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Sean Jones, 40

March 4, 2008 |  6:54 pm

Sean Jones, 40, a black man, was shot in shooting at a gas station at 537 W. 111th Street in South-Central Los Angeles at about midnight, and died at Harbor-UCLA hospital at about 12:29 a.m. Monday, March 3. He was pumping gas when his assailant walked up to him and fired numerous rounds. He was struck in several places in his body. LAPD South Bureau is investigating.

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Have the police checked the gas station's video camera? Were other people buying gas when the incident occurred? I hope someone comes forward for the sake of the family and friends' sake! Something has got to give with this senseless wave of violence within our communities! For the person that believes they did something "cool" and got away with it, G*D saw you and you will surely answer for your crime! To the family, blessings upon you for peace during your bereavement!

if you feel you have to kill someone then do the one who wronged you. whomever you are you are a monster, and you will answer to someone one day. i did not get a chance to meet you sean but we shared the same b-day. may god rest your soul so rest in peace my brother. your family loves you and will miss you dearly.

Sean your love will always be with me in a special place.
When I stand before GOD at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything you give me." Joshua22:5

Sean, I love you. We've always been less like cousins and more like brother and sister. I'll always remember the good times cuddie! I love you and will miss your crazy self. I know you're with grandma-ma, she'll take care of you.

Sounds like he was targetted and excecuted. To walk up and shoot him while he is simply pumping gas, he was targetted for a reason. I'm sure the police checked the gas stations camera system if they had one. Alot of businesses don't have them or they are broke.

Is it possible he may have been visting a girl in that area?
i hope detectives have looked in to that , was there a jelous 3rd party involved?

Sean was an awesome person very kind and good hearted , He always had a smile on his face and something to say to put a smile on youre face
and even thow he's in a different place im shure that smile is still there , and none of us will forget him

Saying he'll be missed is an understement

Guns! people say that guns don't kill people, that people kill, thats not so.Take the gun away and your left with what god gave you empty hands. Guns give to much power to anyone who has one,law enforcement included. Cowards are everywhere.

It's been six months since I've lost my friend and my love. Who took my husband and the father of our two beautiful daughter will answer to Jehovah God. I will always love you Sean.

My dearest brother, I miss u sooo much, It is still sooo hard not to think about u, that beautyful smile of yours, U will always be missed, love u always

Hi uncle Sean, this is Zobie, i miss and love you always, your niece, Love Zobie

Happy belatet birthday, Big bro, merry christmas, happy new year, is still sooo hard, not to think about u, every time i be with Dad, all we do is reminice about u, oh Sean, i love u, miss u like crazy, nothin is goin good, be easier if u be aroun, i know u love me, Big Bro, grandma too:-), see ya, Hi uncle Sean, this Zobie, i have a picture of us, i love u Uncle Sean, i got my yellow belt, in Karate, be proud of me, bye Uncle Sean


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