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'She didn't deserve this'

July 6, 2008 | 12:00 pm

Jasmine_sanders_8Jasmine Sanders, 8, a black child, was fatally shot in the chest at 249 E. 76th St. in South-Central Los Angeles about 8:45 p.m. Wednesday, July 23.

According to witnesses, Jasmine was playing outside with her little brother and other children behind an iron gate.

Witnesses told police that two black youths approached a group of male youths sitting on a porch behind a stairway. One of them, dressed in a white shirt and dark pants, fired a round at the group, but missed and struck Jasmine in the chest instead.

Witnesses said the force of the shot pushed Jasmine back against the stairs. Her mother came down and picked her up, then carried her upstairs into their apartment, where she and a neighbor applied pressure  on her chest in an attempt to stop the bleeding, witnesses said.

Jasmine was taken by ambulance to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

Residents at the apartment building said the incident marked the fifth shooting in the lSandersbullet_wedgeast week. They pointed out bullets from recent shootings still lodged in the gate.  Around the corner from the apartment is John C. Fremont High School and a block away is the Los Angeles Police Department's 77th Street Division.

The next morning, Jasmine's mother, Shadonna Kinney, 28, returned to the apartment building to pick up a few belongings. She addressed the shooters through news cameras that were stationed outside of the building.

"You senseless guys," she said.  "Do the right thing; come forward, come forward, come forward."

Residents said the family had been living at the apartment for three weeks and that Jasmine had two brothers. Kinney said her daughter was enrolled at 75th Street Elementary School.

"She didn't deserve this," she said. "Somebody knows something."

Community activists have planned a vigil at the apartment building at 7 p.m. tonight.

ruben vives/ LAT

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Innoncent child dies to a senseless act of violence. I pray that the family can someday heal from the trauma that will stay with them forever.

As a mother I feel for you..You are so right this lil girl did not deserve does anyone else..but,as long as the gangs continue everywhere thsi kind of violence will continue to happen everywhere.These so called people will never come forward for justice as they are senseless cowards.I can only pray for anyone else who gets crossed in their meaningless honor to their so called gangs.

This is very sad, this has gotta stop all of our children are dying in the hands of Cowards hey if you going to shoot aim to shoot don't just shoot anywhere. Truth be told you should not be shooting anyways, learn to love and have a caring heart for the next person. Jasmine was robbed of her life and youth, may you rest in peace the Lord will bring justice for you (your are his Angel). May God Bless your Family and Friends, may he give them strength and mend their broken hearts.


Sitting here at work in Watts, CA.. Watching my customers move about the shopping center with gifts. Gifts of what??? With gifts of: Life, the ability to walk, see, breathe normally, smell, taste. However i see those who move about lifelessly... Most grieving, struck by the most recent tragedy to occur within the city. An 8 year old girl was shot to death with a shot gun to the chest while playing with friends in her apartment building. Most people knowing the little girl and most knowing the mother. It angers me to know that the killers are my peers. Some inconsiderate, ignorant, peer pressured, irresponisble, peer whose only gain in the world was to take away someone else from it. When will we as a people learn especially BLACKS that we are a valuable people. When will we grow past the ignorance that we arent just killing OUR ENEMY but we are killing someones child, someone's brother/sister, grandchild, niece/nephew, someones friend. But most importantly Gods Child one of his creations. Who is one to pass judgement and take the life another, because they feel the need to? It angers my heart and saddens my soul that we cant be a people who practices one of GODS greatest gifts of LOVE. But we can easily practice the devils gift of HATRED... Life should be valued from the earliest of birth to the latest of age... When will we grow up and realize that we arent hurting anyone but OURSELVES.. The ignorance needs to decrease and the intelligence needs to INCEREASE.. Look past yourself and the things that you've done to realize that you have the oppurtunity to make a change and to do right.

Dont take for granted those in your life. Becuz in the blink of an eye they can be gone...

My Condolences goes out to the family members and the friends of sweet little angel.. May her presence and spirit never be forgotten..

Someone needs to tell those boys that guns are not toys. They seem to carry them and use them without any consideration for the safety of anyone around them. I hope someone has the decency to come forward and ID the person or persons involved in yet another demonstration of stupidity. People must choose, live in fear of retaliation for turning a killer in to the police, or live in fear knowing that a killer is still free on the streets. Make the right choice

Who will stop the madness... the sadness?

This is not kool!! I hope that they find these stupid idiot's. god bless this lil girl & her Family.

When is this madness gonna stop? My heart goes out to this family. We come out in force when there is an officer involved shooting.Why cant we come out in anger against these gang bangers like we do the police.Martin Luther King didnt die for this Malcolm X didnt die for needs to stop.

Cowards! All the male youths involved should be held accountable for this childs death. 5th shooting! Enough!

sorry but if this was the fifth shooting in over a week, why would the parents let the child even be outside?


I want to send my condolences to the family on this senseless tragedy. What a shame that these young men shooting will miss each other but shoot an innocent child who had nothing to do with either of them. May the community come together to bring justice to this young child who didn't deserve to die like this. Whoever saw what happened it is your obligation as a human being to come forward.

i am soooo sorry for your loss.
my condolences and prayers go out to your family at this time. may the lord rock jasmine in his everlasting arms and may he console you and your family.
i am saddened to hear that yet another mother has to live the remainder of her life without her child at the hands of a young black man old enough to who should by now know something about caring for the vulnerable within his community. he has sisters. he has a mother. he knows what the struggle is about.
ms. kinney, losing your child this early in her life isn't the way god planned it. mothers shouldn't be burying their daughters before they have had a long life of their own. fathers shouldn't have to lower caskets holding their sons into the ground before they have seen them weather life and become men, providers and productive citizens.
come forward, killer. you think you have it all wrapped up here. you might not have to worry about anybody calling you out because of fear but that won’t last. look around you. do you see how small you really are? you might not define your life as a dot but everything in the world is bigger than you are.
a mind that murders is the smallest mind of all. a mind that can’t conceive of anything but murder is a depraved mind. from the sky to the deepest ocean to the crawling bugs, all of creation knows it role but you.
did you plan on coming here and being a child killer? were you born so mentally sick that taking the innocent life of a child didn’t faze you? because if you aren’t turning yourself in, then the sum of who you are, is lower than dirt, looking hell in the face. did you really think this was all there is?
did you really think that you could use your frustration as an excuse for however you want to act and whatever you want to do? the sun and the moon have sense enough not to burn you up or freeze you out but you are here for what? to leave families with heavy hearts under the weight of your ignorance because you don’t know your purpose?
real innocents are losing their lives while you engage in your man-child antics of “get” and “get got” and in the midst of it all, lay the death of the innocents. innocent children, innocent mothers, innocent husbands, innocent sons, innocent daughters, innocent grandparents. all innocents and murdered by bullets that wasn't even intended for them.
see? see how destructive games are and you are still not the better. you are still in the exact same place to do it again, and get away with it again. but while you walk away cold-bloodedly because you gave one for the “gang”, someone is crying. someone is in pain. someone is mourning and wondering why you wouldn’t take their innocent child into consideration before you pulled the trigger.
someone is wondering how you could kill their daughter and their sister and their niece and their granddaughter. for what? she was being a child. she was playing inside her gate. you didn't have a beef with her and chances are you didn't have a beef with anyone else either. but you had a gun. you had bullets. you felt like a big shot running up on an unsuspecting group with "manpower."
and because your handgun was illegal, you knew that it wouldn't come back to you. you could run, hide and if you kept your mouth shut, maybe get away with murder.
murdering your own kind and killing one another who looks just like you is so wrong on so many levels that your spirit has to pay for the stupidity of it.
killing innocent children is wrong. robbing and killing elders who have struggled and with the grace of god lived through every adversity to get to this place and this age in their life, is wrong. friends that entice you to take the life of an innocent person are wrong.
if smoking a blunt takes you so far out of your mind to the point that it has you doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results, it is wrong. you can't go on killing innocent people forever before it turns on you and your loved ones. no one on the outside will cry over your death. you will have gotten what you deserved.
every innocent person that dies at your hands, you have to pay for. you have to pay for jasmine's death, whether you meant to do it or not. you have her blood on your hands because you had a gun in your hand.
you made a conscious choice. you participated in the basest of all human behaviors -- murder – and that makes you lower than the sh*t scraped from a mangy dog's bottom. you have to pay for that. you're in bondage because you don’t want anything for yourself. you “live” on the bottom because you choose to be on the bottom. but don't break other families’ hearts and harm households while planting your root of bitterness in the lives of innocents. you have to own up. you have to stand up. you have to come forward.

Thank you TRAGICONE and April for your comments. These are the type of messages that need to be shouted out loud tirelessly until this stops.

If you think about it, how hard would it be for gangs to at least stop shooting up people and things? Not hard. There is nothing to be gained by taking a life.

My condolences to the victim's mother.

It saddens me that such an attrocity should occur to such a young child. With that being said, what is a child that age doing playing outside at that hour of the night.

To the family of Jasmine..........I offer my sincere condolences........I am so sorry you have to endure such an inconceivable tragedy....... I pray the Lord brings you peace and comfort........And also courage to all of the people who witnessed this murder.......This should be enough to want to put an end to this madness.........

~~ To "Somebody Cares".........You took every single word out of my mouth.........Greatly stated.

God Bless,

How much more misery are we going to allow these cowardly monsters to do.. It is time for a big change in the way we deal with this.

I think all gangsters should be shipped to an island and just fend for themselves. Do they have the right to be in society when they have no regard for anything? I wish someone would have the balls to say if you decide to be a gang member you loose the right to live here. It's that simple. Lets get rid of them.

My condolences to this family and my heart bleeds for this little girl that will never grow up. The worst 2 days of my life were when my son was shot and he was in the er. I cannot imagine the pain this mother is going through because my son lived. I am not black but I think that everybody in any race is a valuable human being unless they are lowlife humans that go around hurting innocent
people, especially children. God be with you Jasmine.

So many people here that obviously care for what happened to this innocent child but how many are wililng to do something! its frustrating growing up in an enviorment so selfish that no one will come forward. We all know how the streets work, I Guarantee! that whitin a couple of days word is gonna be going around the block as to who did this... But is anyone gonna be proactive and report them? I dont know, i hope so. F@$% a code or street cred I am a 25 year old male and I swear that I would point a finger if I knew who did this. I base my self worth on what I think of myself not what others do! damn this is just wrong people. C'mon not one person can do it all but we can all do al ittle bit! Peace to all

I'm so sick of this sh****. You have the power to stop this in your community. There are more good people than bad. Start reporting every little thing these gangsters do, from blocking driveways to playing loud music to loitering to unlicensed pets. Just do it. Eventually, it will have an effect. Right now they feel a sense of power and control but you can take that away from them. So why don't you?

And the laws need to be changed to hold the parents of gang members responsible. That would actually reduce much of this.

If someone doesn't come forward then we have no one to blame but ourselves. Barely a ripple wen through my school about this killing even though it was right nearby.
Where is the outrage?? Where is it?????

Beautiful little girl. All I can do is become enraged at this. More and more angry, knowing the kids who did this did not even know better to know the consequence of pulling a trigger. Shall we just abandon this city, and let these folks fight it out? My god, man, this picture of this beautiful little face got to me. Go to hell, you trigger pulling gangsters. You are truly the most worthless form of life this world has to offer.

why cant our kids be outside enjoying their childhood this is wrong and when will it stop to the mom i know your pain and i pray you can heal your heart it will take a while but with prayer and family you can do this dont let those fools who took your child also take your soul too. believe me when i say this what goes around must come around. they will be caught and they will pay. peace to you and your family.

Everyone wants change, yet nobody does anything about it.

The same elected officials are reellected time after time after time.

Untill the black and latino communities stop accepting "business as usual" from THEIR elected officials, nothing will be done. The dysfunction will continue untill there is noone left to kill.


Everyone is outraged over the Inglewood Police shooting and are demanding Federal investigations and everything else. But, in this shooting of this pretty little girl out playing. I don't see the outrage. When it first happened of course everyone condemned the shooting but, as time goes on, it will die down. Everyone has just grown to accept this as a way of life in some of these neighborhoods. I see no arrest have been made so far in this.

Hello. I am writing from Canada to express my sincerest condolences for the loss your community has suffered and to the family members of your community.

It just does not seem right to read of such a story and just click away from it; as if all that mattered were another sad story found on the Internet; soon to be forgotten.

It doesn't discount by any measure the loss and suffering your community must be going though, with the family most deeply hurt, which for most people whose pain and sense of loss would be very hard to fathom.

Children are such a continual well spring of joy and it must be quite something and quite an accomplishment to be able to gather ones strength from the Lord and I hope the family can take refuge in His arms and hands.

It is somewhat troubling that the very reporting of such a precious loss of life can seem so insignificant in the midst of myriads of news reports on everything else under the sun.

As it happens to be, my community has un-officially adopted as a pop reference slogan the namesake of the popular glamorization of parts of Los Angeles and dubbed their section of the community as : "The Hood". And we are not a major city, and we are in Canada. Part of me wishes they could see and understand how so far away we are in physical distance equals the difference in magnitude of what your neighborhood goes through with everyday, and how pitiful it is to compare ourselves in light of such tragic suffering.

We have had shootings, youth killed and people going missing.

But there are changes within the community. Recently, someone has organized community meetings and another person brought a gospel tent and set up outdoors for three straight nights to help heal the neighborhood and its citizens. There are people trying to change hearts and minds to move way from glamorizing the ghetto as it were, to people to stop calling the area of the community in which they live: "the Hood".

A child of my cousins was actually shot and killed by a "bad" police officer and died. He was just 16. Obviously, he fell in with the wrong crowd but there is an ongoing investigation into the conduct of the officer who fired and the circumstances of the shooting. Being part of a crowd and stealing cars is no reason to get shot at even if it is bad conduct.

The fact is that no one deserves to die in this way; nor in any way nor do the parents, friends, brothers and sisters and community members of this person whose lives have been touched.

Why not write a letter to Arnold Schrwaznegger and William S Bratton and also your Congress person to draw attention to the fact of just how bad it has become? When a nine year old is shot one evening and no one seems to notice in the larger scheme of things what the implication to that is....


How sad, it turns out to be her "teenaged cousin" that was arrested for her murder, accidental or not very sad story.

what to do now? A family member not even old enough to shave has been arrested for this murder. This family will be torn apart forever. There are no words to properly express the feelings of torment that each of you must be going through. I love all my neices and nephews like they were my own children. I couldn't even begin to know how I would feel if I was put in a situation where my nephew took a gun, aimmed a gun, and pulled the triger all in the direction of my daughter. This 13 year old didn't just kill his own flesh and blood but he killed his very own family. Gatherings will never be the same. I'm so sorry for this tragic turn of events. I almost wish that they had not made the arrest until after the services for this little girl, because the mom deserves to lay her baby to rest without the added stress of knowing another child did this. Of all the stories I have read here in this blog over the past two months or so this has got to be by far the most sad. I wish you a speedy recovery from your grief. I wish you all strength and love during these trying times.

Please tell me where to march, where to protest because I haven't been able to sleep since this beautiful little girl was killed.

What's sad is that when the cops shoot a gang banger that story gets more comments then when somebody gets killed by a gang banger. Most people want to act as if they are being victimized by the police. What a joke, no wonder LA is such a mess.

Sorry to say, this is not the first nor will it be the last child to die in the cross fire of gangs and I don't mean any disrespect by that comment. Believe when I say my heart and prayers go out to her family and to her mom be strong because the road ahead will be hard. She is with you and always will and her memory and love will help you through this.

Gangs are everywhere, in all communities and income levels. It has become a business that promotes positions with power, money, and respect amoung its applicants. What can be done, not much unfortunately. But we must have faith, stay strong, and not turn our backs on what is going on. Because some of us are raised with the idea that the police is the bad one or because we are too scared of gangs we stay quiet. We know who does these things and we know what consequence this will bring yet we don't stop it. We have to stop the direction in which this ball is rolling and it is up to us to trust in each other and our legal system and make changes were changes need to be made.

What can be done

To the parent.....
I see so many parents with kids that just started walking, dressing them like thugs. To me they don't look cute. When I see them I feel sad because I ask myself where will this child be 10 -15 years from here if he is even here. Is this not already setting the path that thier futures will head. Look at your baby and ask yourself that really the future we want for our kids, especially if you know the gang life.

Within the community....
It sound dumb, but I think we have to work with gangs. They are not going to go away with prayer or by wishing it. But there can be changes if approached in the right way and with the right people. There is someone out there, a non-gang member that has the respect of these kids. It is up to you to step forward and be your neighbors voice. You have to step up and say enough. These gang members are not alliens from another planet, they do not just appear out of know were. We know their name and faces because we see them every day. We can put our foot down and take care of the problem before it becomes a problem because these "thugs" are people we care about. They are our kids, cousins, uncles and fathers. They are people whose life we influence and who influence our lives and it is up to us to guide them as they evolve.

With in Gangs.....
Hey, Shot Callers, you know who you are.
There are certain rules or laws that apply to gangs within their own, right. You want respect? Earn it. Prove that you can handle your sh.t and make sure your men follow rules. The people or persons responsible for this make your hood look bad and it is the shot callers call to handle this and make sure this does not happen again. Be in control and make sure your men respect you. You are a big influence in your communities future. Drugs and other sh.t have are and will be out of our control, even yours, but what you can control is the loss of innocent life. You can affect this. Just think next time it may be your cousin, your mama, or your baby that gets caught in the middle, why wait for next time when you can handle it now.

Will gangs ever end? No Will our kids stop dying? No But we can make a difference if we want to.

I agree, it is very sad that the cousin of this young child was arrested for her murder. What I feel is also sad is this young kid was so kick to grab a gun and start shooting at a group of people. Totally senseless now his life is destroyed and his cousin life is over.

To the suspects mother,

I saw your interview on TV. I can't even being to imagne what it is you are going through. I just wanted to say thank you for at least being a responsible enough parent to say if he did it then he needs to be punished for it. 99% of parents out there today would not have been mother enough to utter those words. Heck look at this site alone. Not one person on this site has ever said those words. Everyone on this site has issued reasons for bad actions. Not one person here has ever said that their loved one should take responsiblity for their actions. Thank you for doing so and for being a better woman and mother for that. I hope your family can recover from this extreemly tragic event.

How is it that a 13-year-old has a gun? Where were his mother and father or legal guardian?

I think parents of minors involved in crimes need to be held accountable.

I'm sure the 13-year-old will be tried and "processed through the system," but if it were up to me, his parents would be tried and processed through the system. Maybe if parents were held accountable for their children's actions and killings, there just might be less of this nonsense. ("Uhh... I better go and check on my boy and see what he's up to. I don't wanna go to prison.")

Too many parents who don't parent. Put the onus of these bad parents' bad parenting back on THEM, and not on the rest of us.

they should not did this to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka ree ree








ANOYNOMOUS ... maybe you should do something more dramatic.

Have the black communitystart holding the elected officials from the city/county/state/federal responsible for doing something?

Untill change occurs from the citizen holding their elected officials responsible, then nothing will change.

How much you want to bet that after this upcoming election, the same set of politicians will have been reelected?


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