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Michael Lynn Presley II, 19

July 20, 2007 |  1:22 pm

Presley_michael_lynn Michael Lynn Presley, 19, a black young man, was shot while standing talking to a woman and her mother in front of an apartment building in the 4500 block of West Martin Luther King Boulevard in South Los Angeles at about 9 p.m. Sunday, July 15. The suspects, two black men and a light-skinned black man or Latino man, all in their 20s, drove up in a black sedan. Two of them got out and shot Presley; then the group fled. Presley's family members tried to take him to a hospital, but made it only a short distance. Paramedics took him the rest of the way to Cedars-Sinai, where he died. His time of death was listed as 10:58 p.m.

Presley was a full-time Cal State Northridge college student, said LAPD Det. Rick Gordon. He had no ties to the criminal street life in which his attackers appeared to be immersed. A $50,000 reward has been approved for information on this case. Call LAPD detectives at (213) 485-2417.

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This was a gentle giant, a kid whose gentility belied his big frame. What an absolute shame that ignorance killed such a good heart.

Please pass on any information on funeral services.

I don't know this young man but my heart hurts so bad for him and his family, i remember reading about this, but there was no face to the crime, I'm really sick of these stupid ass people going around killing young black men like it's the thing to do! they are killing some one who could have made a differance in this world, to the family I'm sorry for your loss, my god help you through your heart ache and pain.

I am so sick of these losers killing good kids...........when will people start shunning them and turning them in.

This is a great lost to the world although heaven as gained an angel we have lost such a great person. This has got to stop. We have to take our community back for our kids so they can know what it is like to play outside their own homes and be safe to walk home from schools. we need the men in our community to stand up man up and pull their pants up so the mothers of these children can hold their heads up instead of down in grief


Mr. Hutchinson,
Perhaps you know of funeral services? Thanks from one of Michael's former teachers.

This Kid was in my Son's Class. My Son Still talks of him and others from DMHS. I often don't understand how the community knows about talks about killings but keep closed mouth. Also... the comments made about needing Jobs in the community and relating that to Gang Crimes...duh.... never known anyone to kill because of a lack of Jobs availble.

When I saw this story I cried. Our son, Dion Miles, Jr., 19 also went to Northridge and he too was almost 7 feet tall and a gentle giant with a kind heart. I could not believe that this happend again to a college student who possibly went to the same college as our son and wonder if they even knew each other or possibly shared a class together at some point. The killers of our son were caught. I pray that Michael's killer's are caught so that the family may have some consolation.

We are now reliving our son's murder each time we go to court for what has now turned into a murder trial as the animal who murdered our son plead not guilty at the arraignment that was just held recently.

We buried our son on June 29 one day before his 20th birthday. We are praying for Michael and his family. We grieve your loss and feel your pain.

Dion & Robin Miles

I Worked with him, he was funny,smart,honest,respectfull, so full of life.It broke my heart to lose him as a friend. I talked to him a few hours before his death. We will miss you and never forget the great person you were. May Jesus Christ have you in his glory, Big Mike!!

This is one of the most depressing comments that I have ever responded to...Michael was really one of the nicest boys that I have ever come across...He was truly a "big" brother to my son, Walter, at Daniel Murphy...To the Parents: you did everything RIGHT!!! Thank you for your gift to us...

i was also one of his friends that work with him he would be one of the great person you would of like to meet you will be miss

Michael was more than just another young Black man. He lived a good life and touched everyone that he met in a positive way. His dream was to become an attorney.

His death was senseless and has turned our family's life upside down. These killers have no value for life and do not realize the damage that is done to the family members and friends that are left behind.

Our family prays and remain hopeful that his killers will be brought to justice.

He will forever be in my heart. Rest in peace my sweet baby.

I love you with all my heart,

Whoever killed Michael give yourself up. You will never have peace unless you do the right thing.

Rest in peace my love.

I can't process the fact that you are no longer here. You were my backbone. You were there when i needed you, evertime. You will never, ever be replaced in my heart.

Love always,
Tamara E. Garcia

We received an email from 'LaSundra' who is a member of Michael's family.

Dear LaSundra,

Thank you for your prayers and support. We are happy to know that you are aware that both Michael and our son Dion (murdered on June 13, 2007) both attended Northridge and you are correct, if they didn't know each other then that they have met in heaven.

Dion's son was born August 18, 2007 just 2 months after his murder and we found it what a coincidence too that Michael had a son born 3 months after his death which would mean the baby was born in October 2007. How blessed both of our families are to at least have an extension of our sons to carry on their memory and the fact that they were here and that they were and are still loved. It means so much to us to hear from people what are going through what we are still trying so hard to understand.

Dion Jr. was killed the week before Father's Day. This Father's Day was so very hard and we are still trying to get through this storm. Like Michael, Dion looks like his father and was named so. Now we have a Dion III. We can only pray that God will keep him safe from this War we have raging on the streets of Los Angeles.

We continue to hold Michael Jr. and your family up in prayer and we are still hoping and praying that the murderer is caught so that you will have some consolation.

Love & Prayers,

Dion & Robin Miles Sr.

I knew Michael for one year at Daniel Murphy. Although I was never that close of a friend to him, I remember thinking that he was a HUGE young man with an ever bigger heart and smile.

I didn't understand how someone so big could be so nice and kindhearted, but I guess he was always meant to be an angel.

RIP homie. Thanks for always being nice to me even though I had no friends back then.

See you at the top.

To my sweet baby,

Not a day goes by that I do not think of you and the joy that you brought to so many. I know you are watching over all of us. I type this with tears streaming down my face. I ask why over and over, but God knew best. You are truly an angel now.

You are forever in my heart and soul.

Love you with all that I am.

Auntie "L"

as these days go by ...
i miss my bestfriend/cousin/brother
more then ANYONE would ever know.
i dnt think ppl completly understood what
he meant to me he was the only person i
trusted with everything the only person i could
tlk about my life and the only 1 who could give
me advice and nvr critize me,... i still have my
visitors pass from the hospital and i look at it
everyday and think it's a joke and he's going
to call me and make me laugh as always ...
but as this 2nd yr passes i'm starting to see
it's not.

ily Michael ,but i miss you more
these tears i cry are still a little pain
but i'm glad you're in a better person.

love your fav cousin Breee !


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