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Jason Grey, 29

January 1, 2008 |  9:42 pm

Jason_grey_29 Jason Grey, a 29-year-old Latino man, was shot and killed in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale at about 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 1. LAPD officers with the Northeast Division responded to a shots-fired call in the area, but later learned that the shooting had taken place inside the cemetery. Glendale police and paramedics, who also responded, were on the scene shortly before LAPD arrived. The cemetery, at 1712 S. Glendale Ave., straddles the cities of Glendale and Los Angeles. This is the first homicide of the new year for Los Angeles and is being ruled as gang-related, according to Det. Percy (Pjai) Morris. More details in the Los Angeles Times.

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This was my cousin, RIP Jason. Your family loves you and will miss you always.

This was my cousin, RIP Jason. Your family loves you and will miss you always.

What is this world coming to when you can kill someone in a cemetary a place were people go to morn and pay there respects. I don't care what beef you have with someone or what problems you let it pass at these place how horrible can this world be. My condolences goes out to this person family and friends and I hope that the person who did this will get caught or god will give him his judgement when it comes

Roo, these killers are so vicious and cold blooded, they have no problem killing anyone, anywhere.

Sounds like a planned hit though.

I'm still in shock. The person who did this is a coward whatever you had going on in the streets should of stayed out here, Why would you think about killing someone at a cementary damn Jason you were trying to do so good and look what happens. I hope God doesnt forgive the coward who did this to you for what he did and may you rest in peace, Don't forget you and my cousin are my guardian angels i give my condolences and my respect to your family. We'll miss you!

Our condolences go out to Jason's family. It's been a great loss for our family at Homeboy's Industries Jason was more than a co-worker he became part of our big family. He will be missed and remembered you.

" That's right That's right " Remember 2 Remember and Never 2 forget.

you will be miss. we love you. you will always be in out heart, mind and soul. we saw how you have changed into a great man. you are our angel. say "hi" to tia Cande.

You will be missed. Your smile and laughter will be in our hearts always. My brother was a changed man, he had a bright future ahead of him. He was so proud of working with Homeboy Industries, I want to thank everyone at Homeboy's for giving my brother a chance to better himself. It gives me such joy to hear that his co-workers spoke very highly of him. For everyone that has posted something on this blog thank you, it does help me and my family with the healing process. Jason, we love you, you will always be in our hearts. I truly believe that you and our mom are our guardian angels. We love you Jason. Say hi to our mom :). From his sister and brothers

The demon who committed this crime will have no peace! Anyone so diabolical as to follow someone to a cemetery to commit a murder needs to know that God will not give you any peace! May the family, loved ones and friends of the victim receive my heartfelt condolences for your unfortunate loss. Enough is enough!

I am a friend & Co-Worker of Jason's Dad, George Grey.
My condolences and prayers go to Jason Grey's Family during this tough time.

Jason your smile will always be in our hearts.We were all very proud of you. I would like to thank everyone that has sent their condolences to our family. Jason will be very much missed by all of us. He is now with my mom, and i believe that they are both watching over me and my brothers. Once again thank you to all.

How do you kill anybody @ a CEMETERY? RIP and May GOD Bless Jason's SOUL!

Its sad to see things like this happen.. very senseless. A family man who obviously made a few mistakes in his early years (as most of us has) tragically slain by a senseless act which is aimed to accomplish NOTHING!!! I pray for his soul as well as his mother to whom he was paying his respects to when he was brutally murdered. He was in mourning when he came to visit... I also pray for those that he had left behind. People still fail to see the value and importance of life. Once taken, its gone... never to return again.

I saw him being loaded into a body bag and rolled away on a gurney by LA coroners. Its heart braking. Whoever did this to him... remember one thing, you may not be afraid of the law... keep in mind that ultimate judgement will come from no man... but from GOD. I'm sure you might be bragging to your "homies" what you have done, that you're the scum of this society that murdered a struggling man who wants change in his life... let your conscience eat you up inside, that it wont let you rest. You will face the one whom you should fear soon. When that time comes he will show you no pity. This goes out to all those that leads a life of crime.

Mr Grey, I applaud you for your strength and courage to turn your life around
I am just sorry that you had to come across someone that does not respect your life or anyone else' life enough, to allow you to continue on your path.
You have my respect

Your so right these vicious t killer don't have any respect were they kill people what was I thinking if you bring a gun to the cemetary thats no respect there so why would I think they would not kill anyone there.

when i heard this story i thought the police killed this young man. but when i hear the real story my heart goes out to the family. it's good when people change but unfortunately some deadbeat did not let him continue with this change!

Since your discharge from the defunct Youth Authority , when you were ready to turn around your life it was on you terms !By the comments on this site you were in the PROCESS of CHANGE. KUDOS !!!!
As you mentiioned when it rains the froggs will come out and sing , and sing they will for all the ranas who have perished in the rains both natural and self destructive both will meet in the netherworld of the Ranas.....folklore or urban legend. Vaya con Dios Y no retribution , tu sabes.


Senor Jason,
Your being missed ese remember that you can't keep a good frog down!!!!


I still miss you brother.

Hey Bro. I will miss you and that crazy ass laugh. I still remember the times as kids hanging out with you and your brother at the park, going down to the river,going to your pad after school to munch out. I guess just being kids. Like I say, nobody could take your place and I hope that guys who did this to you pay thier price soon. Also just want to express my condolenses to Goerge, Angela and the rest of the Family.

i rember the first time i seen u ..u were wit my cousin melisa an lil faith...i was working at champs an u asked me if i could find u a hat wit a "F" on it..i rember the day i heard about it ....still doesnt make sence to love an prayers to u of course to my cousin melisa an ur beautifull daughter faith..may u live on in all of our hearts your boy said ...wen it rains the frogs will alwyas come out an sing...

We used to be enemies and became brothers at Homeboy Industries!I remember last seeing you writing your Christmas List.Like abolitionists we fight to end the violence and those that do not believe in us!Prepare where your at for me and I can not wait to see how you and my little brother have been transformed.I know you and my brother must be the strongest lights from the struggles we come from!


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