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Green Meadows: Dae'von Bailey, 6

July 27, 2009 |  4:35 pm

6a00d8341c630a53ef0115713cc14c970cDae'von Bailey, a 6-year-old black child, died July 23. Dae'von was found in the 800 block of East 87th Place in Green Meadows.

His injuries suggested blows or other trauma over an extended period of time, said Lt. Vincent Neglia of the Los Angeles Police Department's Abused Child Section. Police are searching for the boy's stepfather, Marcas Fisher, 36, as a "person of interest" in the case.

Dae'von's death appears to fit a pattern in which children have been killed after their cases had come to the attention of county child welfare officials.

Department of Family Services Director Trish Ploehn, who since taking office two years ago has made better accountability of social workers a top priority, said she's launched "a full and comprehensive internal investigation."

"This was a tragic and senseless death," Ploehn said. "I've had a full team of people looking at it all day."

On Friday, neighbors on South 87th Place tried to make sense of what had happened to Dae'von, whom they described as a sweet, well-behaved child. Relatives found him dead on the floor after being alerted by a frantic call from an unidentified person in his home. Fisher was not in the house when officers arrived. Neglia said that Fisher has "no history of violent crime" but that he does have a history of property crimes. The coroner's office had not determined the cause of death.48267201

The county official, who was not authorized to comment on the case and therefore spoke on condition of anonymity, said the dozen calls reporting abuse or neglect occurred at various times in Dae'von's life. The source said county officials had opened an investigation after each call. But it remained unclear Friday whether social workers had concluded that abuse had occurred or whether the county had an active case file on Dae'von at the time of his death.

The boy's mother, Tylette Davis, 28, said Fisher had been with her when she was pregnant with Dae'von, but he wasn't the boy's biological father. She separated from him some time ago.

Davis said she never witnessed Fisher abuse Dae'von, but she said that about three years ago, Fisher "whipped" one of her older sons until "his butt was all red."

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, whose district includes South Los Angeles, called on the Board of Supervisors on Friday to appoint an independent investigator to thoroughly review Dae'von's case. Thomas said the probe should include looking at the boy's contact with Family Services and any other government agencies to identify any breakdowns that might have contributed to his death. The inquiry, if approved, would be the first of its kind since 2006.

"We need to get to the bottom of this," Ridley-Thomas said. "To have a county that has a stain on its image, to have children dying under these circumstances, is very, very difficult to bear....  The public has a right to have confidence that we are taking care of these matters competently."

The Times had previously reported that 14 children who had been evaluated by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services died last year. Some of those deaths involved breakdowns in the system in which some agencies knew about potential abuse but had failed to share the information with other agencies. In other cases, investigators found that poor decisions by social workers had contributed to the deaths.

The county Board of Supervisors has repeatedly been warned by auditors and other experts that the child welfare system lacks efficient ways to share information about risks faced by children. After the reports in The Times, the board last month voted to approve a new effort to ensure that agencies share information.

--Hector Becerra and Garrett Therolf

For full times coverage see: South L.A. boy died after previous reports of abuse

Photos:  Top: Dae'von Bailey was found beaten to death in his South L.A. home. “He smiled when he would see me,” a neighbor said (Los Angeles Times). Bottom: Stuffed animals and votive candles sit at the front door of the house where Dae’von Bailey died (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times).

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my prayers go out to the love ones,but how did you let this go on come on people stop looking the other is your business when abuse is the matter the form,abuse is abuse.again my prayers to you all,but please dont let this happen to your child or the neighbors kid watch out for the children.......


This was an avoidable tragedy. Everyone failed this young child and all of this "we're going to look into this" crap doesn't bring this child back. The mother and those around this child that had to know something was going on are to blame also; the police said there was a pattern which means this wasn't the first time this child was beaten. I hope his death is messing with someones' conscience because someone needs to pay and not only the scum that caused his death but others who looked the other way when that child cried out for help. Shame on the caseworkers and family that failed this child..shame on you..

How could his own mother and other family members not know he was being abused. The article said he had injuries and wounds that were old and inflicted over a period of time. Poor kid, he never had a chance. Then, the LA County Children Services not figure out or know he was being abused. He's a little Angel with God now, may he rest in peace.

I am so deeply sad for this child that died. I see children so innocent and this monster just took advantage of him. This man knew he was beating someone that could not hit back. I am amazed of the mom, I cant seem to believe that she didn't know of abuse but you know she was getting abuse her self. Shame on her!!! May that child RIP. We all know that he is looking down at us with God and they have special plans for the monster and his mother!!!!

My head hurts after reading this. This is ridiculous. That was a 6 year old child, if you cant handle being in a position of responsibilty over a child then give the child up. I hate whoever did this to that child!

How is it that a six year old boy, who told his teachers of his stepfather's abuse, and who's case had come to the attention of child welfare workers, is murdered by his long-time abuser? Dae'von did everything right. He spoke to various adults of the abuse. We should have been there for him.

I will personally never forget this. As well as the 14 children last year who were previously evaluated by child services.

And we cannot forget Department of Family Services Director Trish Ploehn's "full and comprehensive internal investigation."

We need answers. We need a new laws.

I beg of Obama, please, instead of having a beer with professors and cops in New England, please bring us a plan for new programs and laws that will save the lives of our children.

this immorality perpetuates, grows and continues in our cultures of violence that value pursuit of profits over children and people, worships de-humanization, celebrates victimization & violent power over of others instead of achievement, empowerment, responsibility, love, compassion.

we glorify destruction and tearing down over building up and preparing for success.

violence begets violence in all its evil forms ... we must stop blaming others for our own behaviors.

rest in peace poor children we have abandoned and destroyed

Yes - this is a strong sad chord felt in the heart; to turn away is the height of irresponsibility on all our parts. It doesn't matter that he was inner city, poor or anything one can label him with this innocent baby should have been plucked out of there. May he rest in peace.

Dont beg Obama anything. Let him enjoy his beer, beg the parents for letting there child behind with monsters like Fisher.... and beg to the governor for paying these "social workers" money so they can not follow up throughly with investigations. Some people get into that line of jobs cause they like the money, when in reality they do not care about the children or there safety. Why is this government funded program not doing there job??? Oh wait, cause no other government paid program is doing there job. Wake up people. We live in a crazy world....

What kind of mother she is??? She couldn't take care of him, I'm a mother I go through rough times also and I don't leave my children with just with anyone.. Work lady that's why we are mothers to go through what we can :( This is so sadddd I hope this will hunt the mother for just abandon her child to anyone.... By the way if Dae'von reported to he's teacher why she didn't do nothing and the social worker.......Hummmm they should get fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's sad knowing that we live in a world like this full of ignorant people......My prayers in with that little angel, may god be with him........... REST IN PIECE LITTLE DAE'VON

We tell children every day to tell someone if you are being hurt and yet nothing was done for this sweet boy. Are we so busy that we can't help? He was strong enough to tell someone but unfortunately not heard. I'm so sad for him. There is no excuse for this.. its just sad and it could have been prevented.

We have to quit pointing the finger at this mother because she did what she saw fit at the time.We have to look at this monster who did this to him, and also the adults that didn't listen to this baby. You have to listen when your kids tell you things not just brush it under the rug. This is a wake up call for mothers and fathers keep a eye on your kids and watch who you have around them and dont leave them with just anyone cause they might just be acting like they like the kids and really don't. god bless the family. lets keep A EYE OUT FOR STUPID SO HE CAN BE PUT AWAY!

Who ever is helping Marcas Fisher hide from the authorities may you go to straight to H***! If it is a family member assisting him I feel sorry for you. HOW COULD YOU! Whatever punishment Mr. Fisher faces he will derserve it. WE ARE BEGGING YOU TO TURN HIM OVER TO THE POLICE...that poor dead child deserves to REST IN PEACE.

To Dae'von's mother, SHAME ON YOU! Hard times happen to all of us and could very well be so hard that your children may have to be farmed out to friends and relatives but there is no way you can explain how you felt comfortable with Mr. Fisher caring for your children. You were involved with this man, had a child for this man so you knew what character or lack thereof Mr. Fisher was made of. The last time you saw your son was a month before he was killed...Times were that hard you could not check on him once a week! STOP IT! You have a heavy burden to carry for the rest of your life. God help your remaining children who have been saddled with a thoughtless mother such as yourself. My words maybe harsh...the truth often times is.

Signed by: Divorced Mother who receives NO support working from sun up to sun down to provide for her essence WOMAN enough to own her responsiblity! You should try being WOMAN enough to own yours!

WOW! This little boy looks just like a kid that was in my sons class. I pray that it isn't. I don't even want to ask my son if this was the same boy just to avoid having to explain to him how a monster can do this to a young child. This sickens me to the fullest and I understand everyone has a finger pointed at some one and it should be. The system has failed him instead of blaming the social worker lets look a little higher where is the governor who has cut hiring and has over whelmed these workers with cases. As for the mother there is no excuse, she should rot in hell just as much it is your responsibility to make sure you child is safe and out of harms way. Thank you to all the independent women who do get up and go to work every day to support and give their children the a safe roof over there head. As for that B@$t3r3d who did this to this innocent child I hope and pray that you get every bit of the pain you put this child thru, all the way up until you are at your ends and live to continue to feel it again. I so hope that every correction officer turn their head when they show you just how much of a punk you are in prison!! As for the family and friends that have helped him escape and hide you better get on your knees now and ask for that forgiveness because God will certainly have a surprise for you when you get those gates. RIP Dae'von Bailey and know that God has taken you home so you will never have to deal with these people again.

some ppl just should not be having kids. the mother obviously can't provide for her kids emotionally or financially...she's doling out her kids to other caretakers...while "partying" on the taxpayers' dime (per the article). why oh why did she continue to have 2...3...4...etc kids!?!? i just cannot comprehend that. most parents want to be able to provide their kids the best in life, yet this woman irresponsibly CONTINUED to have one child after another, knowing that she would not be able to take care of them. and then the children suffer for it, tragically in this case. it's just disgusting. the cycle needs to be broken...forced sterilization, anyone?!!?

anonymous, considerng this state is bankrupt, elimination of welfare or strict reuirements for, will be coming our way. As for forced sterilization, it would pass by a landfall if put up as a ballot measure.


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