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'I want justice for my brother'

June 28, 2008 |  5:55 pm


It has been almost three months since Mohammad Usman Chaudhry, 21, was killed in an officer-involved shooting in Hollywood. 

On Saturday, June 21, family, friends and community activists gathered at 1435 N. Curson Ave. to remember Chaudhry and others shot by police, as well as to empower local communities. Above, Chaudhry's family speaks out. "I am Usman's sister and I want justice for my brother," Chaudhry's sister wrote on a poster.

Chaudhry was fatally shot by a Hollywood Police officer early Tuesday, March 25.

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Why are the police being blamed! We need to ask ourselves..what would we have done in the officers situation?

I too want to know why the officers and officials are being blamed? This person took a stab at someone. The family is asking why wasn't something less deadly used, I want to ask the family what if this person had used a weapon against another person who was not in a position to protect him/herself? This person had the potential to really hurt someone, he tried and lost. May God bless his soul and forgive him. Those on that he hurt have nothing to be forgiven for.

What did Mr. Chaudhry do or what was he alleged to have done that would justify his shooting by a police officer? our society is being torn appart by crime and
violence much of it brought about by drugs and the growing gang culture. If deadly force is to be used by police officers it must be a situation where there is no other choice I.E. life or death situations. young people out on the streets in the big city must also be aware of the effects of crime on the officers that police L.A.s mean streets. when stopped by the police keep your hands visable and dont run off at the mouth and show a lot of hostility by loud talking and demanding to know why you were stopped. stay calm be polite let the cop do his job! remember he has the guns and clubs. only a fool confronts an armed person even if hes a Cop!

I don't understand, why all this violence. My cousin just got killed by the cops as well on April 12th. His story is on here too, but my cousin never hurt or pulled out something on them so i think that is a case that needs justice!!! I'm sorry to hear for the loss of this family, although it really does hurt me to say that the police had every right to defend themselves. This man mentally impaired or not hurt a human being. I work with disabled kids, and the majority of them know what is right from wrong. So if he graduated from high school and was trying to make it on his own then he knew what he was doing!!! He stabbed an officer for crying out loud, that is asking for trouble. Also, what was he doing lying down in back of the bushes in the middle of the night? Now, the family is upset that they reported him 20 days later to the family? Did the family ever file a missing person case? and people always make mistakes with nationalities. He can pass as a black male so why are you guys trying to make it seem like the police had all the fault. They don't know everyones identity here and if they did how can they keep up with all the homicides going on everyday? I don't know what happened and I dont agree on what the officers did on using a gun, but he put someones life in danger as well so of course they were going to fear for their lives. I just wish all this can stop really it's not only hurting the families but our community as well. May this young man rest in piece as well as my cousin, you guys are in heaven now, no more suffering and sadness in this world. All i know is that they are watching us from above and we need to pray everyday to let them rest. We need to understand that this is never going to end, and instead of fighting with one another, we need to teach them what is right from wrong!!! Reality is that we CAN't bring them back, no matter what, they are gone forever. As much as it hurts me to say with tears coming down my eyes that this man was wrong for what he did, the offiers were doing their jobs, on protecting the community. I just wish they could of used a tazer gun or pepper spray, but like i said you don't think twice to save your own life, if you feel that your life is in danger. Again, I'm sorry if you get angry at my message but that is the way I feel right about now, I'm just so pissed off i wish i could of read this story a long time ago, but i just saw it, since the sister wants justice!!! I just don't understand for what??? May all these victims and suspects R.I.P even if they suspects were wrong.

To the creater of the homicide blog--you have left so much detail out which is why people are leaving the comments they are, if you refuse to add details then please just stop covering the story because all you are doing is hurting the family and friends of Usman even more than you like to believe! This is what the family talked about at the June 21, 2008 vigil---
1. Usman was in handcufss when examined--how could he have lunged with a knife?
2. The police had all his info and even phoned the family on several occassions after Usman ran away which is why it doesnt make sense why the LAPD all of sudden couldnt locate the family? Took them 21 days notify them that there soon was killed?
3. Usman was afraid of the police, and he told his family that on several occassions--he said stay away from the police & listen to them! these are not words of a boy that would lunge at them with a knife because he knew what could happen!
4. Usman was sleeping behind bushes when the police patrolled by and ran his id and then shoot him!


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