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Timothy Johnson, 37

November 27, 2007 |  6:21 pm

Johnson_timothy Timothy Johnson, 37, a black man, was shot multiple times at 939 E. 92nd Street in Watts at about 3:23 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 25, and died at the scene. Police officers had received a "shots fired" call and found him. He had been visiting friends in the area.

He had gone to a party that night, then had stopped on his way home to socialize with friends outside. His shooters came by walking or driving. He was hit multiple times. When officers arrived, he was alone, dead on the ground, and the people who had been outside with him had disappeared. A pit-bull puppy chained in the yard was curled on his body.

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In the time that I have read this blog I have never seen as many comments as I have about this person. And I think that it reall illustrates what plagues our race at present. I'm a Black man, father, husband etc. grew up in the "hood" in the 70's & 80's and now live with my wife and children. I only say those things to give others a backdrop of my perspective. Comments made by Ms. Tahboo really struck me. She said, "When ur a felon its hard to get a job out here so thats why so many of our strong black men result to other means of survival." Sweetheart as my own single mother taught me years ago, " the sexies men in the world are the one's who just got off work." The value system in our community has eroded to the point that we now make excuses for men and women who succumb to a life of crime and destruction. We say things like, "he didn't have any choices" or "its hard out here for brothas so they gotta do what they gotta do" to justify their actions. I didn't know this Black man, many who did can comment on his life but the cycle of bad choices continues. Ms Tahboo, I hope you are able to free yourself from this life. I don't know if you're a mother or not but I hope you learn something different from this episode of your life with Mr. Johnson. I hope that if you raise a son one day you will remember the good qualities that Mr. Johnson exhibited,but also remember the bad. I pray for your son because even if I never meet him or interact with him, the choices that he makes as Black man has an effect on my life as well. If he makes good strong positive choices he may one day be a doctor that saves my life or improves my health in old age. If he makes bad choices he may effect my life also. All of this rhetoric about religion and judgement is also futile. None of us know, we just believe. We won't ever know, unitl its over so although I am a believer I try to look at things a little different. The World needs us to get ourselves together. When our race was faced with some of the most inhumane and terrible circumstances in this country, we united for the cause of our freedom. There were whites that helped, latinos that were sympathetic, asians that felt our pain basically good people who wanted equality and fairness to reign in our country and we improved this country. No, we didn't solve all the problems that exist, yes racism and prejudice still exist, however now Black mother's don;t worry that their son's will be killed ny the Klan. Now they worry that they might be killed by someone who looks exactly like them and many times over NOTHING.
I feel sympathy for the family of this person, and I also feel sympathy for the families of the people whose live's he might have negatively effected. In the end we ALL have lost. I hope that we can all learn from this. I hope gangstas can learn that the lifestyle of negativity will eventually lead to destruction, but I'm sure most of you already know that. I hope you guys realize that your community wants the best for you. We want you to learn to read, to speak and to become EMPLOYABLE, to vote and to raise good families. You'll be surprised at how many of us would welcome you with open arms if those are your choices.

Mr. Johnson will NOT be remembered even by us that have made comments on the life which we are not really a part of. His mother did not teach him, and he decided for himself, for he was not taught by example. We DO live in a modern Sodom and Gomorrha, but we can have courage and leave, without looking back.
We can be murdered in our yards.., or hit by a car crossing the street. We will DIE, someday, someway. We can follow Jesus, ONLY, to find that peace on earth.., and a greater joy for doing this.., in that PROMISED life after we have died here on tis earth. Prepare youself, and the ones that you love.

Ni**as are stupid! When will we stop passing down the slave mentality. Fighting and killing over colors and streets we don't even own. Using "my daddy didn't love me" as a cop-out to join a gang. Of all the years of gang banging, what have the gangs accomplished? What do they own? What have they done for the youth or the community? NOT SH*T! Young black men... pull up your pants, cut your hair, get an education, get a job and take care of your children, your parents, and your elders. Feel proud about yourselves. Don't go to your grave being labled as another dumb NI**A!

ok all this about sinister being this and being that and it's a shame how he was shot in cold blood ,well "HE TOOK MY SON'S LIFE IN COLD BLOOD LAUGHED IN HIS FACE AND SHOT HIM IN THE BACK,HE TOOK MY SON AWAY FROM ME SHOT HIM 5 TIMES . i still cry everyday ,moan and hurt until i get sick my grand babies don't have a daddy no more because of him. our young people are the target of saten's distruction today.and it a shame that we don't have enough concerned enough about the situation to step up and help show our youth that killing is not a part of living."REMEMBER THIS."THE DAY WE STOP SPEAKING UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT ,IS THE DAY WE STOP LIVING. IT'S SAID IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD THAT ALONG SHOULD TELL YOU THAT WE CAN'T DO IT ALONE . I PRAY FOR HEALING FOR MYSELF AND ALL WHO HAS LOST LOVE ONES.

The folks that are saying "only GOD can judge" YALL are killing me with ya misrepresentation of that verse because first of all GOD's judgement is eternal and heavenly- not Earthly. HE leaves the Earthly judgement to us to judge those on earth per the laws of the land. That why you have a jury of ya peers, and a man/woman dressed up in a black robe or even the GOD given FREE WILL and freedom of choice, so when we on Earth say that SIN was a killer that is judgement based on fact which is granted to us earthlings based on the laws of the land. GET YA UNDERSTANDING TOGETHER..Sin has been judged by the laws of the land as a murderer and now he has gone on to face his eternal judgement based on his soul and if he accepted Christ before his last breath. Because if he didnt then he will be judged on his sins against GOD while living.

So dont go lashing out at -Thou Salt not Kill, Tim took love'd one's too, Truth Hurts Sometime or any other's that's speaking contrary to what Sin's family and friends would like or believe.

May God Bless you all with a Greater Understanding….

Who are you people?????? What world do you really live in; is it fantasy world ABC or NBC. Because here in the real world, where illicit drugs and crime are harbored, packaged, and marketed wholesale by those who are sworn to up hold the law. Where drive bys committed by the boys in blue aren’t the rival gang…sometimes beautiful people have to do ugly things to live another day.

You want to know why the ghettos can’t get free of the devils grasp. Because the demon seeds that turn their backs on those with troubled history, who are the unforgiving, and judgmental. Narrow minded people, and you know who you are, you can not judge one another’s’ entire existence on one alleged act. It isn’t how God will judge. It isn’t for you to judge regardless. PAY ATTENTION….GET A GRIP ON REALITY…..

Mrs. Christ Like Lady… spit on my family grave that is real Christ like, yeah right. Mr. God Fearing Fellow….you tell your sons and your daughters don’t play with the little dirty kids from the ghettos and you won’t have to worry about them coming home dead.

Tim Johnson was not the first Family of mine that has been lost to the streets of senseless violence; the feeling isn’t unique, by no means and I fear that he will not be the last, brother, son, uncle, father, cousin, lover.

Tim wasn’t a boy scout, but you can’t change the real man that he was, and we won’t stop acknowledging all the beauty that he brought into this world. I loved every part of him the good the bad and the ugly. It made him who he was; I see a lot of ugliness in many of you who post your comments. Self professed God fearing people, without sin, throwing stones into the glass house. Hate is festering there, and the cycle continues. You will continue the cycle that perpetuates these streets; with your hateful comments, and your disrespect for life. Have you read your Good Book Lately?

Today and tomorrow someone will receive the phone call that I’ve had all too many times, and the hurt will still be as painful; and someone will be sought to blame.

The question I ask of all you is….How do we stop the cycle? With this dialogue? ACTION?

Was he really Cleamon Johnson's (aka Big Evil) brother?

Unfortunately we are still seeing alot of pain on this blog. I continue to pray for all Sinisters' victims as well as his family. There are still very ignorant comments still being posted. If this page has done one thing, that one thing is communication among our people. That's always a good thing. "Tim's loved one" : Don't take it so hard what you read. The truth always hurts. No we shoukl not judge. Only God can do that. But what we do have to do is judge what is right and wrong in this carnal world. Understand the meaning of what people are saying. You know as well as I do what type of person Sinister was. He might have been loving and gentle with his family, but not with the rest of the tribe. He may have tried to change his life and that's good. There's hope for everyone even up to the end. Repent and accept Jesus as your Savior. Forget what "Ameerah" said. There will be false prophets in the end time. Save that NOI stuff. I'll pray for you to come to Jesus. We don't need to talk about what the "man" has done to us. We have to come together and pull ourselves up. Our problem as Black People is that we have to many cheifs and not enough indians. Everyone of us wants to be the top dog. Instead of working together and coming up together we tend to step on each other. Take the examples from the Koreans, Jews, Hispanics, and other immigrant races that have become successful here in America. They did it together. They supported each other. They looked out for each other. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. The mentality, morals, and ethics that we let our kids grow up with is insane. We only have ourselves to blame. You can tell this by "Ms. Tahboo's" comment. She really believes what she is saying. Let's all pray for her as well. What the Family should be doing, and I mean no disrepect, is learning from this. They had the chance with Tim and his brother Clemmon and failed on both occassions. Do the right thing this time and evaluate what was not there for those two brothers when they were growing up. Give their offspring the new chance that they didn't have. If you can't raise and control your household, how will GOD give you in Heaven. We can all sit here as Christians and fingerpoint what was wrong. Remember, we all sin and will continue too. Remember, what is happening in this world is not the point. The point is GOD. The point is doing what Jesus said to do." Love GOD with all your heart and Love one another" Recognize the evil in the world and testify to it. But save Judgment for God. lest you be Judged accordingly. Our reward is in Heaven. These trials and Tribulations that we go through in life are tests of our faith. 1 Corinthians 11-27 to 33. Examine yourselves. If we dont judge ourselves we will be judged. Don't run from the chastening from the Lord. That's Love. Peace and Love be with all. I pray you all come to Jesus and walk in the Spirit.

Unfortunately we are still seeing alot of pain on this blog. I continue to pray for all Sinisters' victims as well as his family. There are still very ignorant comments still being posted. If this page has done one thing, that one thing is communication among our people. That's always a good thing. "Tim's loved one" : Don't take it so hard what you read. The truth always hurts. No we shoukl not judge. Only God can do that. But what we do have to do is judge what is right and wrong in this carnal world. Understand the meaning of what people are saying. You know as well as I do what type of person Sinister was. He might have been loving and gentle with his family, but not with the rest of the tribe. He may have tried to change his life and that's good. There's hope for everyone even up to the end. Repent and accept Jesus as your Savior. Forget what "Ameerah" said. There will be false prophets in the end time. Save that NOI stuff. I'll pray for you to come to Jesus. We don't need to talk about what the "man" has done to us. We have to come together and pull ourselves up. Our problem as Black People is that we have to many cheifs and not enough indians. Everyone of us wants to be the top dog. Instead of working together and coming up together we tend to step on each other. Take the examples from the Koreans, Jews, Hispanics, and other immigrant races that have become successful here in America. They did it together. They supported each other. They looked out for each other. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. The mentality, morals, and ethics that we let our kids grow up with is insane. We only have ourselves to blame. You can tell this by "Ms. Tahboo's" comment. She really believes what she is saying. Let's all pray for her as well. What the Family should be doing, and I mean no disrepect, is learning from this. They had the chance with Tim and his brother Clemmon and failed on both occassions. Do the right thing this time and evaluate what was not there for those two brothers when they were growing up. Give their offspring the new chance that they didn't have. If you can't raise and control your household, how will GOD give you in Heaven. We can all sit here as Christians and fingerpoint what was wrong. Remember, we all sin and will continue too. Remember, what is happening in this world is not the point. The point is GOD. The point is doing what Jesus said to do." Love GOD with all your heart and Love one another" Recognize the evil in the world and testify to it. But save Judgment for God. lest you be Judged accordingly. Our reward is in Heaven. These trials and Tribulations that we go through in life are tests of our faith. 1 Corinthians 11-27 to 33. Examine yourselves. If we dont judge ourselves we will be judged. Don't run from the chastening from the Lord. That's Love. Peace and Love be with all. I pray you all come to Jesus and walk in the Spirit.

Yesh Timothy was Big Evil's brother. I wrote a long Los Angeles Times Magazine piece about Cleamon about 10 years ago. He was and is ( i still keep in touch with him via letters as he is in San Quentin on death row) a classic character, to put it very very mildly I didn't know Sinister well, but my thoughts go out to his family. I might write a story about the life of Timothy - the good and the bad - and if anyone wants to talk to me - on or off the record -. they can get in touch with me at my email
I have covered life in watts and south central for the last 15 years .
As for the LAPD's Det Sal La Barbera. i have known him to for a long time too and I can say without a doubt he is a passionate and dedicated person and he is doing everything he can to solve this crime. So to the person who said if it was some hollywood star he would be working harder, I have to disagree
To Mr and Mrs Johnson and the other loved ones of Timothy, my condolences go out to you. I know its rough. Michael Krikorian

the last time a witness came forth to try to help the police, they had him to lie on the innocent. that witness testify that a man did something he didnt do. (stay strong k mike) what kinda of snitchin are we doin here people. tell the truth and shame the devil. the lttle money wont last that long. 25,000, please! we need real positive people to come forth with information if thats what kinda turn its gonna take. no sending people to jail for crimes they didnt commit. We need to take our neighborhood from the gangs and the dope dealin scumm who work with the police on all different kind on things that aint positive.


Your comments are definetly right on the money........give this some thought:

In your post you state:
"Snitching refers to those who participate in perpetrating the crime and does not apply to witnesses, innocent bystanders or anyone else who had nothing to do with this man’s death!"

Please read the post below entered on this blog on October 31, 2007:

Laterian Tasby, 17, a black youth, was shot and killed at a party at 572 W. 11th St. near Pacific in San Pedro at about midnight on Oct. 28. He was attending a Halloween party with other students at San Pedro High School, where he played both football and basketball. Uninvited guests turned up, and there was a fight. Gunfire erupted in the backyard, hitting Laterian, who died at the scene.

"There were many witnesses--teenagers and students at San Pedro High School, according to police. Very few have cooperated with the investigation, said Det. Sid Rodriguez of LAPD Harbor Homicide. Some cite fear; others say "snitching" is frowned upon, he said. "Even the good kids now won't snitch," he said."

I understand the criminals live by this crap (as you said "There is no honor amoung murderers".....or thieves) however my reference to the "Stop Snitchin" idiocracy is "DIRECTLY" pointed to the above type of situation, "NUMEROUS WITNESSES" and not 1 of them comes forward......and then they justify their silence by saying "snitching is frowned upon"............HOW STUPID!!!!!!

As I stated in my earlier post:
"Don't we understand that when we take this attitiude all we do is give the criminals & gangbangers carte blanche to continue to wreak havoc in "OUR" neighborhoods!!!!!

Crimes get solved in other neighborhoods (white) because "THEY" cooperate with the police and get involved. As long as killers & thieves feel there are no consequences to their criminal activity.........guess what, NOTHING is going to change. We will continue to see faces that look like ours on this blog and the number of victims increasing.

People, My People, Black People....when are we going to begin to break this cycle of ignorance?

You also state:
"Don't believe the hype! God rest the innocents who were murdered at the hands of these thugs, but not all Black men are targeted. Those who dress like they are gang affiliated, even when they are not, are targeted. "

Of the "MANY" great points you made I really wish more than any that it were true that not all black men are targets......however if we are to be truly honest or as we like to say "keeping it real" any one of us "INNOCENTS" can become a target in the blink of an eye, that being said......we cannot walk around blind to this possibility, I'm not saying we have to be afraid to come outside.....but I am saying we must be careful and smart about our surroundings and those around in point:

Dovon Harris - 16
Craig Moore - 18
Robert Jones - 27
Venus Hardin - 25
Lloyd Stallings III - 22
Darius Truly - 26
Herbert Stevens III - 47
Thomas Ranklins Jr - 20
Elijah Rhaburn - 25
DeAndre Netter - 16
Ruben Whittington - 62 (retired police officer)
Tyrone Davis - 23
Scott Grant - 40
Aric Lexing - 26
Michael Lynn Presley - 19
Eric Lorenzo - 20
Laterian Tasby - 17

On all the posts for these brothers it is stated that they (the victims) "were not" gang affliliated, these were fathers, students, working men, a retired police officer...."INNOCENTS".......... however almost all of them were murdered by gang members.
So it begs to question.......... "Who is" and "Who is not" targeted?

Lastly....I pray that if there is anyone on this blog who is giving a 2nd thought to being in or joining a gang....PLEASE PLEASE heed cmoreclearly's advice below:

"Simple changes can go a long way to drastically reduce your chances of being targeted. Again, this isn’t across the board, because many of our young Black men who were gunned down were innocents who lost their lives by some fool pretending he was a Black man. Real Black men don’t kill other Black men. Real Black men value our similarities, and not our differences. So let’s get that straight once and for all: for the thug who kills and calls himself a man for doing so, You are not a true Black man. Time is running out for young people to get it right!"

God bless us as a people

I will pray for all those who have ailments on their hearts, the thick scum that you breath in this world has harden your hearts, your minds, and blinded your eyes so that you may not see clearly, if at all. The difference, my dear friend between what is able to be harvested in the various cultures of America is the foundation. The African American community has been plagued from the beginning of its formation. Since the first changed Black foot hit the cold sands of America. Koreans and Latinos did not have Willie Lynch to teach the world how to keep them down, separated and demonize one another to the point of no return. What other people has overcome as much adversity as the African Americans that you don’t understand. How is it that we are here now; after Malcolm and after Martin, it is because we are just a load of lazy baboons, the state of the African American community is purposely kept in a state of confusion and denial, asleep for people like you to stay in their places and mind you manners. You don’t want to hear about how the White man has plotted against the African American communities, than don’t listen, OPEN YOUR EYES and you will see enough…..Talk to God about it. What Black Man do you know that has the means to import and export in the capacity which keeps America well supplied?

YOU STILL POINTING FINGERS…….AND THROWING STONES…..these glass houses don’t hold well…Watch Out…..NOI…isn’t where it’s from


MY friends this man came from two God fearing RIGHTEOUS people and a multitude of God fearing friends and FAMILY….They pulled hard the streets pulled harder.

Man plans and God plans…Surely God is the best of Planners.

We Love you Tim! Now and forever you were you and that is nothing anyone can do to change that.....You are now free from this world, free from pain and worry, grief and sorrow in the arms of Angels to guide you to Heavens door and I'll see you there once more..Love you forever and always your Family Ameerah.

My brother Ameerah:

I feel you on your issues. Both Martin and Malcolm taught the same thing. You have realized that? Yes, no other race has suffered set backs and injustices like the African Americans here in this country. It has only made us stronger. But we have been free for a long time now. My example of other races was merely that; an example of unity and working together. This is something we have yet to figure out. We have lots of entrepreneurs that are able to get into the import/export business. I'm in it and see it everyday. I own a trucking company. A small one. Our people who can do this choose to do others things like buy basketball teams or create labels in the music industry to produce mind rot music that glorifies being a thug and murderer. We have others that do other good things and I'm not knocking that. When are our people going to join forces and buy an airline company? When are we going to take control of the importing of fashion ware that we sell in the streets. We as people dictate what the fad of the day is but can't control it because of us. Please stop blaming other races. It's us that can't come together. We can come together a million strong as men about injustice, but not for business. Look at the Hispanics. No, they had no willy lynch, but they had the rest of america setting them back. Look at the Asians. Same thing. The difference, they pulled together and pooled there resources and look what they have now. Every liquor store, clothing shop, discount store and most of the housing in the city. Yes, we are lazy baboons sometimes but we can be much more. If only we really loved and cared for one another.
Most of us are asleep. But many are not. Many of us are being educated and insisting that our kids get it. Don't wake up people to hatred and blame. Be a doer, not a pointer or rationalizer of why. Read up on Booker T. Washington. We can help ourselves and each other. But it starts with us. Not hatred for what was done to us. Accept it. It has only made us stronger. Don't let that keep being the reason for what we don't have today. Raise your kids as God fearing people. Talk with them. Teach them wrong and right. Rebuke evil at all times. Make education and love for one another the first priority. Get them away from the T.V and videos and give your kids a real chance. Stop accepting wrong doing and fighting for the hoods. It means nothing. Make your kids respect you with the actions you take. Teach love and respect for all. The real treasure is with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Remember that. Only through him will we be right in GOD'S eyes.

Man doesn't plan.... Man Hopes. Only GOD plans my friend.... Talk with Him. HE'S already spelled it out for you. Read it and Pray....

The streets may have pulled harder... they should not have been out on the streets for them to be pulled. Every one of us Black men, as kids, go through this. It's about how you were raised. Understand that first. Take responsibility for your kids from the start.
I believe all things are possible........Through Christ Jesus.....
This world is not an illusion. It's part of a PLAN. Peace and Love to you my friend and everyone out there.

The killing of anyone is regrettable, and Timothy Johnson's family members and friends have my condolences on their loss.

There seems to be an impression among a few of the contributors that this homicide blog is the exclusive preserve of those who mourn the deceased, those who wish to convey their condolences or sympathy, or those who wish to communicate their respect for the deceased. It has turned out that that is indeed the way in which readers have used the blog over the year since the Los Angeles Times created it. But it is not the purpose for which the Times created the blog, and the blog is open to the public in general for comments relevant to homicide in Los Angeles County.

Obviously, Timothy Johnson was a person of considerable interest to quite a few Los Angeles County residents, and some of them regarded him unfavorably, to say the least. His alleged misdeeds made him a public issue of sorts. Comments reflecting that are entirely appropriate on this blog. Those comments may upset relatives of the deceased, but they have a readily available way of avoiding that which upsets them, and that is to avoid reading the blog. As noted above, it is not their blog, and it is not a blog reserved for mourners alone.

I have read all the posted comments. Together they constitute a very sad and very revealing dislogue on several matters of huge public concern and interest. I hope some good will come of it. I remain hopeful that we will progress in learning how to live together peacefully and even happily.


The family and friends of this man should gather these posts and place them in a book for all men folk coming up! They may not want to hear what is being said, but words don't lie and it could save their butts! Sorry if the family still feels the need to read this blog, but his death has opened the door for discussion that is long overdue and that is, what to do with our young men who insist on living on the wrong side of life? Do you close your eyes and pay the bills with the drug money and do you shut your ears to the reports that they possibly pulled the trigger that left a hole in a family's heart because they don't show you anything but love? No.

It sounds like something really good could come out of this mess. It seems that people writing as far away as Chicago and Texas are fed up with the lack of protection in their home state. Maybe this could help turn some boy or young man around and give them a longer and more productive life than smoking weed and drinking 40's. If that's the case, let those who need to freely share, do so. God blesses even when man messes up!! Look at the no. of hits on this man and you can't seriously tell me that God isn't in this? He's shedding tears over the loss of our folks more than we are. Let God speak and work through those who are trying to set the youngsters on the right path before we read about them here too.


Sorry to hear the ones we turn to are using our involvement to put innocent men/women away but I sincerely hope that we won't use that as a reason for not telling. If the man was deliberately in the wrong and perjured himself, that testimony can be used against him in the future by those who enlisted his false witness. I guess he didn't think about that though.
Taking the hood back would be a great start. I'm sure plenty of our people are cooperating and turning in those who turn our children out because who wants to stand by and watch their child die and not lift a finger? It is also right that we as a people must come together to briing an end to Black on Black violence and this degradation that results in death because of the wrong thought that we are on the outside of life, looking in. For far too long we have been our worse enemies. We have to make the decision ... do we want to live in a community that is infested with rats or do we have the rodents removed? Only we can clean our house. Dealing with the pests that roam freely is an inside job. They aren't carrying weapons to Manhattan Beach and murdering residents there because they were taught fear. They need to know we feel the same as those residents and want safe homes too.
AMEERAH: Let's not forget that our road has always been hard but we still did right. We haven't forgotten that each one who makes it, needs to teach one so he can make it and continue the cycle that brings honor. It takes courage and stride and all those who know the right thing to do, doing the right thing.
The Willie Lynchs of the world didn't stop Adam Clayton Powell, Leontyne Price, Dr. Ralph Bunche, or thousands of others who faced hardships but went on to build on our legacies. No man can stop you from achieving and knowing your true worth unless you agree to it. if someone thinks you can't do something, the best way to shut their face is to show them that you can do it and better than them. Hundreds of thousands have sent naysayers running with their tails between their legs for what they thought we couldn't do. Surprise.

these are the words that confort me when i am confronted with adverisity.....

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest [2] my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. [3]
i just wish this long cycle of violence would stop ..i've seen to many of our sons die needlessly ....
to all the brothers that read these words ..stop the violence

to bangers, A REALITY CHECK:

you might think your only end is to be shot in the street; another life that could have been great, dying incomplete; our cities are replete with stories of death and innocent blood shed; it doesn’t have to be that way, you don’t have to be the living dead; yes, life can be a struggle and times have always hard for the man of color; it might be a shame, but don’t contribute to their cause by killing your brother
you were already smoking and drinking with your friends. smelling your fingers, pretending to be a bad ass. behind their back, you were trying to get that twitch out of your hands, when the man’s bowels you shot exploded in his pants
you ran away before the humanness drained out of his body. you didn’t feel his pain as he struggled to maintain consciousness. even while becoming more fully aware that he was taking his last breaths, as his liver imploded and filled his blood steam with deadly gases. you didn’t hang around to see his organs one by one shut down, by the bullet you lodged in his head when you left him for dead on the cold hard ground.
you didn’t hear his breath catch in his throat before on his own blood he coughed and finally choked. you weren’t there as he gurgled out to his mom a wordless goodbye, staring into space wildly wide eyed as if forcing one last prayer for mercy before closing his eyes. then the spirit world carried his soul to the other side
written by me, "young brothers, my brothers, wake up, stand up"!

THIS IS THE REALITY OF DEATH!! It ain't a pretty picture, is it? For the murderers who never stay around long enough to witness the full demise of the life you take, this is the gist of death. This is the reality of death. You think death is fun and games? You think killing somebody is cool? You think causing death is a laughing matter? Death isn't funny! Death isn't a game where you wake up tomorrow and do it all over again! Death is final, in this life!

Now, black people, my people, tell me that we shouldn't come together to stop those this?

is there anyone who is concerned about where this man's soul is. he is dead and there is nothing that can be done about that. i just hope that before he took his last breath, that he asked the lord to forgive him for all of his transgressoions.

Didn't the family ALREADY post here about feeling bad for the pain their family member had caused others, YET people continue to badmouth the family about how they don't care about the pain their family member causes them and claims he's innocent. Seriously, that's really poor character to do that to the family.

Sinister could cook, and he was the best break dancer in Westwood in the 80's. Colors changed everything. Before that, Gangsters went by their real names, Jackie Johnson or Mike Marshall. Guys that hit you with the ones and twos. Sin was on the border age wise. We don't know the truth, but nobody is fighting anymore. Everybody has these irrelavent nicknames, and "new" Arab names they were not born with. Sin may have been tired with the whole scene. He was one of the first. It had to be one of the kids who did this because anybody his age is either square now or in jail. Sin will be ok. He liked to let you think that you knew how bad he was, he wasn't a buster AT ALL, but like a rapper, he enjoyed the image. Sin was a friend to all people, and loved the Jewish deli too off of Robertson Blvd. God bless Sin. A friend to the Jews, and all people.

It is abhorent that such a rambunctious young man died so mercilously. The evils that continue to plague the south city must arrest themselves profuciously. Let the children respect their elders for a hard earned common sense. Its time has come.

How can we expect to change the direction of these young men when our educational institutions do not foster their success in the classroom? If all you have is a hammer, everything will look like a nail for these children.

We do an amazing job at highlighting this LA warfare (including myself). We can spit all the rhetoric in the world about the change that is needed. But what are the alternatives for these children? Let's tackle the 'hows' rather than the 'whats.'

If you kill a kid for not joining a gang, and you make him a killer to join a gang, and gangs kill each other and innocent bystanders over slights, and you kill the killers instead of turning them in to the police...

how do you stop the killing?

I never met this guy, and his world while an easy drive from where I live might as well be another planet to me. It could be he genuinely gave up banging when he discovered real family and the ordinary life, but you can clearly see that the mothers and loves of the lives he ended can't be assuaged. Can't. So you have to make sure a guy like that never kills. But if you kill a kid for not joining...

Well said, "Creator has a plan", now that we have started dialog in the inner-city, it is now time for action. I started reading this blog when a former student from Flournoy Elm, "Donte Bolden" was murdered in the streets, all I could think of is Donte smiling, or sometimes frowning on the playground, and then I thought of Donte's family, remembering Donte's father who turned the grass at our school into a show place with his landscaping skills, sometimes bringing Donte to work, and him trying to pretend he didn't miss us, but always smiling when he saw those of us that where sometimes hard on him, but knew we cared. Now I don't think I have the answers, but if we start NOW, reaching back into the inner city and pulling one family at a time, I believe it is now basketball season at the local parks, alot of kids don't join the teams because of the fee's. Parents, the next time you sign your child up for his next little league sport, take along that kid you always see sitting around your neighborhood, maybe he is what you have called that badd ass boy, maybe you even forbid you children to play with him, please take him along, pay his fee, get to know his mom, she may just need alittle help, or maybe she don't need no help at all, but whatever the case, get to know the kid, make him a part of your communiy, so when her comes to school selling raffle tickets or selling candy for his team, I'll make sure to buy as much as I can, I just need you to get him there, I might come to a game or two, that is me doing my part,, I only have 6 hrs a day, 5 days a week, not to mention holidays off, I don't mean to offend any one, but Dontae, did not have to die, and I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore, my students are now on winter break, please reach out to each other, watch out for the children, this is a challange to the world, reach back one family at a time, give guidence to our youth, this blog about Timothy Johnson is what started this dialog, he bought us together, he has started to chain in motion, now it is our turn, shame on us if we fail, they are reporting that homicides are down, but thanks to Jill"s Homide Report, we know the numbers don't match "Don't pee on me and tell me its raining", when the death by murder of children are not more important than the Brittney Spears, Paris Hilton, we have the power, we will not blame the police, we will not blame teachers, we will not blame the mayor, for it is society to blame and we control that, please keep the dialog going, I'm gonna keep hugging your kids at Flournoy Elem,....Next time you hear something about a gangbanger, remember these are our children, do't throw thim away

It was New Year's Eve 1999 when I decided to move to Los Angeles. I had only been in the area for a week but I felt that I had finally found the place that I had been looking for.... There must have been something unusually pleasant that day on New Year's Eve - everyone in the club was interacting - having fun together - black, latin, asian, white - so many different races and nationalities enjoying the festivities together - everyone being supportive - welcoming - loving - happy - dancing the night away... A few guys taught me to step to the music, a black girl asked for my number, I was in some kind of heaven where there were no racial boundaries that precluded us from accepting and loving one another. I didn't know at the time that this experience was limited to this particular place on this particular day. I thought it was the dawn of a new millenium but also - not knowing Los Angeles nor California in general - I thought this must be how the Big City works. Sure, I had seen footage of the Riots - I had read about the prevalent gang culture and the various criminal activities in parts of the city - but I left the club that day thinking the rest of my life could be like that day in Los Angeles... I had no idea how lacking I was in being aware of my surroundings. I looked for a place with a rent similar to mine and found myself in Long Beach. The next five years of my life revolved around a constant barrage of racism. If it was not being directed at me for the color of my skin - the clothes that I was wearing - the neighborhood that I was in - the race of my girlfriend, etc., etc. - it was a boss or acquaintance or sometimes a perfect stranger espousing any and all forms of prejudice towards another... I found that what could be an incredible opportunity for experiencing various cultures was too often a very violent, hateful place where there are far too many people with limited life experiences outside their own race, religion, nationality - a place where too few people explore the world outside their own neighborhood... People tell me that this is how the World works that human beings are prone to discriminate over any form of difference. If we were not of different races perhaps we would fight over the color of our socks, I do not know... Psychologically though, it's not healthy. I find differences amazing and enjoy learning from different people. I believe that the root cause of gang-banging is racism in our world as well as a lack of action by mothers and fathers to nurture morals, ethics, ideals, etc. in the face of racism. Gangs create a sense of family and are an obvious response to a gang members' immediate environment. The World Economy then promotes this provocative lifestyle by exploiting our Youth through music, clothes, movies, etc., etc. It becomes cool to kill - to do drugs, to sell drugs, to cheat, steal - anything for the almighty dollar. It is a very empty existence of materialism and ignorance - exactly where Corporations want to keep you. I hope that people from the neighborhoods read the various postings here and perhaps it will make a change in someone's life... I applaud the people here who want to see people come together and elevate themselves beyond the cycle of violence. Every day is a new day - a new opportunity to change yourself and the world around you...

The New Klux Klan

Gang Banger, gang banger, wanna-be gun slinger,
Black people ain’t worried ‘bout Afghanistan,
We live in the age of the New Klux KLAN.

Whenever I’m dreamin’ my American dream,
I’m livin’ life without you and your bullet stream.
There’s no black thugs killing black people every day,
Takin’ over the work of the KKK.
Then I wake up and see what they call the news,
Just more Black people givin’ Black people the blues.

Gang Banger, gang banger, wanna-be gun slinger.

I can’t sit on my porch and twist the locks on my head,
Without you gang bangers shooting, Bang! Bang! And he’s dead!
Dead to the future, cuz he was blind to the past,
How long will WE let Black genocide last?
And you hardly ever pop who you’re looking for,
Just Pookie’s Momma’nem, on the way to the store.

We’re dropping like flies, there’s blood in the streets,
All anybody hears are your gangsta beats.
Next thing you know, here come 5-0,
With the sirens whoopin’, ghetto bird swoopin’,
Jamming us up, slamming us down, ‘cause just like you,
Gang banger, we’re brown.

How can you sleep at night, you’re a filthy disgrace?
You’re helping the white man destroy our race.
He’s teaching our kids to point and shoot,
The kids buy the music, he counts the loot.
Malcolm, Martin and Emmett Till,
Never left you this in their Living Will,
They never fought for the ballot, the book and the job,
To supply you thugs with Black people to rob.

Gang Banger, gang banger, wannabe gun slinger,
Black folks ain’t worried ‘bout Afghanistan,
We live in the age of the New Klux KLAN.

Gang Banger, gang banger, you real-life Uncle Tom traitor.
Can’t you Black men see all the damage you’ve done?
You’ve lynched a million Black men with your gun.

By T James

If you're a gangsta or an affiliate and you're on the internet reading and posting to this blog, log off and go to and also check get a job, pay taxes, raise a family and stop the NONSENSE!

I sincerely hope that this mans murder is solved. Secondly, I am hopeful that the lives that have been impacted by his life, both positively and otherwise begin to heal. It is an utter disgrace what is being allowed to take place in our communities, the black community. How many murderers are walking around freely in our community at this moment? We as a people have got to "GET OURSELVES TOGETHER!!!" Parents: Get to know God for yourselves. Trust Him, fear Him. Then you will be able to lead your children to Him. Set a positive example for your children if you truly love them.
Children: Honor and respect your parents and elders. It is right to obey them. Go to school to learn, it is possible if you try. Stay away from those who lead you to do wrong. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. Young men: PULL YOUR PANTS UP!!! STOP DRESSING LIKE A "GANGSTA" (White tee shirts, etc.) Don't make babies until you you have earned your education and earning a living and are able to provide for a family.
Don't commit crimes under any circumstances. Once you get a criminal record, it's mighty tough to make it in this society.Young Ladies: Keep your legs closed. Look around, the quickest way to a life of poverty for yourselves and your children is to have children at a young age out of wedlock, SAY NO. Don't let it happen to you. Everybody, let's look out for one another, opening your mouth to report crime is often the best way to stop other crimes. Let's do what we have to do to turn our SORRY situation around.

@ Alan Curtis
This Ethiopian immigre and x Angelino agree with you 100%.

First of all, my sympathies to all those suffering and hope that time and understanding will heal all wounds.

But it's the understanding part that's difficult and I think this is a valuable forum to discuss the issues. As a inner city LAUSD teacher these last twenty years I have seen a lot of good kids get lost to the street life and "la vida loca." Some of them get killed or kill others. Although it sounds crazy, some teenage boys, especially black teens, look forward to getting shot. They don't want to die, but they want to get it over with as they live everyday with such a level of anxiety that they know it's only a matter of time before somebody comes after them with a gun. Given that reality, they try to change that negative into a positive and hope that, if it does happen, and if they survive, they will then gain "street cred" and move up the gangster food chain from prey to predator. After all, who are the "heroes" to this culture? Tupac (dead), Biggie (dead) 50-Cent (almost dead but now living in Greenwich CT with the Wall Street types) the list goes on. What had been an optimistic, spiritual, joyous black culture has now been replaced with an obsession with death, violence, and materialism. What happened? Where did it go wrong? When was the Dream corrupted?

For Mr. T. James, I think your poem was right on but you still fall back on the "race card." Why should "the white man" be bothered in destroying the black man when the black man is doing the job himself? Never in their wildest dreams did the KKK think that all they had to do was sit back and watch the show and maybe get to sell some popcorn on the side. Unfortunately, many white people have just changed channels after so many years of numbing replays. It's time to move on and bring on a different act.

I hope the New Year brings increased resolve to increase the peace. God knows we all need it!

i knew sins brother evil and lil evil when baldy from89fam was killed in the late 80s by lil evil over a chain i was done with them i hate that so many die over bullshit . gang bangin is not 2 be glorified.r.i.psin

All of you negative people are really getting on my nerve. I want you'll to really take this blog for what it realyl is. I would like to say that everyone on here posting all of these negative comments need to really stop and grow up. You'll really don't understand that no one is prefect. I know that all of you on here posting negative comments have gang bangers in your familys and they have taking the lifes of people. No one can change the past, it is what it is. It seems like you'll are living in the past. Now I see why you can't stop being so freaking ignorant. All of you'll hollering that Timothy took a loved one from you. I have a question was that loved one a gang member? If your family member was think about how many lifes he has taken before he died. Did any of you see Tim pull the trigger and kill your family member. If not then you can't be sure to say he did it. People will make up anything for some type of attention. To Cozette Hallman what type of woman are you? You're that miserable within yourself that you would really say some stupid stuff like that. If you lost a son and you know how it feels then why can't you be woman enough to send your prayersto his mother, but instead you wish more pain upon her. Remember just because you feel like that towards his mother it can happen again to you. Be careful what you say because it's just like making a wish. Understand this Karma comes back in all ways. Whatever you say or do in this life comes back to hunt you 10 times harder.

I would like to say something to all you cowards on here making yourselfs feel good. Now what if Timothy wasn't the one who took the life of your family member and your sitting here being straight up stupid. If you didn't see it how can you be so sure that he did it. Nono of you didn't even know Tim on a personal level so how could you have so much to say. You stupid people have never had a conversation with him not once. You'll only going by he say she say bull. Did any of you posting these negative comments see him do any of the stuff you'll saying he did. "I really think not". Grow up and stop being so immature do you really think you're doing something, because he can't even read any of this stupidity that's posted. His family can so want you people stop being so immature and ignorant. If you was anytype of a decent human being you would at least have some type of respect for his parents, kids, wife, brothers, & sister and extended family and not say anything at all. When your family died did any of his family disrepect your family. Understand that everyone on here can died and lose a family right now as your reading this blog. Now do you want someone disrespecting your family members. You'll be dead and your family will be hurting not you. You people really need to grow up and find something better to do with your time.

Remember that the same way you're judging him GOD will judge you. Only GOD can judge him so everyone need to keep they little ignorant comments to themselves. Everyone that have something negative to say you really shouldn't say nothing at all because you still have family and you wouldn't like it. Also remember his parents and kids wasn't the one's gang banging, just like when you'll lost loved ones that was apart of gangs. Stop passing judgement and take a look in the mirror at your life. Understand this their no sin greater than another. God never said that lying is greater or lesser than murder. If you knew that lying, murder, judging, cheating, gossiping, stealing, having sex and not being married, cursing, and being envious is in the same boat in GOD eyesight. A sin is a sin so people understand than everytime you judge someone you're commiting a sin against GOD. Everyone must pay for the life they live. So stop take a look at your on tacky lifes and judge yourself, and just because your life is miserable don't try to make his family life miserable with your stupid child like stuff. My heart and prayers goes out to everyone who ever lost a loved one. My prayers goes out to Mr & Mrs. Johnson and the rest of the family I love you'll and will never stop.

Tim was a changed person for those that didn't know him. He was working on his music and being their for his kids and the people he loved. It wasn't a day that you would be around him and he wouldn't make you smile or laugh. He loved to crack jokes and laugh. He also had a beautiful voice and loved to sing. He also was very intelligent and learn stuff very fast. One thing I can say is I knew him on a personal level and I don't have to convince anyone about what type of person he was. He always told me that real recognize real. A fake person will never recognize a real real person because their to fake to recognize real. So that's why all you haters on here being so miserable. Let me tell you something else you can't never take away the memories of TIMOTHY JOHNSON. Everyone have flows in this life so stop judging him.
He wasn't the monster that people tryin to make him out too be. Those that knew him for real know what it is. STOP HATING, JUDGING, and LYING!!!
Now go get a life because this isn't all to life sitting here posting blogs all day. Your simply little lifes is passing you by stupids! Who's the real cowards because none of you who are postin the negative comments are keeping it real by posting your real names. So I guess your the cowards!

In Loving Memory Of
Timothy D. Johnson
The KingPinn

I'm American, living outside of the States'. I know gang culture as I have been a product of the same. A bad doer at times. A victim as well. Thank God I have never taken another's life, nor have I ever wounded or hurt anyone.

I live in London, England. The youth here have emulated the gang culture. There were 26 senseless gang related deaths here in 2007.

Always note one life loss in this way is always one too many.

There is no glory in gang related deaths, only an endless sense of mind-tormenting violence.

I read the LA Homicide Reports (LAHR) and it saddens me, as do the mindless deaths in any gang related circumstances.

Why do I read the LAHR?

Firstly to pray for all those who lose life in such a violent way, secondly, to come up with a solution to help end such a waste of life.

I still look, I still pray, life on the streets continue to slowly drain away people from all walks of life.

The time has come to STOP the killings. It should be stopped in memory of the fallen, and it must be stopped to enable our young and old to live a natural life without fear.

Please pass the word "Lets Stop the Killings Now" .

Concerned London

Tim's Love Ones:
It's pretty strange how you said Tim changed, changed from what???? The person that so many people who've posted what YOU call negative posts said he was, if he was the fun loving, singing, joking, nice guy that you say he was all along, then why did he need to change???? Can't you tell the more you and whoever else come on here and try to defend him people will continue to keep posting what YOU call negative posts. Understand that you are not going to change what people are feeling about Timothy and the life he led. The best thing that you can do is forget about this blog and concentrate your efforts on healing your family and moving on, because trust me EVERYTIME you respond to one of these post you can't bet your bottom dollar someone is going to respond back. I also find it ironic that you accuse people of being cowards because they are not leaving their real names, but guess what neither did YOU!!

I think the problem with we humans is that we tend to bind our self with idiologies that are very sick and which in most cases originated from dumb individuals.To justify thier cowardice we often hear witnesses say 'i dont want to be a snitch'.but you know what this does?it makes the criminals of the event of which you dont want to snitch on more bolder in their criminal acts.after all the ciminal will conclude:when I commit such acts no one will tell.Who then suffers?Its we the people-the community as a whole-that suffers.Some of you claim sinister has been a menace to your society since in the late 80s.if this claim is true,then you all wronged your society for not providing the necessary information that would have kept him behind bars.Because being free and allowed to carry out his criminal acts for the past two decades(we are still assuming that what some of you say is true), then, Sinister definitely must have in the past two decades(1) corrupt his peers who in turn brought sorrows to others;(2)corrupt the youth who in turn brought sorrows to others;(3)killed family men thus bringing unnecessary hardship on their children;(4)destroyed homes indirectly if not directly.You see how society suffers!Now Sinister is dead and some of the comments made by some on this blog suggest that the people in his neigbour hood know the killers but no one wants to snitch.These killers will be out there for next one month,five months,three years, twenty years or even more.Do you know who they will corrupt during those times who in turn will bring sorrows to others?Do you know how many homes they will destroy indirectly if not directly?How then do you(the people in Sinister's hood) expect things to change in your neigbourhood when you as a people bind yourselves to an idiology that is desructive to society.As for Sinister,I first heard about him in 1994 when he dropped the'mobbin 4 life'albumn(yes we here in africa were listening to underground hip hop even back ) and i think the song'i wont 4get u g' is an hip hop classic.The lyrics of that song and some other great songs in his albumn like "young g' and'life of a sinners',potrays the mind of a man who wants changes in his neigbour hood.That albumn also shows that he was not dull,that here was a man with raw talents.This goes to shows that most of the so called gangsters in our streets are not dull as some people think but simply lack focus.Its sad to here he(Sinister) has departed from this life.I pray his soul will find that peace which we all as God's children hope to find when we depart from this for his family I pray that God should console them.As for his killers I pray that they will turn from their evil ways and think how positively they can contribute to man's developmentment.lastly,to all the people in the world I pray that we will love ourselves and live as children of God ,after all thats what we truly are.
A concerned black brother in Nigeria,Africa wrote this.

How many people has supposedly been murdered by Timothy Johnson "Sinister"???

In todays great America we can debate about who is to blame for the state of chaos and death that rules most of our urban communities; the truth of the matter is... The men behind the curtain will keep you in a distracted naive bubble until you become Conscience and Informed. Let’s pull back the curtain and take a peek.

Mr. Timothy Johnson didn’t create the gangs infesting the streets of L.A.; he merely endured the harsh reality of the streets. Timothy was not illiterate nor was he a hoodlum; he fought against the hoodlums so that he could receive an education. As he grew, so did his understanding of the many paths that led away from the cruel cold streets, as well as the quest for awareness of his reality. He served time for the crimes he was charged and convicted for and he was living as a free citizen of America. He was able to expand his comprehension of the true struggle. But even now the society we live in continues to judge and prosecute him for many alleged crimes; this cycle of destruction is the axis in which Willie Lynch helped to create for Blacks in America.

America’s underprivileged Black children are in serious danger; generations have been programmed to accept that if they are fortunate enough to reach the age of sixteen they are doomed to a life of struggle and disappointments. The statistics warn that the majority of Black youth will be illiterate, incarcerated, gang affiliated, pregnant, drug addicted, and disease infected or dead by the time they are in their mid-teens. Our Black boys are constantly denied the equal opportunity to progress with their white and female counterparts by mainstream America. Access to necessary resources is very limited; this is a fact not an opinion.

Someone made the statement that Black Folks have been free and have had equal opportunities for a long time now. Here in America; the home of the free and the brave, The Trail of Tears, The Middle Passage….the Civil Rights Movement…..400+ years of oppression, segregation, and incarceration, the shackles have been removed from the ankles and placed on our minds; this is deeply-rooted in the American fabric. The 50th Anniversary of the desegregation of Central High was just celebrated in 2007… do we start counting from there? Guard your Black Boys and keep them out of the rotating axis preordained for their future.

Dr. King, Malcolm X, and yes even Sean “Diddy” Combs were bred to believe that Black Americans were servants and could not amount to much else, but that inner voice shouted louder than mainstream America and they were able to overcome such adversities. All Black Men aren’t as fortunate or as strong to battle the mainstream demons alone. As a result few Black Americans have found themselves free of this anticipated destiny.

When generations are denied acknowledgement of the authentic sacrifice forced upon their ancestors to establish a world still deprived of equal opportunity, it kind of does something to the psyche. The "Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome" It becomes abnormal to embrace their own culture and true royal heritage wholeheartedly without fear of repercussions; because they have been made to feel ashamed, fear of being judged by mainstream America, labeled as racist and insecure of their heritage and this enables them to remain in the cycle. This type of environment promotes the behavior which causes the destruction we all have seen here.

Well, I have the audacity to believe that my sons and daughters have every bit of right as the little white kids across the street to grow-up, get a high school diploma, BA, MA and PhD and become a successful productive American citizen. Terrifyingly the statistics don’t agree; chances are the streets will attempt to rip into them like fresh roasted pigs; from the government to the ghettos. We have to come out of this state of denial and do something to help the underprivileged children of America. They didn’t create their situations, but they are being blamed for their reactions what lies before them.

America anticipated the axis would continue turning for all eternity…the cycle of poverty and darkness, uneducated, unmotivated People guaranteed to continue the cycle of un-perpetuated progress. People, did we really bring this on ourselves?

First off to all that have lost a loved one, I offer my sincere condolences.

Second, to "Tim's Loved Ones", Ameerah and the rest of Sinister's people, if what other blogger's are saying isn't your REALITY, why are you wasting your time???? All you are doing is fueling this mess by continuing to protect Timothy. I'm sure these individuals did not just chose him to "slander" on the L.A. Times. I doubt he was that important in their lives.

Obviously, this man has hurt many people including his own family. It is what is was and still is. He led a life that lead to this (whether he was changing or not). Except it and go forward. You are constantly coming here wasting your computer skills trying to change these individual feelings, and opinions. Why don't you do something else more productive, like taking all this knowledge and instill it in your offsprings and community.

Ameerah, you come off with all these long ass posts that really are just a bunch of rambling. To me, it just shows how we as people still refuse to learn to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR ACTIONS AND THE PEOPLE WE LOVE.........How dare you try and make an excuse for your loved one. You seemed to be very knowledgeable and smart. But you don't get it.....Try being original........Stop trying to masked the real reason why you are spending your time here preaching and not out on a street corner trying to bring your community together. You don't want to face the truth, all you are trying to do is continue with the "Slave mentality, blame the white man for me killing another black man and make more excuses for Timothy being weak and deciding to be a gang member".....

"Dr. King, Malcolm X, and yes even Sean “Diddy” Combs were bred to believe that Black Americans were servants and could not amount to much else, but that inner voice shouted louder than mainstream America and they were able to overcome such adversities. All Black Men aren’t as fortunate or as strong to battle the mainstream demons alone. As a result few Black Americans have found themselves free of this anticipated destiny."

NOT ONE OF THE BLACK MEN YOU MENTIONED ABOVE WHERE BORN IN THE HAMPTONS. No need to disrespect the memories, dreams and/or accomplisments of these courages leaders and hip/hop moguls to reaffirm that not everyone is strong enough to battle deamons . They endured what they did to paved the way for you, me and Tim. You think that they didn't have to fight............Let me stop. As I said, no need to disrespect the integrity, the struggle and the hell they faced..........We all have a CHOICE to be something and do something constructive with our lives

Maybe those ignorant excuses were beliveable and unchangeable years ago.......It is January 20, 2008.........There is a BLACK man running for president, as well as a woman............If that alone doesn't do anything to rattle your brain, pick up a new textbook............Give us all, especially us Black folks a break, Ameerah.....

Do us all a favor and look in the mirror, since you were so close to him, rather do us an even bigger favor, open your damn eyes........The man was who he was to them; as he was precious to you.........No one is going to give.

As well as the others, we all need to be held accountable for our offsprings, communities and ourselves. Timothy was not and will not be the only "bad person" to walk this earth..........While we are still here lets take all this fight and make it right.

In closing, to the person who wrote such a harsh comment to Mrs. Cozette Hallman, what you said to her was no more right then what she said....She spoke from a mother's broken heart........One who lost a son at the hands of who she believed was a friend of her son..........

Come on, give us a break man. You don't need audacity for your kids to have the same chance. All that is required is to raise your kids right. Have you ever considered that. Spend time with them, teach them about life and the world around us. First and foremost, introduce them to Our Almighty GOD.
Keep them off the streets and teach them about what they see out there. Yes, we know what our ancestors have gone through, Yes, we know what some of us are still going through. It's time to "Reposition Ourselves". The three you mentioned and many more have risen through these adversities to become what they want and are. "UNMOTIVATED PEOPLE COMES FROM HOW YOU ARE RAISED. If you raise your kids to think they can't be what they want to be, because of "white people" you are short changing their future. Not to mention continuing the cycle of poverty. Keep on them about school and make them excel. They can get an education. That is attainable for everyone. Only an education can change one's financial class. Motivate them to become doctors or engineers instead of filling their heads with hatred and depression. OPEN YOUR EYES for the first time. Understand what Malcolm X was really saying after MECCA. Understand what Dr. King was really trying to say.

These are things that weren't taught to Tim or his brothers. If you really knew him and his brothers, you would know that. My condolences go to the family. But you reap what you sew. He might have been smart and could read, that's great! But what a waste. Help his family teach their offspring discipline and respect for human life. Teach them to truely be free and look up to GOD before they hit their 30's. Teach them to be good people and show them. Stop teaching them and your kids hatred and depression. If you wont tell them, I will. "YOU CAN BE WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!! GET AN EDUCATION AND DREAM AND PURSUE IT. I'm going to pray for you. Peace be with you my friend and may GOD touch your heart.


Always remember n never forget you OG Sin. We got love for you here in the UK 4eva. Your music will live on as classics and you as a true legend in the game.

"I won't forget you G"

R.I.P uncle, you are already missed. To Mrs. Cozette Hallman I am sorry for your lost, but you need to know that this was not the place to post your blogs and make accusations. My uncle blood runs through me and lots more of his family members, yes we are hurting, but we are not punks, and we don't take kind to the things you said, however we are a forgiving family, and when you give your apology ( which we are sure you will ) we will accept it.



When is the senseless killing going to stop.
I am SICK and TIRED of seeing African AMericaqn young men being seduced into that "gangsta rap" lifestyle and a society that thinks rebate checks are a substitute for steady jobs!
It is a shame ANYONE had to die.

The African American community needs to reexamine its priorities and work for social change because all this Gangsta Rap Crap so-called "life style" is going to do is FILL the prisons and the graveyards and the rich White Man STILL makes all the money.

Anonymous .... just who are these "rich white men" you talk about?

What about the "not so rich citizens" of this state that have to pay the taxes to clean up the wreckage caused by these ganagsters.

My name is MIchael Krikorian and I am a crime reporter. I recently received a letter from death row in San Quentin from Timothy Johnson's big brother Cleamon Demone Johnson known on the streets as "Big Evil" who I have known for many many years and wrote about for the L. A. Times . He asked me to put this on this blog about Timothy. The following is from Big Evil

"To: Timothy Johnson my baby brother
First and formost with life, in death, for eternity, I will love you and I well never forget.

I can't speak for nobody else, bro, but I promise that I will make you proud before we are together again! Can't be stopped! Won't be stoped! One love - Thee Evil One.

To Mrs. Cozette Hallman , I don't know you , but I did know your son - inspite of what you want to believe - you need to know your son was indeed a killer also! And fact is my brother did not kill your son ! Fact is the real person who killed you son was also killed soon after he killed your son, thanks to Tim. Mam - I truly fell sorry for you, your bitterness has manifested into so much anger - like so many youngsters that join gangs.
Please understand that I've been feeling the pain you feel - the loss you have, for over 25 years. No matter how much you hate, It don't get any better!
And it is very contagious - your hatred is so obvious in your words - your opinions - your praise of revengeful murder - A black woman of God - A mother of youth - tens of thousands of kids read these words - your words - your words tat justifies , motivates, and condone a problem that has plagued our communities and detracts from any possible solution, And I hold no illusions, my hands are as bloody as they come, but this allows me to speak from the very core of the problem which therefore provides me with insight into the necessary solutions!
Peace be onto you and let your son rest in peace.

To those of you who have expressed kind words, on behalf of my family we thank you .,And to all please know and understand it is God who Forgive, and, it is Evil who does not!
The Ressurrection of Thee Evil One - 88"

That was from him. any one can email me at, Michael Krikorian

Heres some information about Tims sociopathic brother.

avalon dont care if he died



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