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Victor Baltazar, 27

February 23, 2008 |  5:20 pm

Victor Baltazar, 27, a Latino man, was shot in the chest at about 3 a.m. at the 5600 block of Cleon Avenue in North Hollywood Saturday, Feb. 23. According to police, Baltazar was talking with relatives outside of a home when he was allegedly confronted by Victor Santiago Sencion, 22., who challenged him to a fight. Sencion then pulled out a handgun and shot Baltazar. He was taken by ambulance to St. Joseph's Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 3:44 a.m. that same day. According to initial reports, Sencion was stabbed by several people at the home as they struggled to subdue him, but police could not confirm. Sencion was hospitalized and was under police custody.

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This is one way to get out of premeditated murder, always ask somewthing, either challeneg to a fight or ask 'Where you from..." this way it's harder to prove that you really meant to kill the person in the first place.

Anyone elese notice the trend here?

I know the family well, and just wish these kids could actually see, and feel the grief they are placing their parents through.

Thank you for writing the story, and bringing light to others kids to see that this is real, and that what happened to Victor Baltazar is not seldom nor "Cool"

He is survived by a brothers and sisters, and 2 heart broken parents, who are still trying to make sense of this, I will be speaking to them, and try to bring out something good out of something tragic and sad.

I personally know Santiago; I am sadden by what he has done because he is a good hearted person who made a stupid decision not realizing the damage that would be done to the victims family, his family and his future. I will always thank him for taking the time to come and visit my disabled father and brighten his day with his heartfelt stories about horses. My heart goes out to the surviving families that will endure with the pain of losing their children. May this situation bring awareness to those of us that have children and that are trying to raise them in a violent society. "Santiago I wish you could have made better choices in life" I have you in my prayers:)

One person was shoot and killed but yet the shooter was stabbed several time by a number of people? Some one hard to belive

My prayers are with the victims family. Nontheless, HANG IN THERE SANTIAGO!! We are praying for you too!!


hang in there!!!

Victor Hugo Baltazar, I miss you!!!! You should not have left, you should have come back and gone to the movies, you should have used the tickets that you bought. Your wife, you little five-year-old son, your mother, your father, your brothers and sisters, and I, we all love you and really miss you. Thank you for always making me laugh and making my cousin's life wonderful. R.I.P.

Others should learn from this out of a stupid choice two famililies are devastated. STOP GANG VIOLENCE!!!

Today I spoke to an insider and was surprised to find out that the way things happend have been portrayed differently by the media. Santiago did not come out and shoot. He was first attacked and stabbed. He ran back to the house and took a gun and shot a few shoots. One which tragically killed Victor. This is no attempt to take or put blame on anyone but to bring clarity and awareness that the media does not always have the story straight. I undestand that Vicotr's mother is so upset...that she is asking that Santiago get life in prison. I am compelled by your loss but am not by your unrealistic plea. Santiago will live for the rest of his life knowing that he kiled someone. You are to leave it up to God to decide. Your son is gone and your anger is not going to take the pain away. Instead of trying to take someone elses son away from them,,,get closer to God.In time, you will find that only he can alleviate your pain. Know that as my prayers are with you for your loss---they are also with Santiago. I pray every night that he is released and can live a miningful life with his children.

another hispanic male murdering people. this murderer used a gun to kill. he should get the death penalty. thah will bring justice to the victims for the hypocrites that pray for his release i ask would they ask for his release if he murdered your mother or father?i dont think wouldn't the murderer to see his children and be free with his wife. pray for the victims family for strenght not for the murderer for it was his choice to kill.

Well....I don't think any of my family members would be standing in the wee hours of the morning throwing beer cans at Santiago; maybe the deceased should have been home with his wife and kids. This is not to justify his death. Rather bring to light accountability. DEATH penalty!! Become informed....this was 50/50 here. Let's not be one sided. Before comments are must first hear both sides of the story. I pray for Victor's family as well as for Santiago.

After almost a year you are still for ever missed Huguito... how we wish you could be here to see us all...the pain it is that theres still no sentence for this know that after so long that you asked your brother and me to give ourselves a shot and try to be happy together against all odds now that we finaly are together and expecting our first baby together you wont be here for him to call you tio, for you to take him with you and jake to play soccer... the worst part now that imm feeling what its like to love a baby a son all i can think of is jake...for ur son who will never get to hug his daddy again.. the christmas days u wont be there...and your place is empy on the was empty withought you and new years ..was just another year celebration...we know ur in a better place now and someday we will all meet again... but its just not are profoundly missed and loved by all of your family and friends...
♥Bee ur favorite cuñada..4 ever n ever


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