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'Tell him to come here'

July 4, 2008 | 11:00 am

Joshua_ford_25_3 Joshua Ford, 25, a black man, was sitting inside his parked car outside his home in Compton when he was shot multiple times.

Deputy Denise Fuchs of the L.A. County Sheriff's Headquarters said the shooting occurred shortly after 3:30 p.m. in the 1400 block of North Rose Avenue. She said a silver Mercedes-Benz pulled up next to Ford's car. A passenger in the Mercedes-Benz got out, walked over to Ford and shot him several times.

The gunman got back in the Mercedes, which was being driven by a black woman, and they sped off east on Peck Street. Ford was shot at least four times, according to his older brother.

A day after the shooting a long strip of police tape remained tied to a street sign. Yellow circles near shattered glass marked where bullet casings had landed in the street. Dried blood stained the dry grass where a red candle had been placed in memory of FordCompton_shooting_2. At the house, family members and friends stood in the backyard. 

Ford's older brother, who did not give his name, said his brother was a middle child. Ford was a handyman and had no children, the older brother said. He said he did not know whether his younger brother had arrived or was about to leave for work. 

Shortly after, the brother began asking where the mayor was. "Tell him to come here," he said. "Check on these murders, come talk to all the families here." Ford's older brother then wanted to know why so many of Compton's murders have gone unsolved. "You want to do your job," he told this reporter. "Report on that will you."

-ruben vives / LAT

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This is so sad, why can't a person choose to do what he likes is it a crime for someone to stand and talk outside or sit in their vehicle with a friend or to listen to the radio what a SHAME. May these ruthless and heartless cowards be brought to JUSTICE police please find them and put them up under the jail cell. May God be with you have a peaceful journey, and may the Lord bless your Family. TOO YOUNG FOR YOUR CALLING...

Gone 2 Soon....
Lil bro, I am so saddened by your early death, I will miss you and hope and pray that you are wth Jesus. It pains me to kwow another brother has lost his life to the senseless violence in our communities. Let me remind those who are raeding ths,"We wrestle not with flesh and blood, but agaist principalties and wickedness in high Places" Ephesians 6:12. I am so appaled that my people have gone backwards and our children are paying the price daily. It's beyond belief how we have lost our love for ourselves and one another. Satan is laughing at each soul of one of our's constantly taht enters in to his fallen dwelling. If we don't repent and turn back to God our people here in America will be has beens.

Reggie T.

Us blacks want to hold on the political power we have...but in the cities and parts of the county we have a say in still our leaders are dead-- dead silent. The older brother is right. We aint got no leaders. Its just another dead black guy right? Im black and Im from the eastside(4 block north from POLY HIGH) of LONG BEACH. The police stop me every other week in my lowrider or in my regular car. it dont matter. they stop n harrass me--a working 25 year old black man. Im in the police face for nothing and the people who get to blast at people and kill them... they seem to get away with it all. Maybe if I drive aroung with a assult riffle or a hand gun in my car...I will never get pulled over. It seems to work for the killers of L.A.----Police in LA county in general DO NOT DO WHAT I pay them to do. they dont protect us in South Central compton n Long Beach....they harrass the law abiding citizens and let the killers drive up n down the street while Im pulled over.....another killing occured somewhere....the killers drive past yall police everyday but since they in a honda or toyota...they cool....but when was the lastime u cops heard that a drive by was commited out of a 1964 impala with hydros or a coupe deville hittin switches in a parking lot. PRIORITIES is what police in the COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES NEED TO GET STRAIGHT>>>>>RAISES SHOULD BE GIVEN IF THE CRIME RATE IN ALL CATAGORIES GOES DOWN.

My heart goes out to my friend and his family; his brother did not deserve to die no matter the circumstances. I wish people could get it together and stop the sinceless shootings. May God be with this family and help them through this difficult time.


I just want the family of this young man to know that I'm so sorry for your loss.And I have been praying that all this violence comes to an end you have my deepest sympathy this is a time when the family of this young man needs to be strong and know that god is not asleep and remember it does say in the bible evil will be cut up from the root and also if you do the right things in life you will go to heaven and see your love ones again.may god bless and keep you during this most difficult time.I lost my cousin this year he is on here also his name is antwan cole it's been since febuary and it still doesnt seem real but i pray that this criminals out there are brought to justice and if they are never convicted here on earth they have the lord to answer to.

I am truly sad by this incident I know that me and him were not talking really at the time he passed but I will always miss the funny shy 7th grader I met in middle school and the man i met when we became adults I will always miss your smile see you in gods kingdom love Rc.

Why is it that if there is minimal police presence, it means these neihborhoods are being neglected whereas a large police presence constitutes harrasment.

I live on the 1400 block of Rose and can remember the young man Joshua always cleaning up his yard, lifting weights and playing with his dogs. Our street has been quiet for the past 10 years until recently there has been more than 4 shootings on or around this street. Just weeks before this incident there was a young handicapped man shot on the same block. I ove my city but it is ashamed that we can't even walk our own streets with out fear of gang violence. RIP and May God bless this young man.

Hey FOCLIPZ...dude you don't even have a clue about the police and how hard they work to keep down the violence in LA/CPT/LNX...the list goes on.

Aggressive policing is a double edged sword. While it pays off in some cases by arresting bad guys before they can commit a crime (stopping someone for a vehicle code violation..followed by a search with probable cause which leads to the discovery of a weapon that results in an arrest)..many times it just leads to complaints by citizens. So, next time you get pulled over in your LOW RIDA..just be patient and polite and you will be on your way before you know it!

So, stop blaming the cops for the failure of parents to raise their kids right. You should get more involved in what is going on in your community and set the example for these wayward gangsters. Until it buddy

this is to ronnie , while you say my brother doesnt have a clue how the police do their work , you dont have a clue on what we do to get these kids out of gangs and out trouble with the law. when someone tells the truth you say ZIP IT BUDDY. yea yea we show kids our cars tell them to work hard let them know how to enjoy life while we live in the same neighboorhoods they live in today . i work at a highschool and the kids see me in the "hood" after work. Like my mom and dad taught me back in 1998 when i turned 16 be polite to the police when you get pulled over. i tell the teens that also now. many times ive been polite just to get an attitude from a police officer. the killers dont read this. and the last time i checked i havent read anything about sombody pulling a drive by in a chevy show car with hydros.

HEY RONNIE---Im a hard working Casual Longshoreman at the ports of LA/Long Beach. I also have another job. You dont have a clue how to tell wayward kidz about hey if you work hard u can spen ur time off work and ur extra money on fixing up a car on the weekends and after school as I did--to keep you off the streets. I have the clue. I grew up in this Crip neighborhood and never join a gang because I was in music programs at Poly and I was at home messing around with my vw bug that I bough at the age of 15 .-Later by the time I was 21 I was on my way 2 being a Long Beach Police officer--but I was told to correct some credit card debt I occurred while a student at Long Beach City College--but I was blessed with the Longshore gig--now here I am- The same honest citizen who now at 25yrs of age--I dont know what the police do? The police job is to put up yellow tape and keep the media a block away at least in Long Beach. In my normal everyday grampa car I get pulled over for nothing so its not about my lowrider which youngsters want to get involved with instead of the local gang. Cars keep us blacks and Latinos out of trouble just like white kids and there dad's muscle cars or hot Ronnie u sound like a cop to me...dont tell me anything. u go confront a gangster or live in a gang area then u can talk. I KNOW By the way to talk about the cops from there point of veiw---ur not one of us. THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHATS REALLY GOIN DOWN IN LA-Compton-Inglewood-Long Beach-Watts-Hawthorne-Gardena-Willowbrook-Rosewood-Paramount-Wilmington-San Pedro- ok u c most of the Black and Latino men who are from some of the tougher parts of these Cities and Areas know what the police about....Ronnie get a clue. The police will not protect us. check out this HOMICIDE REPORT we dying every single day Ronnie. U need to zip it. U DONT HAVE A CLUE and I got Tens of thousands of men who will back up my point of veiw.....

A murder in other areas of the city with less crime is more likely to get solved because the detectives in those areas have less on their desk. . A murder in Compton is hard to investigate because there is a murder everyday, and not to mention those gang banging hooligans rarely cooperate with authorities.

josh is my brother that i miss dearly as i sit here in my dorm room in college i cry because he is gone. What i want to know is what will be done about my brothers death.


Your ignorance is shining through based on your view of "what the cops do." Instead of looking at what is going on from a distance, I suggest you spend one of your evenings this summer riding in a patrol car Compton. Then you will be able to see what really goes on out there.

I applaud you for avoiding the temptation to join a gang. However your attempt to paint the hard working officers and deputies as individuals who just HARRASS PEOPLE AND PUT UP YELLOW TAPE is misdirected.

If the cops were not out in high crime areas pulling people over and being proactive, the bad guys would be completely out of control.....and good people like yourself would be getting carjacked, shot, and who knows what else.

So, take the challenge. If you are not up to it....then I guess we will know you are all mouth

I am the brother of Joshua Ford, who was killed on 7/8/08 in front of our house in Compton. I want to thank every one for their comments and concerns. The real problem here is that the technology the police have is not being used. I heard the police have gun shot detectors that respond wtih video recording. Why is this equiptmnet not being used. I want to ask the mayor why he has not been to the war zone in Compton. At least BUSH GOES TO IRAQ if nothing else. I challenge the mayor and the police captain in Compton. Come talk to me please. I despartly want to feel to safe walking through my front door.

I was venting about the yellow tape thing. N i dont hate anybody cops included but the police are not my friends. They try to intimadate me but it doesnt work and they hate it. These cops should b a hero and catch a killer and a robber. Leave the hard working citzens alone. I mean IPD just killed a man in his own home. LA times wont even post the killing of an unarmed Latino man by sherrifs deputies in Lennox cus the LACSD told them not to. Im not stupid the police dont care about us. That story should be on this blog. POLICE ARE HELD TO A LOWER STANDARD THAN US. If something happend to one of my family members or friends......Im not going to call the going to arm myself and take care of it myself. and nobody going to do anything about it. opps i cant go out and kill on the spot. Im not a gangbanger. or a gangbanger cop. o yea we got them to worry about. Lets see how you feel if you got pulled over 30 times in the last seven months and you got three tickets out of 30 times of getting stopped. But hey...who am I? im jus a young dumb black guy who likes the gangbangers and criminal element in society. Oh yeah. 30 times n the last seven months and people are driving around with AK-47 in compton RIGHT NOW. come on now. DWB is real. I NEVER GOT PULLED OVER BY A BLACK OFFICER OR DEPUTY in over 6 years!!! go figure! the mayor of compton should resign. or help this family.


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