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On Monday, Jan. 25, 2010, The Times launched a new version of the Homicide Report. You have arrived at the old blog.

Readers can no longer post new comments on this site, but we encourage you to join the conversation on our new site. The updated Homicide Report features an interactive map and searchable database of the more than 2,600 homicides in L.A. County since January 2007, when Times' reporter Jill Leovy first started this blog with the goal of covering each one.

Comments prior to Jan. 26 will, at least for now, remain archived here, with links provided in the new database.

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail, and we will do our best to respond.

-- Megan Garvey and Anthony Pesce

A note to our readers ...

November 13, 2008 |  9:37 am

The Homicide Report is going on a hiatus.

We hope to resume chronicling L.A. County's homicide victims soon.

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Thank you for over a year's worth of stories. Some needed to be told. I'm sorry to see this going away and I'm sure its a thankless job. Thank you for giving most of us the chance to vent and share memories of those whose names graced your blog. I don't think that there will ever be another blog more important to some than this one. Thanks again for letting some of us have a chance to read the stories and be a participant.

Why? How long? Inquiring minds want to know. I read the report almost daily.

Why is section being discontinued? I find this section to be very informative.

Please don't discontinue this section of the webstie. I find it to be very informatative.

This is the best part of the LA Times web site. Please reconsider.

The bad economy is to blame!
Damn you, economy!

That's a real shame. I think this report provided a great public service and really opened peoples' eyes to the heartbreaking violence afflicting this city. But, with all the other cuts that the company brass are making at the LAT, I'm not surprised. The paper I've read all my life continues its downward slide.

WHAT?! i read this every day! why? are you hiring? i'd love the position.

Really??? This sucks. I guess no one is really interested in reporting the crime commited anymore. I'm sure there is a voluntary team out there of people that are more than willing to investigate and get the report out there for everyone. I will definetly consider myself one of those people.

It's a shame that this blog is going on hiatus--I found this blog to be more informative than the newspaper and it treated each homicide victim as a real person.

Budget Cuts?

y r u leaving ? when will u return.


What the heck? Ive been an avid reader to this blog since January ,2008 when I was looking for infomation about the son of the CHP officer who got killed by sum young guys crippin in Long Beach on Cedar ave and PCH area on 1-1-08 --then my former co workers son was killed in North Long Beach Ikme Sims and I was on this blog ever since--from the first killings of the year that happen at the stroke of midnite---to the 5 people who got shot up last week and a half ago under the 405 at Santa Fe and PCH---Ive been on these murders in Long Beach and surrounding areas........Please keep this blog alive---it saves tells people what to try not to do or be at so you will not get killed. Some other newspaper will take over your void if you stop this and your readership will suffer more than it already is

I am sorry to hear that the homicide report will be going on an hiatus. I do hope that it will return. It has helped me to be more informed on the homicides that have occured in the area where a familiy member lives. The report chronicaled 3 homicides in a 1 year period in their area. It also gives information about what homicides have taken place in my county. My heart goes out to the loved ones. Please return


Is this the end of the Homicide Report?

The Homicide Report is one of the best features of the Los Angeles Times now that the Times has finally degenerated into a blatant propaganda rag for the "One."

What a pathetic end to American civilization.

No doubt it is politically incorrect to report homicides like this.

It probably offends the delicate sensibilities of the murderers.

This "newspaper" disgusts me.

How long will the blog be on hiatus? I rely on this blog to keep me up to date on LA homicides.

I am disappointed that you are going on hiatus. I have left California and moved to Georgia but still check this site very often. You just never know if I will find someone from home who has been killed. I hope this hiatus is short, I can understand how depressing this might be to report this news. Again I hope you come back soon.
Thanks for all your information, it is very helpful

I hope you come back to do this MOST important work...for the people of LA!

I don't know if it's because this blog isn't getting enough "hits" but with all the accusations of the Times being politically biased it doesn't appear that this blog fits within that agenda. This was a service to the community, now the poor who die tragically will not have their stories told by the LA Times who focuses on exploiting the poor or reporting on the rich and middle class.

I hope this blog does come back for the simple reason that it gave a face and name to what would of been just another statistic. Not only is it a voice for someone that has lost a life but if you look at it closer it is an excellent source for information that could assist police in some investigations. People that normally would of kept quiet concerning a crime and the occurance could provide information without giving a name or connection. I know cause I did in a homicide back in October. I really hope it does come back soon, until then it will be missed.

A daily reader......

The Homicide Report is going on a hiatus. hmmm Is there some kind of problem. I understand that the LA times is cutting back there work force. But something else should be cancelled like sudoku or foreclosure sale. What do you mean you hope to be back soon? It's more like you better get back to business soon. Chronicling in this case means your done. Please do not do this we are trying to set a record aren't we? a safer Los Angeles better than last year.....

The senseless deaths have not taken a hiatus..More cuts LA Times? This blog is important as it is a window into the realties of those who live in the depressed areas of our city. These deaths will never make the front page, though they should. These stories must continue to be written. There needs to be a witness to the countless violent deaths that occur on our city's streets...

I hope the hiatus is a short one. The report brings a sharp sense of reality to the high level of violence that goes on day after day, seemingly w/o much attention or concern by society at large.

Dont want to scare the new neighbors aka the white folk buyin all the foreclosed homes where the murders take place?

You guys are about to give up huh? Where's Jill?

This blog is one of the few things published by the Times that I actually enjoy, and I hope that it will be continued soon. Thank you.

is there a reason why you guys are discountinuing this amazing section in the LA TIMES website? this not only puts the public aware of their surroundings, but also teaches people the value of life. i hope its not gone for too long.

why why why

I am SHOCKED and DISAPPOINTED to hear about this so called hiatus. Why not tell the truth you are closing this site because it concerns and affects the less fortunate in Los Angeles (And who cares about them..right?). I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I have'nt found a more interesting site in any newspaper. The information here has been enlightening to say the least. It has cause an awareness that I didnt have before I started reading it. I have also found about tragic deaths of a few that I have personally known by reading this blog. This site is informative and gutsy we need this kind of information available to us. DON'T GO...........

As a lifelong Angeleno this is one of my favorite things that the paper has done. I really hope that the powers that be re-start this blog and continue to give faces and voices to the faceless and voiceless.

the homicide report was one of the reasons i respected LA Times so much, and the reason i subscribed to the Paper as well. Now that you have went "hiatus" (transition to terminate) i will also Terminate my subscription

Please don't stop the homicide report! I check this every other day and it is VERY helpful. It is the only thing that lists every homicide in los angeles county otherwise i wouldnt have known of all these people being murdered and their stories. Without you guys these people would never be known of.

Don't stop this feature.

Please don't discontinue this very informative web page/blog. This section of the LA times, I have found to be very useful, and impeccably resourceful. I can only say, this is the only section in the LA times, that I truly, fully understand and enjoy - even though for the most part, they are heartbreaking stories, of tragedy.

I hope to see an update, at the very least, sometime soon!

Don't Leave!

Alejandro M.

I grew up near Los Angeles but now live on the other side of the world. I discovered the homicide report while looking for information on the fires. I was very impressed with this way of acknowledging the homicides in the LA area. Communities must not be expected to accept that so many deaths are a "normal" part of life, anymore than it should be normal to die for lack of medical care in a first-world country. Please do not discontinue this service! It must be a comfort for loved ones, might help with investigations, and most importantly, gives voice to the fact that each of these deaths is one too many.

This is one of the few publishings that I read from the Los Angeles Times, quite frankly I'm disapointed to see this discontinued. This blog is truly a asset to the community, it brings awareness to the tragic violence that sometimes besets our otherwise beautiful city. Violence that is to easy to sweep under the mat, withought periodicals like this.

Losing this blog would be a travesty! This was one of last bastions of (mostly) objective reporting left in the world of journalism. I think citylife had it right.

Please don't do this how am I suppose to know what is going on in my Community they don't put thIs on TV. How will I know what Neighborhood is safe. Just like when they tried to take Americas Most Wanted off the air and put a Sitcom. Come on LA TIMES we have been loyal customers all these years. Please don't let down your readers..

You should not close this report. It chronicles the TRUTH about VIOLENCE in America. No other civilized Western country in the world has homicide rates like the USA. Your highlighting the senseless violence against Americans by Americans is very much needed. The fight against terrorism is a joke, the real battle ground is the streets of American cities, and the enemy is other Americans. Please keep this column active.

This was the best part of the Los Angeles Times. As a newspaper, you have a responsibility and a duty to report the news. The deaths of all these people on ths blog is news that must be told.

It is a shame that the blogs on food, movies, sports, etc. contiue, but the blog reporting the murders of fellow citizens is not as newsworthy as food.

I already knew this i could tell the writer of the homicide blog was slacking off lately. For the past several months it took the homicide blog 2-3 weeks for an update, plus there is several murders/deaths that were never listed on this homicide blog, and the ones that they did write lately had all sorts of wrong details, they would get the date, city, age, date and cause of death wrong!, who ever was writing these articles must of got fired and that is the reason the paper is going hiatus. They must of fired him or her for making too many mistakes and being too slow to update this blog. I know of a few killings that happend here by my house that werent listed on here, and I know of several ones that are on here but have the information all wrong!!!

Thank you for doing thankless reporting for the past one year and 11 months. Thank you for opening some of our eyes to the violence that happens and the untold stories. I agree with you that it is time to put this blog to rest. The stories were heart breaking and the bloggers have been well lets just say that they have been there. Thank you for helping us understand what went on each and every day. Thank you for your small contribution to solving crimes. I certainly hope that the blog takes a nice long rest and the reports take a breather. Thanks once more.

PLEASE! Don't shut down the Homicide Report! You have no idea how this has shed so much light on the deep dark secrets of Los Angeles to which the media turns a blind eye. It is so sad and so scary to learn of the lives that have been lost and even worse to think that without the Homicide Report, these people and their stories would go unheard. Please continue, your readers and your city need this. How can we learn and move forward when without the homicide report we are blisssfully unaware of the violence in this city?

The loss of this blog is a huge disappointment. It served as an honest chronicle of news that doesn't always make the front pages of the paper. There's not much left in the Times as it is and without this blog the paper become even less relevant.

And i thought homicide rates in L.A. were doing down.
Silly me.
A former Angelino feeling like a refugee ,on the east coast.

As goes the homicide report, so goes the Los Angeles Times...

Hiatus? What is more important than reporting the news? Be it as cold and harsh as it is, the homicide rate in Los Angeles County is an ever-present reality. Yet you choose to take a break. I think my comments as well as those posted herewith state quite clearly how your readers feel about your decision.

I only visited your site to read this particular blog and would read other stories while doing so; I canceled my written subscription a while back, for lack of worthwhile reporting on your part, and now this.

Off to other on-line news sites I go. I suppose CNN, MSNBC and Yahoo will have to suffice, for the time being.

I truly hope you reconsider your decision to go on hiatus. Crime does not take a break, and neither should serious news reporters.

nooooooooooooooooo dont go. its da best website on the internet, i check it like 5 times a day. replace the foo who left. holla

you must keep the homicide report its the only way to let the people of california to knoow the thruth about whats going on in los angels and the surrounding neighborhoods

Please do not get rid of this blog; it is very informative. I live in Utah and enjoy reading the LA Times versus the newspapers or so called newspapers they have in the area. I have particularly enjoyed reading the Homicide Blogs; this is one of the best out there. Please reconsider...

Thank You



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The Homicide Report is compiled using information from the Los Angeles County coroner's office, local law enforcement agencies and the Los Angeles Times. It is written by Times staff writers.

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