time see only if you guys stayed here in ohio none of this would have happened to you cuzin. Well Rest.In.Peace with your mom... dont forget WE ALL LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!TE' QUIERO PRIMO!!!!

Love martita, Aunt martha,Mada,Leo, And TIO CANDE

juan you will be missed alot. now you and your uncle chris can go fishing in the waters of peace. no more hurt and pain for you my will never be forgotten and forever in our hearts and thoughts.take care of your mom,grandma and your uncle chris until we all meet again.Sadly missed and always loved Juanito. love your Uncle Alex and your Grandpa,Aj, and the Bubster.
p.s. your grandpa misses his traveling buddy and he thinks about you alot and misses you dearly.

Rip man....... its too bad to live over in that area.....its tough woodrow palyer got kiiled right there a month before this killing. They whole area I've seen on the hr many many many times the drive by shooting at the memorial off imperial...and a guy in his 40s just got killed overthere this week. I was at the gas station on vermont and imperial wit my twin bro and we felt the death and tensionn in there air....




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