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'A wonderful person for our community'

May 14, 2008 |  4:40 pm

Gardena3_3 Hae Sook Roh, 51, a Korean woman, was fatally shot inside her store in the 2300 block of Rosecrans Avenue in Gardena on Monday evening.

A day after the shooting, the city of Gardena offered a $10,000 reward for the conviction of two robbers who shot Roh. Former customers drove to the store to confirm the news of her death.

Roh operated her store alone, and it was always open, former customers said. "I loved her," said Felita Hammond, 40, a former customer who drove to the store when she heard about the shooting. "I liked the way she did business." 

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, the suspects were described as black men inGardena_2 their 20s. The gunman was wearing a bandana, black jacket, white T-shirt and shorts. The second man was wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans. Both suspects were last seen running westbound on Rosecrans.  A surveillance video shows the gunman storming into the store, pointing a gun at Roh, and shooting her once. As he tried to open the cash register he shot Roh twice more.

A neighboring shop owner said she heard three gunshots. She walked to Roh's store and found her lying behind the counter. The woman said she ran back to her store and dialed 911.

Latex gloves from paramedics were left behind just ouside the store. Near the front entrance were boxes scattered on the floor, and a few feet away dry bloodstains.

A friend of the family said Roh lived in Harbor City. She emigrated from Korea with her husband and two children. Roh had owned her store, Shirt 6 for $10, for five years and had been robbed before, the friend said.

Former customers said Roh always greeted them with a smile. "She was a wonderful person for our community," said Janet Wilson, 51, a former customer who dropped off a vase of flowers in front of the store.  Hammond said she wasn't surprised to hear about the robbery. "But to kill her," she said, "I can't stomach that." 

See L.A. Times story

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I just saw the surveillence video. This is too heartless. and to think that this happens so many times throughout the day is truly sickening.

Horrible. It wasn't necessary to kill her. RIP

This shooting was another senseless killing of an innocent person by street tugs who are destroying our community everyday. This is the reason we need to aggressive enforce criminal laws.

Another sad thing is that this killing was not thoroughly covered by the media. Media instead felt that it was more important to report about some birds protecting their nest.

We call our country civilized, but how can we call ourselves civilized when these types of random shooting and killings occur every day and night.

May God bless our country!

I extend my sympathies to the family. When will this madness stop? Such low down, cowardly, cold blooded murderers. They have taken this lady's life and ruined their lives. Not to mention the effect it has on her family and their families. What a waste, all for a few dollars.

I find it hard to believe that in this day and time we let this kind of thing happen, The youngster that shot and killed that poor lady should be caught and made an example of,
his parents know that he is living a crime filled life they know that their son is a bad seed that needs to be taken off the streets, we all complain about crimes in our comunity but we turn our heads when we know most of the people that are commiting these crimes, believe me the parents know when their kids are running the streets
without supervision, Only they can stop this sinceless distruction by keeping up with their unruley children. If we ever expect to change this pattern the city
government should let parents take control and chestize these unruley kids when they are still kisds and when they grow up they will have respect for others as well as themselves.

I knew her personally and I am so devastated and shocked. She was such a wonderful and sweet lady. To take a person's life AMAZING person's life away, just for some cash. How heartless.This is such a tragedy. We need to find the suspects; they need to be punished! RIP Mrs. Roh. You will be missed.

That's the second T-shirt seller killed in Compton in less than 3 weeks. Bobby Williams was shot selling T-shirts 10 blocks away on April 26th.

I've been reading the crime blog for over a year now and I have never been so compelled to leave my 2 cents. I think it must be the surveillance video. It's hard to stomach. I hope they find these ruthless criminals soon. Poor prayers are with her and her family. Rest in peace Mrs. Roh. I'm sorry your life was cut short by an unscrupulous, depraved monster.

Upon viewing the video footage and listening to the audio and realizing the magnitude of this utterly senseless action, it is difficult to describe the sheer frustration and disgust that permeated my every cell, a feeling that I still possess.

What is wrong with some people!!!? Low-life, scum, wicked, evil, degenerate, without souls, are words, in addition to murderers, that come to mind when thinking of the individuals that put three rounds into a beautiful lady - a lady that came to a country for a better way of life, a lady who made a life for herself and family being an honest, hard-working, American taxpayer.

The descriptions above for the perpetuators are lacking. My prayers to Mrs. Roh’s husband and two children that now have to live the remainder of their lives without her.

I am stationed in South Korea with the United States Army. Many of my fellow brothers and sisters-in- arms are fighting wars in foreign lands against enemies of this country. Mrs. Roh was no enemy and was a friend of many.

I will follow this situation until I know the crud that did this is found and punished. Although, there is no amount of punishment that could be done; a long, miserable existence in a maximum-security jail resulting in execution is a start.

What has happened is extremely tragic. I know crime happens all the time, but this one hit very close to home for me because i work in the area and would see Ms. Roh weekly.

To hear what happened was very sad, but to WATCH what happened on the video surveillence made me extremly upset and hurt by how heartless and evil that 'demon' was that killed Ms. Roh.

I pray for that 'demon'...that him and his homey who committed this crime will turn from their wicked ways and seek the Lord. My fear is that they will strike again and kill someone else!

Its sad and im very sad for the family of Ms. Roh. SHE DIDN'T DESERVE THAT! Shame on the parents for not raising them 'demons' right!!! Shame on them!

I hope they find the guys responsible soon. She was very sweet and didn't deserve t his. I wish I didn't see the video. I can't get it out of my mind.

This country cares more about the criminals than we do the victims of crimes. Thats why these pieces of garbage are always out on the streets hurting people on a regular basis.


What a tagedy. What has happened to our society when a human life means nothing? What are we teaching our children? I don't live in California but I started reading the homicide report after I saw a report on CNN. I don't know how you can live with this on a daily basis. Stay strong and don't get discouraged. Teach your children to love their fellow man regardless of race, religion or economic status.

this is just ridiculous, i know there is someone who should recognize the person on the video, his clothes seemed to be quite distinctive. why did he even have to shoot her?? she had ran away. this is just sick

To the 2 killers: My your lives be S$%T for as long as you exist and and my rot in a place worse then hell because piles of crap like you deserve way worse then that. To the family: My heart goes out to you.

She was hella cool. I grew up 132nd and vanness, we all called her Ma cuz she was always nice and even let you hold blunts and stuff if you were short. Dumb young MFs are f*&king up. RIP Ma. You'll be forever remembered

Rest in peace Mrs. Roh. Your killers will be caught, and your family will receive justice. To the victims family millions of us are praying for you. Please heal and know that your mother was an amazing person. No one deserves this.

Justice will be served

Its my firm belief that ms. roh is in heaven with the Lord. I have spoken to her family, they are doing well. They love the Lord and so did ms.roh. God works in misterious ways indeed. God allowed this to happen to ms. roh for a purpose. It touched my heart when i revisited the t-shirt shop and heard testimony from a family member of ms. roh that she was saved and that she loved Jesus! Dear friends reading this let me warn you that nobody is promised tomorow. we live in a world full of evil. Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that we may inherit salvation and eternal life through Him. Have you read your Bible. Read John 3:16.
Ms. Roh is with Jesus. If you look at the really big picture, them cowards that shot ms. roh did her a favor. because shes in HEAVEN and yes she still lives. I guarantee you that if she had the choice to come back, she wouldnt. she's with the Lord. thats priceless! and i have prayed WITH her family and i know God will mend their broken hearts. Heaven received a new angel the day ms. roh departed this life. so stop crying for her because shes okay! ( :

How can one find out updated status regarding the investigative process of this case? I pray to God that the eventual capture and punishment of the wicked people who murdered this innocent woman come to fruition?

I am afraid, because this kind of thing happens all too frequently, that it will be placed in a pile of umpteen other cases and forgotten.

How do some people turn out to have no conscience and able to commit the horrendous acts they do? Society is very frightful. What did Mrs. Roh ever do to deserve being killed by such utter vile?

Has the killer been caught, yet?

The two suspected killers of this innocent woman have been caught and are now facing murder charges. May justice be served for this hidious crime. I pray for Hae Sook Roh's family.

Please name the arrested suspects and where they stand in the court system.

The Daily Breeze has a story on the trial of the two men accused of her murder. These guys are sociopathic gangsters that the world needs to have put away for the rest of their lives.


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