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Herbert Stevens III, 47

September 10, 2007 |  1:10 pm

Stevens_herbert_5Herbert Stevens, 47, a black man, was shot and killed on a palm-lined block of 1700 39th Street in Southwest Los Angeles at about 2:20 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 5, and died at 5:28 a.m., said LAPD Det. Robert Lait. He was standing outside; the killers drove up and shot him, he said.      

Stevens was a graduate of Los Angeles Trade-Tech college and a father of three who had worked at the Department of Water & Power as an electrician and also worked as a neighborhood handyman. Investigators think he may have been killed simply because he looked much younger than his 47 years: His 11-year-old daughter said he came to her school once, and her teachers mistook him for her older brother. See "Coping with Homicide at age 11"

Stevens_herbert_shrineDetectives are seeking any information, including anonymous tips, on the shooting at 1756 W. 39th Street at about 2:20 a.m. Sept. 5. Although another shooting occurred earlier at Martin Luther King Jr. Park a block away, the two shootings are not believed to be related, they say. LAPD Dets. Robert Lait and Stacey Szymkowiak can be reached at (213) 485-1383.

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Herb was my friend since Santa Barbara Elementary School. I have over 35 years in with my boy. I did not want his post to go un recognized. Let it be known that he was LOVED by many. He was the Electrical Engineer for the whole hood. He could fix anything electrical for a fair price. I can't believe that he is gone just like that. I have buried many friends in my 44 years and it seems to never end. I have so many obituaries that I have lost I can't even remember these days. This one really hurts. I don't think many people from our hood read the Homicide Blog, but I am goint to start waking everybody up so they can start checking this site out. People need to see how random this stuff is and stop taking for granted that you are safe in your own hood because you know everybody. Knowing everybody will not keep you safe. Most victims know their killer 80% of the time. We all know a gang of killers. We all want to know who killed my people.

Herb is my oldest nephew. We are only 2 years apart. I am so sickened by the senseless killing of a good man. I know in my heart that the people that took him away from us will be punished by our Father above. Herb I'll Be Missing You. See you when I get there!

Hi my name is Tanya and Herb is my big brother, I just dont know what im gonna do without him he is my best friend and im just lost for words for this senceless killing , just know that whome ever did this to my beautiful beautiful beautiful brother will be brought to justice because God knows you I love and miss you now and forever
herb. Tanya.

Herb was a bit older than i, but we still had conversations as if we were the same age. I saw Herb just about everyday.He would ride up on his bike "beer in hand" with the most peacful look you've ever seen. That was EVERYDAY!!! I have not once heard this man complain about a thing, a thing. Not even about the wheather. Herb is truely a man with a heart and compassion for the next man. If he was the only juror in the box when this person(s) is brought to justice i'd bet he would aquit.That's just the type of person he is. Herb wouldn't hurt a fly, and some brainless individual(s) feared him enough that they felt that his life should be taken. IT'S SINCELESS. I won't ever forget you bro. You were the only one who bought a raffle ticket from my son. In appreciation i filled in the rest of the tickets in your name and turned them in. Thanx and gooodluc...

Herb was a good man. I don't know why anyone would want to hurt him, "How Dare You"!!! He was a father of three beautiful childern, a loving companion of 15 years,a brother, a nephew, cousin and a true friend. He was the electrition of the neighborhood and there was not to much of any thing Herb couldn't fix or do.We the family are very sadded by this senseless murder. Whoever you are you left my daughter without a father and thats real sad for no reason; you didnt even know him. I will be praying that the law catch you!! MIKIE

I was very saddened when I was told by my family about my good friends death! (I now live in Louisiana) It seems like yesterday we were both attending Los Angeles Trade Technical College where we both recieved associate degrees twenty plus years after high school. That's just to let you all know what kind of person Herb was, and to be taken away for no reason is senseless because as you can see by the things that others who knew him wrote he was really a GOOD person. To you HERB I love you my brother and you will be missed.

hi my name is Vanisha Stevens,Herbs daughter.its very hard to think and know that hes gone but he is and he will never ever in my heart be forgotten because i was daddys porkchop and he loved us all.and whoever killed my daddy will serve time in jail because u were not brung into the world to kill innocent people like him and thats all i have to say.*=]

To the family of Herbert Stevens - I am so sorry - Herbert's death is a horrible tragedy. The Bible foretold that in the last days men would be fierce, without love of goodness and without self control (2 Timothy 3:1-5). There is a wonderful hope that our dead loves ones will live again. Daniel 12:2: And there will be many of those asleep in the ground of dust who will wake up, these to an indefinitely lasting life. Psalms 37:29 and 145:16 tell us how that life will be: And the righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will live forever upon it; You are opening your hand and satisfying the desire of every living thing.


To all the Steven Family. I am very sorry to hear this awful information. I grew up with the whole Steven's family and consider myself extended. I just found out and it is 10/17/08 and I cant believe it. Herb, Charley, Craig , Tanya. I wish I never left L.A Herb was my Brother foreal and I am sorry I couldn't be there. I love you Herbert Anthony Stevens III and we will walk again together one day.

wow i dont know where to start
my name is Dana i met u 15 years to the day we met both trying to get our life together
AADAP program and u was the nicest man ive never known in my life even tho our frienship never blossomed or turned into anything more than friends i never forgot u .....u we're fine as with the prettiest curly hair u helped me take care of my only daughter when she was fresh out the wound and she is now almost 16
i did call the family like every two or three years to check on u but i was never able to connect with.. u was there for me Herb and i can never forget u i just found out today about ur death and im crying and hurting as i write this i was also there for you when ur mom passed very sad but god had a better plan for you and we cant question that so u rest baby and i'll see you when i get there


your Friend


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