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North Hollywood freeway shooting

North Hollywood: Bunthan Roeung, 26, an Asian man, was killed by  a gunshot wound at 11100 W. Hesby St. at about 1:50 a.m. Saturday, March 1. According police, Roeung and his friends were driving along Hollywood Boulevard when they got into a verbal dispute with several  men in another vehicle, described as a gray or black Chevrolet Monte Carlo with red pinstripes and "F-1 motor sports" paper plates. The men were tailgating Roeung and his friends northbound on the 101 Freeway, when a man from the vehicle fired a single gunshot at Roeung's car. Roeung, who was sitting in the rear of the car, was struck.  His friends exited the freeway at  Lankershim Boulevard and drove onto Hesby Street,   where they called 911.

Nr08111_2Los Angeles City Fire Department personnel responded and transported Roeung to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 2:29 a.m.  Police have put out a sketch of a possible suspect. He was described as a black man between the ages of 25 and 29 years old. He was last seen wearing a white baseball cap with a red bandanna  underneath. Anyone with information can call detectives from LAPD's North Hollywood Division at (818) 623-4075.






stephanie, I think we can safely assume that the killer acted without remorse and could have cared less about the pain and suffering he has inflicted upon others.

this is why i think all vehicles must have real plates at all times... the lax use of paper plates/dealer plates makes it easy for murderers and other criminals to get away...

i see cars with no plates or plates that are from dealers that sell thousands of cars every day...

It's sad. People need to get it through their thick heads (males especially) that violence doesn't solve a thing. It merely perpetuates the cycle of violence. Innocent people get hurt, victims are left to rebuild their lives, while criminals continue to roam free. You didn't prove anything by shooting at that car, you simply solidified the fact that you are a coward. Rest in peace.

It's yet another reason to bring back capital punishment with a vangance.

It's amazing that when you least expect it your life can come to an end. At times people just look for trouble and take out their frusterations on others. It's sad to see a young mans life come to an end when he was just out with his friends. The suspect has to realize that he didn't only hurt one person; he hurt a whole family.

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