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Jose Luis Garcia, 11

March 12, 2008 |  4:00 pm

Jose Luis Garcia, an 11-year-old Latino youth, was fatally shot in the chest in the 2000 block of East 15th Street in Long Beach about 10 p.m. Sunday, March 16. According to authorities, Jose Luis and a 20-year-old Latino man were standing outside when Jose Luis was hit in the chest, and the man was hit in the lower torso. Both were taken to a local hospital, where Jose Luis was pronounced dead at 10:34 p.m. The other man was listed in stable condition. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Long Beach Police Homicide Dets. Russell Moss and Terri Hubert at (562) 570-7244.

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Hey political leaders, where's the outrage!!! An eleven year old child was just MURDERED.Why are we not all in the streets saying enough is enough.

another innocent child killed on our streets the question i'm sure has arisen of what was this child doing outside at that time of night and with a 20 yr old lets not question that lets question the person or person who could see and tell that this was a child maybe not of your family but of a family who is now mourning the lost of a love one and you have the nerve to go hom e and go to sleep at night you maybe hiding from the law but your not hiding from GOD i pray daily for my little grandsons 4 & 6 who are going up in a society that just doesnt care about anything and anyone even themselves to commit such a crime but you just remeber in your hiding you will be caught we all need to join in as one who has a consious and pray for our niehgbor family aqnd friends because we honestly dont know if we may become the next victum of a senseless murder by an heartless person

We could all sit around and say well this child should not have been out that late or any thing else negative. But then what is that doing? Its not helping the police or Jose's family close the chapter to a nasty book about this little boys life. He was to young and innocent. You see I live in Jose's neighborhood and when I walk home everyday after work I see alot kids out playing having fun.
To be a mother of two children I wake up every morning
THANKING GOD that I still have mine. My Heart broke as I read what the trauma doctor wrote about his par tin this story that came out in the Press Telegram How sad.
To Jose's MOM and FAMILY:
I pray that God helpps your family in time of mourning and gives you the strenght and courage to go on with your lives. You can't undo what has been done but you try to make sure that this dont happen again. GOD BLESS AND I"LL KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS.
A Mom from the the same neighborhood.


Read this powerful op-ed piece written by the trauma surgeon who worked on this boy:

It starts like this:
"I just finished sewing up a dead boy.

I pronounced him dead at 10:34 p.m. Sunday. It's now 11:27 p.m. I know I won't be able to get to sleep for a long time. I feel like I shouldn't.

I'm a trauma surgeon at St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach. I was sulking in my call room on Palm Sunday because I missed yet another important moment in my 5-year-old son's life. A tarantula crawled all over him at his best friend's birthday party, and my wife had e-mailed me a glorious photo of this big, hairy arachnid on my son's face. The phone rings, and I am summoned to the ER for a "gunshot wound to the chest." That's bad, but around these parts, sadly not a surprise. Then the ER secretary adds, "... in a 12-year-old."

Come on, knuckleheads.... This was a kid! There was a time when members of your gang would take you out for getting women and children wrapped up in your nonsense. Are we back to the drive by age where everyone would get shot but the target? GET A JOB, get a hobby, make money instead of KILLING BABIES!!!

This is all to frequent a story in this blog.

Gangsters gun down people for no reason at all. Yes, these are terrorists in their own right. Its not al queeda that will bring us down, but a street hoodlum with no conscience.

And still our elected officials do nothing. And the people in those communities do nothing. The same old set of politicians keep getting reelected time after time.

Wouldn't it be great if several thousand crime victims and the families of the deceased marched into a city council meeting and began to forcefully focus the attention of the politicians onto the carnage going on in the streets?

Wouldn't it be great if the community rallies around the police and to tell the anti-police civil rights people to just go away and stop whining?

I didn't know this kid, but he was just a innocent child. So why ? Why must we kill our own kind ? Why must we kill our neighbor ? I'm not a believer but I can't understand all this stupid and useless violence... Hope the guilty will be caught soon. Peace.

Sorry for bad english, I'm french.

This is truly sad and my heart goes out this this little boys family. I hope you find comfort in this hard time.

Oh and who cares what time of night it was the real thing is he is gone and no one can replace this little boy.

Now for the guilty I hope you get caught, rot in hell, and their is not punishment harsh enough for you. Prison is too good for you and I hope that some day you feel this type of tragidy so you understand the sweet life of a little child that you extinguished with out a care in the world at who you are pointing a gun at and the pain it causes.

This is what gives people like us a bad name and why others do not respect people like us. So when you are out crying how people do not take you seriously look at your actions, gorw up, get an education and try to do somthing good in your life so people will remember you for the good things you do not murders.


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