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On Monday, Jan. 25, 2010, The Times launched a new version of the Homicide Report. You have arrived at the old blog.

Readers can no longer post new comments on this site, but we encourage you to join the conversation on our new site. The updated Homicide Report features an interactive map and searchable database of the more than 2,600 homicides in L.A. County since January 2007, when Times' reporter Jill Leovy first started this blog with the goal of covering each one.

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-- Megan Garvey and Anthony Pesce

We have to stop these guys

April 24, 2008 |  4:39 pm

Cardona_hernansonShortly after 3 p.m. on Wednesday, April 23, family members of Hernan Cardona, 60, walked into the conference room of the LAPD's Wilshire Division and sat on hard cushion chairs. They listened to Police Capt. Evangelyn Nathan as she recounted the events of the night their father was killed outside an Auto Zone at 1905 S. Western Ave. in Arlington Heights on Friday, April 18.

"Two men ambushed Mr. Cardona," Nathan said. "They pulled out pistols and fired." Cardona fired back, she said. Cardona, below left, was hit multiple times as he went to the aide of a wounded bystander. According to detectives, the bystander who was wounded fled after the shooting.

Cardona_hernan"We'd like for him to come forward," said Det. Kurt Wong. "We need to speak with him to see if he has information that will help us identify and convict the suspects." Authorities said there was still no motive for the shooting. Descriptions of the two suspects were also released at the conference. Nathan said the first suspect was a black man, thin and between the ages of 18 and 25. He was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, basketball shorts and blue sneakers.  "We have a composite sketch on that suspect," Nathan said.  The second suspect was a black man, thin and between the ages of 18 and 25. She said he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark pants.

Authorities are also looking for a third suspect, who was believed to be the driver of a dark-colored SUV that was waiting around the corner from the store.

Cardona's wife, Martha Ramirez, 55, and his oldest son, Wilfredo, 34, kept their heads down throughout the conference, occasionally looking at Nathan as she spoke.

Img_2118City Councilman Herb Wesson announced a $50,000 reward approved by the L.A. City Council for information leading to the identification and capture of the two gunmen. He said St. Moritz Security Services Inc., the firm where Cardona worked, has offered $5,000, bringing the total reward to $55,000.  "We have a moral responsibility to catch these guys," Wesson said. "The city owes this man because he risked his life."

Wilfredo Cardona pleaded with the public. "I just wanted to tell anyone, any witnesses, we have to stop these guys," he said. "If we don't stop them tomorrow, it could be you." At the end of the conference, Wilfredo hugged the councilman. "We're going to catch them," Wesson whispered. Wilfredo then broke down. He was escorted out as investigators showed two short clips of a surveillance video. Wilfredo's 3-year-old daughter ran after her father. "Papi, papi" she yelled. A relative tried holding her back, but she screamed, broke lose and ran to her dad.

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Wow sad i hope both these cowards get what they deserve....a Lifelong sentence in prison

it saddens me to hear of this innocent man being killed while at work trying to earn a living for his family it's quiet obvious they are tremendously hurt.but to this famiy just remeber that every afro american is not like the suspects who took the life of your love one we too are hard working citizens and christians who love our community but are afraid to come forth walk on our streets without being in fear of becoming a victum.but there far too any crimes that occur and rewards are notput out to apprehend these culprets this is unfair too the numerous of people who have lost love ones so what and how is there a diffrence in this case than any others out there. god bless your family and may god strengthen you

Thanks to the people and City of LA for putting up a reward for capture of the assailants in this crime. This man was working to protect the public and paid the ultimate price for his heroic actions. Hopefully they are put behind bars before they can ruin more people's lives.

I'm so sick of all these killings in Los Angeles. What can we do?

I check the Homicide Blog every 2 weeks or so,I use this site as a tool to be aware of my surroundings,the crazy people with guns and how they kill INNOCENT victims.It hurt me soo much when I read this particular story,Here is a man that is 60 yrs old,working an HONEST job to provide for his family and he is still gunned down at the hands of these heartless demons.It sickens me to know what this world has become,I pray to God for a better future for my babygirl,She's only 3 and although we live in a good community..ANYONE can be targeted for a senseless murder,Tell me WHAT DID THIS MAN DO WRONG?? He was WORKING,making an HONEST-LIVING,and these LOW-LIFE "Thugs" take his life away?? I really hope they catch these killers cuz if they killed an INNOCENT victim at his workplace I'm pretty sure they will kill again.God save our souls..


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