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Marcos Salas, 36

February 21, 2008 |  6:49 pm

Marcos_salas37 Marcos Salas, 36, a Latino man, was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting near Aragon and Roseview avenues in Cypress Park at about noon Thursday, Feb. 21. Salas was holding the hand of his 2-year-old granddaughter when he was shot mulitple times by persons in a passing car, police said. The girl was not hit nor did she suffer any major injuries, authorities said.

Police gave this account of what followed: Officers from the Northeast Division pulled over a white Nissan sedan near the intersection of Drew Street and Estara avenues. Three men got out and began shooting; one of those men was Daniel Leon, 22, who was armed with an AK-47 rifle. The officers fired back, killing Leon and injuring another man; he was taken to a local hospital and was being held for allegedly killing Salas. A third suspect fled on foot, but was later found underneath a vehicle. He was arrested on suspicion of murder, authorities said.  The fourth man fled in the white Nissan and is still at large. All three men were members of the Avenues gang, police said.

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we have gang violence here in chicago, but you guys really are the epicenter for this kind of nonsense. has anyone done any studies on the effects of living with perpetual violence? maybe a comparison between L.A. and baghdad.

anyway, godspeed.


Wow, those boys in the gangs have no class. shooting at a man with his 2 yr old. We need harsher laws, gangs should be considered terrorist and adults that recruit children into gangs shuld be labeled child predators. Gang members involved in these violent shootouts and drive-bys should be executed immediatly.

Why isnt there more accurate info on this crime..
R.I.P. to the homie that has past on.
I cant believe what these people R getting away with nowadays come on picking up ur kid from school with a baby in ur hand...
There is no justice I hope all those noodles die!!!!!!!!!!!

As a resident in the area I can say the tagging and violence has gotten worse in the past two years. Gangs need to be called and dealt with as they are: terrorists. And what's that definition?

╦łterrorist noun

a person who tries to frighten people or governments into doing what he/she wants by using or threatening violence

And this is usually punishable as is treason. We give these people a slap on the wrist.

Residents need to take back their communities. God bless Rocky Delgadillo for hitting the top brass in the Avenues with civil cases and taking away their property and cash, but we need to go deeper.

Allowing the mass volumes of tagging in the area sends a message that crime will also go unnoticed! Remember "Broken Windows?" The same applies here to a Latino community just trying to make a nice neighborhood for itself. HELP US!! Make the GANG MEMBERS PAY IN A BIGGER WAY! We send innocent people to Guantanimo Bay and yet we let these people who shoot, tag, and intimidate terrorize our neighborhoods. Enough is enough! More are going to get out of jail in the coming months. Take a stand now!!

The first shooting actually happened on CYPRESS PARK in front of the Aragon Elem., in the corner of Roseview Ave. and Aragon. Multiple shots rang out and...I ran out and saw the man on the ground. The gunmen even got out of the car and stood above him and shot him at close range. After they left, he was still alive and although shot multiple times, he remained calm. He even told us he was ok. The toddler had a scrape on her head from the fall and was in total shock. Kids in the playground were running in total confusion.
Its really unfortunate this had to happen to begin with, but even more unfortunate this happened at noon, in front an elementary school and a head-start programl while they were in session.

Such a tragic event! Cowards that targeted the victim holding a 2yr old child! My the lord have mercy on their souls.

Read the article with great interest! I lived in an apt. just two blocks in from Fletcher Elem. very near the shooting. Moved there after relationship break up from Silver Lake area. Went there for the chap rent...The nightmare started on my first night there with horrific gun shots in the early morning hours. Not one or two rounds but the kind of sounds heard in war theme movies!!! Not rarely, but frequently! Every other day. One female resident shot in the head as she prepared for bedtime, her husband in the adjacent room as witness...many other innocent pedestrians suffered the same and or near misses.
I felt realitively safe only because my apt was on a hill top and 3rd floor. The building was occupied with the (poor) working class latino community. I work as an Assistant Principal and former teacher. My experience taught me of the harsh inequities endured by the working poor, especially the children. I knew that in my Silver Lake residence of 15 years, not one incident of this type would ever be accepted! Yet, in Glassal Park, it is tragically normal....Shame on our city!
Pitty on the children whose childhood memories will now include a 6 hour "lock down" in their neighborhood school.

How anyone can kill a person holding a child is beyond me. For one I am glad the police gunned down the alleged killer(s). We need more action(s) like this since prison is becoming like a "free" housing project for these thugs.

You either hang them at the gallows or ship them to IRAQ, it's a win-win for the people struggling to survive in the gang infested neighborhoods.

I lived in Glassel Park for three years after a 15 year home in Silver Lake. Went there for the lower rents following sale of ,my home.

The nightmare of the neighborhood visited me on my first night there as gunshots rang out in the early hours of the morning. Not the kind of small weapons but the kind heard in war themed movies...Police Helicopter fly overs
made were bazzar frequent light shows. My co-tenents were mostly the latino working poor. The children dressed in school uniform up and ready to go each morning-parents in tow.
How they were able to face each morning, ready to study following the routine shootings is a testament to their courage and will to survive. I had the financial resources to leave...They do not! Shame on our City ( we have the resources to end this!) Pitty on the families-particularly the children for having to endure this reality....

The murder of a bystander holding a child, in broad daylight is beyond belief. These predators fear neither man nor God. It is too bad that the LAPD officers were not better shots in their self defense gun battle.

Same story different day. Good luck with your gangsta culture.

Until yesterday, when I told people I lived in Glassell Park, they said "where?" - now they won't need to ask. Amazingly, it is possible to live here and not know that this happens - this police shootout happened just a few minutes from me, but I never heard a thing, I just saw it in the paper the next day. Apart from occasional graffiti on my street there is little evidence of gang activity, nor have I ever heard gunfire. Kids play in the street, neighbors are friendly and most people say hello when they see you. It's a decent neighborhood of working-class latinos and incoming middle-class whites. I know the neighborhood is coming up when I see a white guy driving past our house in a Lamborghini most days! The gangs are a blip on an otherwise decent place - don't let outrageous but isolated incidents ruin a rapidly gentrifying part of LA.

These people are scum. I think we should do as they do in Israel. The best thing that can be done in this situation is give the residents of the entire area a 2-3 year advance notice and then tear the neighborhood down. Turn it into a public park or controlled rent housing. Offer programs to relocate willing families in as diverse and distant areas of California (or mexico, if they prefer) as can possibly be found. Those unwilling to comply could be bulldozed in their homes. This is not Juarez or Tijuana. Citizens are not expected to protect criminals in favor of law enforcement and such a situation is completely unnacceptable and amounts to anarchy for local law abiding citizens (not including those who support this domestic terror cell).

These people are scum. I think we should do as they do in Israel. The best thing that can be done in this situation is give the residents of the entire area a 2-3 year advance notice and then tear the neighborhood down. Turn it into a public park or controlled rent housing. Offer programs to relocate willing families in as diverse and distant areas of California (or mexico, if they prefer) as can possibly be found. Those unwilling to comply could be bulldozed in their homes. This is not Juarez or Tijuana. Citizens are not expected to protect criminals in favor of law enforcement and such a situation is completely unnacceptable and amounts to anarchy for local law abiding citizens (not including those who support this domestic terror cell).

First of all, Not even in EAST LOS ANGELES does an "INNOCENT BYSTANDER" get shot over a dozen times.
If you play the game , thats what happens... Its not right but we all make choices. Unfortunately sometimes are loved ones are caught in the middle.

Mr. theavenues, the predators in guantanamo bay and the predators in your neighborhood are the same breed of lawless sociopath....both deserve their fate....

On a more practical note-maybe the solution is for the city to buy up and level those 2-3 blocks of houses/apartments and turn it into a park...

I live around the corner from Drew street, and can attest that the situation never seems to improve. The city has forced Abatements of buildings on that street in years past, boarding them up and posting their notices. A year will go by, or so, and what do you see? That same building wide open again, nothing has changed, same ill looking young thugs hangin' in the yards and on the corners. Tennis shoes and stuffed animals hangin' from the intersection power lines, letting their "customers" know they are here and open for business.

The same ridiculous cycle of Tagging walls / painting over the walls, Tagging the walls/painting the walls, tagging the walls/painting the . . . . . . .
You'd think that even the punks would get bored with this crap. But they are resilient. Cockroach analogies are aptly put.

I posted this in an earlier response, but it is profound to me, that this 2 to 3 block area is like their own little embassy. These criminals have been allowed to create a Sovereign territory within our city. They can safely rely on no matter what crime they commit throughout the city of Los Angeles, that if they high tail it back home, they are literally scott free. They disappear into their Apartment Jungle down there never to be seen again, protected by extended families or the fear of mortal retribution. Time and time again, I see the police speed to the site, choppers swoop in, and round and round they fly and drive. Round and round they go. Maybe they snag a pawn or two, probably just some stupid kid too young and too new to get his butt off the street in time. I've seen it, this is intelligent, organized crime. They have the money, the technology, and the shear numbers within this hood. Eyes are always on the street, hands are always clutching Cells. There is no coincidence to seeing a dozen or so young to middle aged men, running and darting into alleyways, hopping fences, disappearing into the "woods"; It's either cops or rivals, and sure thing, moments later, my good friends of the NE Precinct are cruising the hood.

Dozens of Apartment buildings, and hundreds of actual units. A routine call or response doesn't allow entry into these people's homes without cause; maybe one or two . . . but which one or two? There have been only a couple of major incidents since I've lived here that LAPD has brought the full force of the law down on this hood, and everyone here witnessed the most recent. Plain Clothes, Uniform, SWAT, Fire and Rescue. It takes an OIS for this level of response. That's what an officer on the street told me. Officer Involved Shooting. Man, they really protect their own. Thankfully none of the good guys were hurt that day. Everyone who lives here, as well as the cops on the street, were less concerned about the punk they were looking for, and more concerned about opening up an Avenues hornet nest. It says a lot when the Uniforms are guarding the street corners, and groups of assault rifle wielding, helmet and flak jacket wearing, SWAT teams are going building to building looking for one punk.

The city knew they we're sending our boys into hostile territory. That should tell us something about how much "in control" we actually are of our own communities. I don't know. If we can't cure it, then we should kill it. Bull Doze Drew Street and every other Illegal Embassy in LA.

The solution starts with us - help a latino boy who has no father because he is in jail, do something nice for one another and demonstrate the kindness that we should all show our young latino boys is and should be commmon amoung all of our people, stop sneering at one another but rather smile. If you don't have money to make a change in the community, then these are the free things you can start with. Its up to you to make FREE changes such as kindness, dropping hatred, protecting the elderly, doing extra little things to make it easier on another person. Then start up with the monied people who need to help clean-up this Gang mess.

Growing up as an Angeleno, it never ceases to amaze me of what "life in the barrio" has to offer: Death, violence, graffiti, drugs and other vicious cycle of pandemonium. As macabre as it may sound; this is what [ thug life] is all about--plain and simple.

The Drew Street incident, in Glassell Park; is no exception. So, what's the panacea? Either I'm myopic, I see none at all. On the one hand, bangin' is a family cultural tradition; it started from the Zoot Suit era--and even before that.

Read your history books lately? But on the other hand, the proliferation of the gang culture is a matter of social Darwinism; Survival of the Fittest. It is also a matter of honor and pride of being a "homeboy."

Social programs, more police, more community involvement and gang intervention are only a band aid solution. The real solution lies within the environment and having middle class family values. Is this what Drew Street has to offer? Absolutely not.

It's all about the area and location where you reside and the economics that goes with it. Good jobs and having a good education goes hand in hand. On the contrary, you may have both; but still want the thrills of the rift-raft life. Like Cesar Chavez once reiterated, "Sal Si Puedes."

I am Latino and grew up with no father. I had a grand amount of life threatening experiences, and never turned to crime. These families have bad values and pass them along to their children. Kindness will not help some people and will be taken as a sign of weakness. These folks are predators and have made that choice of their free will. We need a whole new approach to this nonsense as a society or it will eat us up. Right now, if they are still there, walking in freedom, we are losing. We are losing.

The story posted in the Times does not make sense. Aragon school is much farther than 10 blocks from where the shootout with the LAPD happened. Also, I heard somewhere that companions of the man killed in Cypress Park returned "Fire" at the fleeing vehicle. I am not condoning anyone getting shot, but I would hope the LA TIMES would get stories more accurate before printing them out as the facts. No one is a winner in these situations. Go look at Drew Estara, lots of young children constantly exposed to all this grown-up mess. No wonder some of these children don't have a chance. I am not sure what the answer is, but I think we all need to be involved.


My sincerest condolences to the Salas family on their tragic loss. Please know you are not alone. There are families all over the Los Angeles area suffering the same type of loss. We are one of those families also. Our prayer are with you.

How sad, that this man was trying to get his life together and some young men decided to take it. Who are they to take some one's life? What a terrible thing for those young children to witness such cruelty. I live in Utah but my heart is in LA, we have violence here but not as bad. My heart goes out to this man's family and the families of the men who did this to him. They will be in prison for the rest of their lives. What a sad day in LA!

It is really sad and frustrating that Northeast Police Department cant control their own streets. This goes back to when they killed 3year old Stephanie Kuhen. They have no respect for no one. But???? if Northeast knows that Drew St is the heart of one of the clicks from the Avenues gang why dont they do something about it?
What are they doing to clean up the neighborhood?



in response to John Perez and the person who said "help a little latino boy out who has no father"

my family has lived in northeast los angeles for over three generations. I grew up visiting cousins and grandparents in highland park, lincoln heights, el sereno and cypress/glassell park and have never in my life felt that someone needs to come down and swoop any child out to give them a "better" life. yes, some cousins were in gangs --the avenues, clover-- but that never affected me. i heard the gunshots at night and i was never scared. i've had police helicopters fly over my house to search our backyard and have never once felt unsafe merely annoyed. so if you have the capital to leave then you should because there is no need to feel sorry for anyone growing up here.

Isn't age 36 kind of young to have a 2-year-old granddaughter?

TO:L Gutierrez
In regards to the Stephanie Kuhen shooting, it was her STUPID crack head parents that caused that situation by trying to steal from drug dealers and taking their daugther along. THEIR CHOICE...
What part do the parents play in this? It doesnt ONLY FALL on the LAPD. Let us as parents start doing are part.


To Diane Garcia,

I grew up around that area by my grandparents, and as soon as I could, I left because I felt unsafe. I'm not by any means trying to say that anyone who lives or makes a choice to raise a family there is crazy, but hearing gunshot in the middle of the night, or the getto bird at 3am in the morning, u have to come to a conclusion that maybe its not a safe place to live or raise a family. But for you to comment "not to feel sorry for them".....I'm sorry you have to be a cold hearted person not to feel sorry for this young man who lost his life, protecting his price possesion, his "Familia", no matter what lifestyle he live in the past, only god has that right to judge you and take lives since he his our creater.


You were alwarys a great friend to me growing up almost like an uncle when eddie and javier were busted u were always there to protect and guide me. you will be missed not only by me but by my whole family. thank you and god bless you for being a great person.

with love, cheeks

My condolences goes to both family. At this time when you lose someone it doesnt matter if the suspect deserved it his mother and family is aching as well as the victim. yes now in days gang members dont have respect but if everyone knows this why would you be walking around enemy territory, knowing that they will think your laughing in there face. Even if the victim was a gangmember he did the greatest thing and saved his granddaughter, So you tell that little girl her grandpa loved her very much he gave his life for her. & to the Leon family your son was a great young man to, yeah he made a stupid decision but that doesnt change the fact that he did respect others I got a chance to somewhat work with daniel when he used to drop off papers for selling his home on drew,He was one good kid no matter what he did. To all Gangmembers Remember one thing its not the childrens fault for the decisions one makes, I know gang violence is never going to stop but please have alittle respect for those that fall in love with someone's enemy if you got to get them then catch them slippin alone.

Gun control is a major issue that no politician wants to touch. The firearms industry has a powerful lobby, unlike the children and youth in our communities. Their answer: let's leave it to the cops to pick up the pieces. That's akin to waiting to "fix it" until it's broken. We have to be proactive. We have to INTERVENE before tragedies like these happen. Gangs fill society's voids and it's high time we realize that no matter what we're all paying a high price for ignoring those voids.
By the way, it perplexes me that people are asking for the "executions" of those that perpetrate violence. People are so entrenched in the culture of violence that they don't even see similar they are to the gangsters they despise.

Why is so hard to understand that if one choses to change their life after years of being an acitive gang member that the chances that your past catches up to you will be GREATLY increased if you continue to live in your old neighborhood. REMEMBER. NOT everyone is trying to change, and some things are NEVER forgotten.

In regards to a comment made above. The police department should not be the one that you are worried about. Gangs have been a huge problem for a long time, so perhaps the community as well as your focus should be to help continue to educate the community and the kids to stay away from gangs and to try to deplete them. There are many things police officers do that you might not see on a day to day basis. There are the police officers who are there to help you when you need it, funny isn't it how you never complain when they come to your aide to help you but when something goes wrong it is always easy to blame someone else and not take part of the problems into your own account. There are also many brave civilian volunteers who put their lives on the line going out with in a uniform to protect the communities with no vest and weapons but they do it because they are hero's and they care. So perhaps instead of complaining about the police, how about you get involved in your community and volunteer or educate children against gangs, or provide jobs to those who quit a gang? Just a suggestion. It is sad any time someone dies... the funny thing there is only a homicide blog for Los Angeles but not for any counties. So be honored that these individuals are remembered and honored here. =)

Don't take offense to the little boy remark. All we want is to find a way to drill into these knuckleheads that life is more precious than they seem to understand. All we want is a way to get through to make them understand that this isn't some idiotic gameboy where you start over after you lose the game. There is no starting over once the life is stopped in real life. There is no going back. Whatever needs to be done to get that across, bless the try.

It's easy for us to sit back and come up with temporary
solutions to these problems. The truth is, we as Mexican-Americans(regardless if you were born in mexico, if you live here your American, just like the rest of us) need to take matters into our own hands. We need to focus on education. Get the kids off the "idiot box" that, on a daily basis, reinforces stereotypes. Give them books to read, take them to a museum. Expose them to art and music. It's obvious we can't rely on the police or government for help. So do your child a favor and promote education instead of pop culture fallacies that the establishment pounds into our heads 24 hours a

My 20-year-old son Russell was shot to death in December 2006 saving his friend's life at a huge party on Avenue 30 in Glassell Park. I live in the midst of all these shootings - and have lived here for 31 years.

I connect closer to God with each passing day. . . . . that's the secret of it ----- you just have to find out what God's path is for you --- just ask Him with genuine compassion and He leads you --- and you will make life better for all those close to you and all those far from you, too. But you have to ASK sincerely ---- and it WILL happen. I know. A miracle takes place.


On and On,
Attention, Black men shot and killed in drive by, Attention, Latino men is shot and killed in drive by, What is going on? I am sick to my stomach of my black and Latno brothers killing themselves. LA is a great place to live.
I love the melting pot of races and Culture, but I am tired of my young brothers killing each other,How, or can we stop this voilence?


Gangs are a symptom of what is happening to our society. They are victims too. You cannot say what should happen to them if you do not know what it is like to live like them: Marginalized, powerless, hated, discriminated, and oppressed. You want to see a change? Be the change you want to see. It is not going to happen like a miracle. Who is to blame? ALL of us as citizens, as a people. especially those who have POWER, PRIVILEGE. Yes, I am talking about the POLICE, GOVERNMENT. Yes, let's have more alternative programs, jobs, and places where gang members can feel like they belong because THEY DO. If you don't see yourself within THEM, then there is a huge problem. WAKE UP AMERICA AND READ! Stop living a life of indifference and carelessness. Nothing is going to change if you keep watching AMERICAN IDOL or stupid shows that take away from your creativity.



We are all faced with about the same circumstances over the period of a lifetime. Some choose to use them as an excuse for poor performance while others use those same circumstances as a reason to grow and to drive themselves to new heights of accomplishment. Time for people in this neighborhood to take a stand...not by protesting, complaining, or accusing (LAPD, Avenues, George Bush-they're not the problem, they're not helping, but they will NOT make the difference). You take a stand by changing yourself. For things to change, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE. Get out of your comfort zone and grow a backbone. Make a hero out of yourself if you want to contribute to the community, do it without COMPLAINT, and without APOLOGY. It's time for some hardworking, educated, well intentioned Angelenos to start living with a steel backbone, with some dignity, and stop just "talking" about what they are going to do and start "doing" what they talk about. Time to throw the gauntlet down and throw that "homeboy" lifestyle out the door...there's no room for it in our neighborhood. Don't talk like them, don't dress like them, don't walk like them, don't eat what they eat, drink what they drink, read what they read. We have to stop responding to NEED, and start responding to DESERVE. Start your grassroots organizing with your family, with your home, with those disciplines, practiced daily, that make a difference and set an example. Stop wasting your time and money on flat screens and fancy rims for your car and start getting your kids to these free libraries so that by the time they get to our age they'll be too busy, productive, and successful to be casting silly votes for American Idol...or to be shooting up our streets.

What of bunch of cowards! And you call yourself Men!---- I cant believe you can shoot a "Man" caring his GRANDAUGHTER in front of an elemntary, on his way to pick up his DAUGHTER from pre-school! And the media had the nerve to call you notorious! HA! what a JOKE!--- I bet your coward gang was proud about that huh!?-- But in reality --in your hearts YOU WILL ALWAYS BE COWARDS! AND CAN NO ONE TAKE THAT FROM YOU! HA! ------ I SMELL PUU##IE!

To Jesse Salas:

Yes, those killers are/were cowards. They are trash and they will get theirs. However, your brother was targeted. Plain and simple. Your brother was a gang member and he led a life that led him down this path. Not to say that innocent people don't get shot, but people who engage in gang life increase their risk for gang retaliation violence. Didn't your brother just get out of prison? Don't say he was an innocent victim without putting all the facts out there. He might have been trying to reform his life. But reforming life as a gang member calls for more drastic measures, such as moving out of the city/state. You can't wake up one day and say, I'm not a gang member.

Let's be be clear here. Your brother could not have been categorized as a hard working citizen who upheld the law like 95% of CP residents. People in this community are hard working Mexican immigrants(with a few Asian/Central American/blacks). The majority of the residents are homeowners but there is also a large group of renters. But these renters too, are just people trying to make money and live and create a better future for their kids. It's this other 5% of gangsters, who I call losers, who I wish would just leave. In my dreams, I wish they could just get annihilated. People who spend their time wearing baggy clothes, doing drugs, collecting welfare, dropping out of school, tagging my fence, instilling fear in hard working people are LOSERS and trash. Just like the trash that killed Marcos.

People just dont understand."Gang Members" Grow up in these streets its their territory.Marcos Was probaly a good man but it doesnt matter to your rival gangs with kids or around kids because that rival dont care.The same for any gang if they want a man dead for revenge or any other cause or just for being in that territory around cypress park.Cypress park is known to be green lighted at this moment because they havent paid there dues or maybe cypress killed one of the avenvues.But what the streets talk marcos was or used to be in cypess park and for that reason he was shot and killed.
yes he was a good man but its his history got him killed.This kind oif lifestyle will never go away.

My Brother is a HERO and a ANGEL. God Bless His Soul.



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