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Daniel Correa, 28

March 7, 2007 | 12:40 pm

Daniel_clark_correa_dev_case_1Daniel Correa, 28, a white man, was stabbed in a fight in the parking lot of the Blarney Cove bar in the 22000 block of Roscoe Boulevard in Northridge at about 2 a.m. Saturday, March 3, and later died. Two other men were stabbed in the fight but survived. A woman, 43-year-old Diana Tisinger, has been arrested for stabbing one of the survivors, but police believe Correa's killer is still at large. Many people were present during the fight; few have cooperated. Police ask anyone willing to come forward to call them at (818) 832-0554. (Correa is at left. This case was not on the coroner's list. Information is from police.)

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This is so sad. There was absolutley no reason for this to have happened. If you only knew him, you would love him too. He was such a loving caring guy, he really didn't deserve this. And I would hope that anyone that has any information would call the detectives. If it was your friend or family member you would want the same.
I love you Danny...

Thank god they've caught him, Danny. May you rest in peace.

well it is sad that someone has lost his life over beating up a women but maybe if everyone would take the time to think about what really happen that night and know this was alllllllll a bad bar fight that just went wrong. the suspects have family and friends too. and all this was not a fair fight at all when there is more then 10 people and on 4 how is anyone suppose to just walk away. the fight was ugly and im sorry someone lost there life. but some the suspect is sorry for what happen but he doesn't deserve life for try to protect himself or another family who is a women from guys beat her almost to death. so i will be praying eveything works out. and and hurry home lil brother we need you here. and we love you always. and will stick by you thru this no matter what .

This man who killed Daniel has confessed and his cousin Diana is up for attemped murder on one of the brothers, the above post of June 19th, is so full of you know what as Brad the man involved and killed Daniel has killed before at 18 yers old and spent 7 years behind bars, he also was involved in a 2004 bar stabbing in which he had a warrant and guess what if they would have caught him back in 2004 he would have not had the chance to kill Daniel who has never been in trouble and just went out that night becuse it was guys night out.... can you belive it.... the people posting above want you to believe he was a freaking angel... NoT he was already wanted for attempted murder back in 2004 and killed his first victom back when he was 18 years old and spent 7 years in the slammer... Now you tell me what you think..... good vrs.... evil.... BRAD DOWELL

For the post of June 19th, let's get the facts straight, there were not ten men beating up a woman, it was one man who pulled Dianna Tisinger off of him as she was stabbing him in the back.. He kicked the crap out of her, I am sure if someone was on top of you stabbing you , you would do the same. Thank God he pulled her off of him and punched her out ... that is why she got caught and why the rest of her group were caught... Thank God...Thank God... Thank the good Lord.

well lets get this straight if people would read public records correctly about past court cases BRAD NEVER DID ANYTIME in prison for killing anyone. try again if you were not there at BOYS NIGHT OUT as you say then how do you know soooooo much about what happen that night diana is my cousin and brad is my lil brother. and just to keep it real yes brad has admitted to stabbing someone that night and was not trying to kill anyone and as for diana she got beat down and never stab anyone will be home soon. i believe what they say happen cause i have gotten the same story from both. and about the other bar fight stabbing nope sorry wrong again that was just a fight no one got stabbed . so see you are very confused and need all the facts before you post cause thats not fair to trash people just because you are upset. i know how you feel we too have lost a brother how was murdered. so if you knew brad you would know what he is going threw. i was not trying to post that is should have happen that way. what happen has happen and no one can change that.i love my lil brother and cuzin keep your heads up and god will see the truth and you will be home soon.

Im very sorry for the loss of your son. None of the information you have on Brad is correct please research further to find the correct info. If any of us could live that moment again I promise it would have ended differently. We are very sorry for your loss and our prayers are with you and your family.

I would like to comment that you will never know what Brad has done to this family, the loss, the devistation, Daniel was one of the most loving souls anyone would have ever known. Now if you are calling the detectives and the district attorney liars, and the 3 knives found in the alley and the camera from Lowes pointed at the parking lot where Daniel was murdered, we will see.. Justice will be served.

Well, another day in court for Diana Tisinger and with a turning suprise of events the D.A. announced there is more new discovery, (must be from the video from Lowes, yes) anyways, the judge will review all the evidence and on July 25th ( next court date) looks like we are going to trail, even though her attorney tried to persuade the judge that Brad confessed to the stabbings of all 3 and Ms. Tisinger should be let off the hook, it did not fly with the judge... ( Thank you Lord ) now it looks like the trial will start and justice will be done. The D.A. wants to make sure she gets what is coming to her and the detective was at court and gave the thumbs up for July 25th.... so stay tuned as Daniel will get justice as his blood crys out from the ground unto God. The Saints will prevail... Daniel ( my loving son) rest in peace as you know if God be for you who can be against you....

I would just like to comment on the evidence found and the eye whitnesses who saw the wild eyed crazed Brad the night that he lyed in waiting for the group of friends that came out of the bar at closing time.... Brad had a very large knife.. not a small pocket knife but a very large sumari sword running towards the group who just left the bar at 2 AM... I whitnessed the wound as it was my son and I Ihad to go and identify his body at the Northridge Hospital, he was lying there with his eyes wide opened and no signs of life within them.. he was sliced across the throat from the right side with a very large wound gaping open... God knows if that were your child what you would have done in the same circumstances.... I fell to the ground clutching him and 2 officers would not allow me to close his lifeless eyes. due to evidence as it was murder.. It is a nightmare that will be with me for the rest of my life let alone the rest of the family that was there... The doctor gave me the cross that his father had givien for his birthday many years ago that he never removed (which we buried with him ) as Daniel was a believer and raised to love the Lord..I know Brad has to be forgiven but it will be hard and only with God's help and in time can that be achieved by this family... Now I must face every day focusing on justice for Daniel who did not deserve to have his life cut short ( very short). He was about to be married and already named all 3 children that he and Jenny were to have.. How cruel for a human being not to have any value on life that God has given us.. He will answer for his hatred of a human soul that never did him any harm and all his crimes against humanity... so be it... Amen

wow how people word things is funny to me. a sword (as you put it ) would not fit in his pocket all night at this bar. how wierd that no one saw it sticking out of his pocket. brad's actions that night were not to kill anyone he just wanted the fighting to stop. well i don't know how you raise your son , but brad was raised to not hit a women and he was protecting himself and his cousin. he knows he should not have not took it that far but there is nothing no one could do now whats done is done. we in our family understand fully how it feels to identify and bury a brother who did not deserve to die. i witness my brother being killed. i just don't know how you could be so quick to judge anyone and act like you are the only person in this world who have went threw this. i will never stop being there for brad or diana and will hope for god's forgiveness for them both. They both got kids. and they too are suffering threw this. now i wish the truth about who your son was would be told. he was from a gang called scanless crew and i guess you can saw the name says it all. you were not there and you really are only going by hear say cops lie and say what they can to get what they want. only god knows what really happen that night and this is all in god's hands now and only god knows whatthe punishment will be. and about brad being locked up before for murder for 7 yrs. well here is a question for you to ask the cops how did the person that was shot testify if he was killed. the guy went on the stand and said NO THAT IS NOT THE GUY WHO SHOT ME. so there is noreason to lie to you about this and all past court cases are available to you at van nuys court. i am truley sorry for your lost and would do anything in this world to change this if i could. i m praying for my family to get threw this and for your family to heal from this but trust me it will take some time. again i am sorry for your lost.........

Wow, it surprises me that people so blind in the last days try to justify why another person was sacrificed... In other words Jackie to the defense, she claims there is justification in the murder of a just man who had no dealings with the under world of drugs and lust for blood of another soul, the fact is there is no justifacation on the matter as God Almighty states in the TEN COMANDMENTS " THOU SHALL NOT KILL' whow, all of a sudden a brother has to fall just like CAIN AND ABEL..... May God condemn him to roam aim less like Cain.... Cursed forever over taking a brother's life... You want to claim justification on the matter.... I think not... as God is Whitness.
Cursed be the ground you walk on... Dear Jackie wake up and call upon his HOLY NAME... poor child of the devil

Wow! Does GOD always have to be brought in to something once it's gone wrong? Someone passed on and someone is in jail. GOD had nothing to do with that. What happened has happened and NOW GOD has come into all of those lives that have been struck. GOD is now taking care of Daniel in heaven and Melody here to keep her strong. GOD is also taking care of the heart, soul and mind of Brad and Diana. Jackie and family are standing by there sides. Brad was a strong going church man that had some exceptions. Sometimes you fall off the wagon. Unfortunately this was a time when he had fallen. He wasn't having the support and love he was used to. He parted from his love less then a year ago and seemed lost. Diana was graduating medical school to better life for her 2 boys. Daniel was becoming a real man with a great life and dreams ahead. I know these people and in some ways they are all very similar with there life styles. Now only GOD and faith can help those who stand strong in the life they have been given and choose. Everything happens for a reason even if it doesn't seem right. Life is not fair and we ALL know it. So Daniel is looking down at all of you from Heaven a better place then here. Brad and Diana are thinking of all of you and asking for forgiveness and prayers. Diana hopes to be home to finish raising her boys. Brad hopes to come home and visit his daughter and has had time to know that he is better off with his love he once lost and the new arrival. GOD will bless all of you who speak what you know from that night but will never know the Exact Truth as you were not there and GOD only knows.
Prayers for all of you.

now that's what the point i was trying to make thank you so much april saying the truth about all people involved in this tragic time. and about being the child of the devil . our father was a very good man and has past on and would appriciate you not talking about were we came from. we have not came from the best family in the world but then again who has. i just hope everyone can just be there for each other and stop alllllllllll this arguing its not gonna bring anyone back and its not gonna change what happen that night. and very true april as i have said before ONLY GOD KNOWS WHAT REALLY HAPPEN THAT NIGHT! i just hope this all works for the best.

I just want all that loved Danny to remember him as his birthday has come and gone, so many of you showed up at his grave site that day and Thank YOu... I am still involved in the triials of those involved and on the 14th of January, Diana should either take a plea and get 6 years or go to trial and get 14 years if she is foud guilty with all the evidence, I know there will be justise one way or another.... On Brad who murdered Danny, his trial is on the 17th and will move forward to put him away( I hope forever) Love you Son......

Dear melody i just sow this notice that makes me feel so bad, i hope God give you power to support this lost, sincerily your always friend. miguel

Danny we all love and miss you on this one year anniversary of you being taken away from us. On another note, a little justice has been given as Diana Tisinger was sentenced 6 years to prison for her part in stabbing your friend that night. We will have to wait until Brad Dowell is sentenced for your murder, which should be soon as his court dates still go on. We all love and miss you Son...

On April 8th, we will be in court for many hours on Brad Dowell, all the evidence will be given ( video from inside the bar ) Knives, Detectives and whitnesses will be shown at that time to convict Brad who murdered my son, I do not wish any evil on this coward but I do know it will not be easy sitting through all of the evidence ( even from the medical examiners who will show the point of entry of the wound that took my son that night) But, I will be there with hopes and prayers of many that this coward will not get away with murder... Love you son...

Dear Correa Family - I wish strength on this trying day. The people who did this to your family will indeed get their come-upings! I love you all & wish you the best. Daniel you will always be missed and loved!

I want to say I am sorry for your loss. I was there at court against Brad. I am a witness for another crime he has done. I hope justice is served for what he has done to two familys. God Bless!

I want to thank you all for you loving and caring comments in this blog... Thank you.. Brad will be going to court on the 22nd of April to change his plea from guilty to not guilty..(Why?) He knows he is looking at life so why not spend tax paying dollars and give himself some more time, Coward... I spoke with the D.A. and she told me they have a very strong case against Brad Dowell but here we go again, let's torture the families involved..
So we will have to wait and let this play out in front of a Jury... I thank you all so much and keep us in your prayers. Danny we love and miss you son.

Gracie you are a liar! This site is for a family mourning a loss. You shouldn't put lies on here! Get a life!!!!!

Danny...Every single second of every single day I think about you and miss you immensely. You were such a great person. You brought so much light into the lives of others and for that I will be forever greatful. Your loyalty, compassion, sense of humor and quick wit made you such an unforgetable person. I love you forever and always...

I just found out today about Danny's tragic death. My heartfelt prayers go out to his family and friends.
I had the good fortune to be Danny's boss at the Hilton. I remember his terrific sense of humor and his perpetual good nature. He was dedicated to his work and, even more dedicated to his friends. I loved him, and will miss him terribly.

Don Funk

uncle daniel,

RYANNA: uncle daniel, im so took all of us to take this long to finally say something...we are still mourning over your death but now is not as bad...i can see light in the day again and i hope you can too from wherever you are...and i hope that wherever you are is a place youll be eternally happy in...WE ALL LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU...

RAEVEN:we all loved you so much i guess it just wasnt enough ..we all miss you everyone you are not just another case or simple were so much more..i dont know what else to say that hasnt been said except i love you..miss you..and i know your watching us and i hope you are proud of us and anything but sad..well all see you eventually...

well love you and lost daniel were an amazing person and we are all grateful to have met you even if it was only moments that were spent...and we all hope that wherever you are that your not so far...

i promise you one day ill wear a smile on my face when i think of you.... LOVE RAEVEN,RYEL,RILEY, AND RYANNA...

I just wanted to let you know that i love you and always will forever and ever more

Happy Birthday my son. Love and Miss you every day.


Merry Christmas Son, we all miss you and love you so much, your birthday is on Monday the 29th; you would have been 30. Two years and the pain is the same. We still will wait for justice with all these court dates but God knows when it will come.


well finally court is coming up and finally the evidence is in that not only was it one person who was trying to fight off 20 or more people from taking his and his cuzins life i love you lil brother you will be home soon cuz god is watching over you and he knows the truth


Jackie, stay off of this blog with your lies. I could care less what you think happened as I know what is fact from the detectives and Brad will go down for a very long time. As we grieve for our son, leave your thoughts to yourself and your lies.

hey there bradley well court is put off till my birthday i know now im gonna have a good day. i live you lil brother dads watching over you and you will be home soon. im soooooooo glad this video was found and was in your favor. oh yeah baby you will be home soon with we love you lots and lots everyday and i will always have your back cuz i know the real you not what people try to say about who you really are. so sad that they will NEVER know the real you. well god has answered our prayers and you will be home soon.

well Melody this blog is not for just you and your son it is for alllllllll parties involved which is brad too What lies am i talking about the one where you were gonna sue the bar and they gave there video to the defendent's side you are just made cuz no mater what the detectives tell you it was self deffence. we too have lost a brother who was killed. but im not gonna say it will get easier cuz it dont and i feel bad that it all ended that way. but what happened happened no one can change it but learn from it. we both were not there that nite only god knows what should happen to all parties involved. and i dont care what you think either the detectives dont know anything it is up to the judge to decide and brad is not just in court for your sons case. pay attention when your in court and you would know. by the way my cuzin diana is almost home we love you cuzin we are waiting for you.

Danny, it has been two years son that you were taken from us... We love you and will never forget you.

We all love you so much.

well bradley i just want you to know we love you and pray with fingers crossed that you will be home soon. the kids miss there uncle brad soooooooooooooo much and are waiting to give you that big hug you been waiting for. love you lil brother with all my heart and soul and am glad i have been able to sit in your court and be there to support you threw this. You have no idea how loved and missed you are.

Well we all loose loved one's. But to loose another loved one that was trying to defend him and another. I think that the truth will come out even more as this case goes on. Trust me I know, He is not a mean and nasty evil person you are trying to make him as. And I am sure that neither are anyone else. But serious adding alcohol to anything, intensifies even more. Really think about it I know enough to really think,all the mean and hurtful things said about Brad and even to his loved ones. Think about it and back off. GOD IS WATCHING , And HEXING saying DEVIL CHILD , GROW UP. Give it a rest, really listen to everything you'll find out even more about that night by listening to all.

Hello Melody,

He was found Guilty today. God has answered! God bless you and your family. I had to testify for the charge of breaking my girlfriends neck in a bar before he had done this to your son. I wish he was caught before then so you could still have your son. But Justice has been served and I will be there May 6th to see what sentance he gets.


Brad was found guilty on all charges and for the murder of Daniel he will get life, we will make sure he stays in prison where he belongs.

Thank you dear Lord. Thank you

Well brad it aint over we are gonna appeal you will be home soon i sat in court and watch the videos over and over i never saw brad break anyones neck open your eyes gracie and look closely where you were standing you didnt see who really did the damage brad didnt do anything to her but try get get the girls to leave her alone. and as for dannys case well i saw him go over as a repoter to get the info on who brad was and why he was at the bar he was again not trying to kill anyone but when a truck pulls up and out jumps some more scanless crew members who would have had a chance to defend himself brad is not superman and was just trying to live and save his cuzin so i will be by his side till the appeal over turns this cuz brtad did not get a fair trial where is rose falcone and cyle anderson and eric and everyone else in that video i saw nowhere to be found of course due to they cant lie on the stand so they would have told the trurth about brad and he would be home if they did. tell the truth mc oh wait melody correa even jarred anderson said on the stand i heard him with my own 2 ears I DO NOT KNOW WHO STABBBED ME AND MY FRIEND DANIEL also picked brad out of a 6 pack as a person who was there NOT A PERSON WHO STABBED ANYONE. no one deserve to die that nite your son was no angel melody i know your son who did drugs drank alot and went out representing a gang which was wrong you need to ask lil cyle and jerrod to tell you the truth about your son. so brad did not get life sorrrrrrrrry peeps its not over. i love my brother and am doing everything posible to get the appeal and then the truth will be told. i love you bradley and im here for you. youll be home sooner then you think.

I can't believe you are coming on this man's site to defend your brother. I do not know either party but, your brother is going to be in jail for a very very long time. I wish I could be more understanding of your situation but, you come on to this site and you attack the family of the victim, not a good idea and then you go on and on about how your family misses your brother. Well as someone who did not see the video but now know your brother was convicted the fact that you come on this site to protest is pathetic. Your brother might be innocent to you and yours, this victim might have had a bad bad past but it was your brother that was tried and convicted. Shame on you to bring up the victims past, why not be honest with yourself and post your brother's rap sheet? Tell us what he has done in the past. You put the victims past out there for God and everyone to read. I'm sure your brother had a rap sheet too. If you are looking for sympathy then be honest and put both their past out there. This young man killed at the hands of your brother or not is gone and it is not your right to come to this site and tell his past and attack his family. You don't like what is going on with your brother, you should have done your best to hire an attorney. There are some really good public defenders but there are better private lawyers you could have hired. Unless you can come up with witnesses that can and are willing to testify or find some kind of misconduct your brother should make himself at home and get used to his surrondings. And while you are helping him with his appeal, remember to get your son's ready for their visits to prison. Just that trip to prison to visit someone is nasty but you'll be doing it for a very long time. You are right about one thing God is watching over all of this and he does know the truth....

let em start this off by say to ME this site is not just Daniels they have trashed my brother on here and im am defended him with the truth now let me start this off with you should never use someones kids when you want to talk trash. leave my kids out of this trash site. they will see there uncle threw his appeal and when his sentence is over turned he will be home. i have NOT attacked anyone on here i have just be stating the truth they say stuff like brad killed before NOT TRUE NEVER HAPPENED then they said brad waited while the victim ( lol) came out into the parking lot with a samari sword I NEVER SAW A SWORD IN ANYONE'S POCKET THAT NITE ON THE VIDEO.You say to post my brothers rap sheet on here i never said my brother was angel and never got in trouble soooooooo you want me to bring up 10 yr or more sh** hahahahaha funny he was and never will be a killer whatever that BUGGED eyed detective said was not true not one word out of his mouth was or ever will be true. and another thing ME (lol) i did do my best to try and get my brother an attorney he said no now since you know it all my brother is a good man with A LOT of heart obviously you don't and never will know him we had lots of witnesses that are will to tell what happen that nite hey why don't you ask rose or kyle or maybe jarred oh wait better find Eric or whoever else was there that didn't go on the stand they know the truth it shall be told. and about the trip to prison being nasty that must be coming from experience huh? so maybe you know how it is in there huh? but my brother will be home SOON I LOVE YOU BRADLEY I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU.oh yeah and ask kyle if they are still shooting up houses with kids in it. cuz he soon will be in prison maybe his celly can be Jerrod.

It is wrong for you to come on this page and disrespect a grieving family like you are doing. There son was killed not your brother, they are not they judge and Jury who convicted your brother. As for them bashing your brother who wouldn't if the man that was brought to trial for the killing of there son are they suppose to say he nice, he innocent no no no. Now you keep saying that people should find some guys and bring them to stand to find the truth, I think you need to go find these people and bring them to court since your brother is the one that was found guilty. Jackie Honestly no one is going to have sympathy for you and your brother the way you came on here and disrespected this family regardless what they said about your brother. I understand you love and care about your brother and you believe he is innocent but this is not the place to express your feeling this is a place for people to come and Morn over there loved one not to argue with the accused killer family. Jackie please have a little more respect and whatever you got to do to help your brother do it on your term. And like you said you have to leave it in God's hand he is the one that really knows and will deal with it.

look i dont go on here to bad mouth anyone im speaking the truth they say things on here that are NOT TRUE like i said before we were not there and what you dont understand is the gang life aint no joke my brother was not a gang member i know now what was going on i watch the video. i saw what i saw so i am only saying the truth that is it that is all i too lost a brother to murder he was 11 months old. i have said i was sorry for there lost on here so if they dont want to expected anything from me that fine but as my brothers words on the stand that day in court he did not mean for anyone to die that day and he ment it with all his heart. he excepts what happen but he dont deserve life it aint gonna bring anyone back as well as if he were to do life we too would have lost a family member so 2 wrongs dont make a right.

Jackie, the jury saw things you didn't and made their judgment.

I do find it interesting to see you commenting on this case and seemingly attacking the deceased family. Its an open blog, but I myself find it tactless.

This reminds me of the homicide case we had here from two years ago that ended up having a couple hundred posts, from everyone from the deceased family, the homicide detectives, the gangsters from a rival gang and even the brother of the deceased who was in jail for another homicide.

I want to give my Condolences to you and your family for you lost and you should not have to be going through this on her. But God will always watch over you and make sure that you have the strenght that you need to get through this day by day and year byyear. I just hope that through this tough times that you build strenght and have some closer with this whole tragedy.

First of all, I want to thank all you those who are thoughtful of Daniel's family, he was not a gang member,worked and paid taxes like all of us, Jackie does not know our family and she is a liar on all accounts of what happened that night. Again, thank you for all of your thoughts.


You know Jackie I saw the same video and in the video Daniel went up to the bar area and Brad was standing there and Danny took the time to shake his hand as Daniel has always been a gentleman, so what did he get in turn as Brad said on stand oh he just wanted information about me, Danny gets stabbed in the neck.
Nice try on what you want to claim in the video. You are a sick person. get help before it is to late for you.


well finish the video he walked back over to his crowed and everyone was turning around looking at brad. shaking his hand was respect not gentleman no that is the way of a gang. im not downing anyone im just upset that no one is taking the time to look at we are losing someone too. but hey who cares right. i love my lil brother and will always be there for him. i told you melody i feel for you and am SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS i never said i wasnt sad for your family but you can make out a person a way he is not my brother has a right to be defended too. daniel was a member of the scanless crew i know for a fact he was and so is kyle and jerrod. i am a certified paralegal and i know what i saw in the video and the wrong person is being locked away for starting this fight. i saw the same 3 people in both videos and the one person is not in court or has been in court. well melody my Condolences to your family i am not close to being a sick person. im just a person trying to just support my brother no matter right or wrong. we dont have much family but what lil we got we try to hold on too. like i said before we too lost an 11 month old brother who was murdered by his babysitter. again my Condolences to you and your family we are truley sorry for your loss.


This is Me. And you are right I did visit someone in prison ONCE! A friend's brother was jailed on drug charges. She wanted company to visit her brother in Wayside or something like that. Anyway the whole process of visiting someone in prison was awful. I felt so degraded and vowed never to do that again.

Now as far as your selfish anticts here on this site. Your brother may very well be innocent in your eyes. If it was my brother I would not be saying to him you'll be home soon. Denile I'm sure is not good for someone in his position. He won't be home soon, he probably will never be home. He will die in prison. Is this hard for you to understand? I'm sure it is. I don't know what I would do if I found myself in your shoes. I would love my brother and support him but I would NEVER lie to him about coming home soon as that would lead to false hope and I wouldn't do that to him nor would I do that to myself.

Now as for your disrecpect, I'm sorry you feel as though you have lost so much. Your brother put in to action the resluts of that night. No one told him to do anything. As you are aware no one could possibly tell your brother what to do. As for you being a Certified Paralegal, you had the opportunity to work on your brother's case before he was convicted. You know the process of calling someone to court and having them testify. You know that "threat" that can be in brandished to someone who refused to cooperate. There were chances to put on a good defense. I'm sure you are highly aware of them. So no need to go into them here. However, as a member of the legal world your out burst here suprise me even more. Why you might ask, well I would expect someone with a moderate education to be a little more sensitve to the loss of this family. No Mr. Correa might not have been a upstanding member of a community, on the other hand he might have been? But what gives you the right to bring up his past (gang member) his record (criminal) his actions while at the same time dismissing the actions of your brother? All I wanted and asked from you was to put the two reputations of both subjects out there for everyone to read. Here you are attacking a dead individual while defending a convicted killer! Your right I supposed so but smart I don't think so, especially when you take into consideration that this was Mr. Correa's notification of death and NOT your brother's website of defense. Whatever, ounce of sympathy you might have been able to get from me left when YOU Ms. Jackie started to attack this victim's past. While not giving the full definition of your brother's past. You might have done all that you could for your brother but since 99.99 percent of the people on this blog do not know your brother the attack of the victim here goes to your character. When in doubt attack and then defend yourself later. Not a good way to conduct yourself and the memory of your brother. Because I do understand that your life as you know or knew it is going forever. Your memories of your life with your borther is all that you will ever have left. For you too will never have another 4th of July, Christmas, Labor Day or Thanksgiving celebration like the last one. But again to attack this victim, his past, his friends and his family was and will always be wrong. Are you a victim too? Yes to some extent, but you too are a victim of your brother's not Mr. Correa. And just a FYI, I went back and read all your postings. None and I repeat NONE of your postings, express any kind of empathy. It wasn't until this fact was pointed out to you that you then tried to slide back into saying that you had expressed sorrow or empathy. While I understand you might have felt like your brother was the victim and Mr. Correa was the aggressor you still had the obligation to go about defending your brother while at the same time making sure you didn't cross the line by degrading the memroy of Mr. Correa.

I wasn't there that night nor was I in court for not one word of testimony so I do not know what went on. But neither do you. A jury of 12 found your brother guilty. The road you must travel now is lonely, scarry and full of sorrow. People do mean stuff to each other. But family do the worst things to each other, it is the one's left to carry on that carry with them the worst burden. Your brother will never see a rainbow again, your brother will never feel the the comfort of coming home and finding a nice hot meal waiting for him. Your brother will never again know what it is like to have your two arms around him, comforting him and having your shoulder to cry on. There are a lot of things that your brother will never again experience. It makes me wonder who is in the worst position, Mr. Correa who is free spiritually, because to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord or your brother, who will live the rest of his life fighting and defending everything he has. Living every day in a constant state of awareness. Well unlike you Ms. Jackie, I certainly pray for you that a higher being them me brings comfort to your every day. That you find empathy for your fellow being and that you find comfort and peace in your life. I pray for your brother too, not inspite of Mr. Correa but because of him. May your brother live the rest of his life in mental peace, my he find something that brings him happiness and comfort. I belive that God forgives us all at the moment of our death and that he gives us the ability to do the same for those that have wronged us. I know or believe that Mr. Correa has forgiven your brother, this is just God's way. Unfortunatly we are just mortal beings and the ablity to forgive down here on earth is something that we all struggle with every day.

I pray for Ms. Melody too, I pray that your son's path from this world to the enternal life was peaceful and that his journy was filled with comfort. I pray that you find comfort in his life, the one that you shared together and that you have years and years of joy in the memories that you share of your dear son. No parent should ever have to suffer through the murder of a child no matter the age of the child. I pray that at the moments when you visit with your son you can speak to him with clarity and love and that one day when you think of him that you do so not with tears of sorrow but with tears of joy for all that the two of your had.

My God, you are something else Jackie, for being a paralegal your grammer and spelling needs to be checked as far as gangs that you keep bringing up, your language on here like lil bro, cuz and celly shows where your mind is and who you associate with. Now I was in court every day and saw and heard everything, it is a fact that Brad testified being in and out of prison that this guy Eric who showed up in the bar that night was in prison with him and Brad explained how peckerwoods and scandlous crew are white members of a car (meaning a certain group in prison.) As for your claim on the other people involved that night, Rose was knocked out by your friend Ron(proven fact) Kyle was stabbed by your lovely cousin Diana who is doing 6 years for that stabbing, and Brad testified he knocked out the guy Eric.
Then it was a proven fact that Brad stabbed Daniel with a 4 1/2 hunters knife from behind it went 3 inches in cutting the artery and pushed down another inch puncturing his lung and then stabbed Jarrod ( such a coward ), none of these above victims have prison records or has been in prison, so this Eric who came to the bar that night by hisself was Brad's intended target. On the other incident from 2004, my God what he did to that poor girl was horrific. The bartender on the stand proved it was a real glass that he threw and hit her with almost making her blind and on the video from that incident it shows Brad pulling this girl off the floor and slamming her back down, that is what broke her neck and she is lucky to be alive. His actions were so bad that even his own attorney was apologizing for his actions and claiming he was only trying to help, well with that kind of help it almost killed that poor girl, he was on the run since 2004 and if he would have been caught none of us would be here right now. Everyone that was attacked that night was done by a bunch of ex cons who do not know how to live in society. All the above victims worked and have people who care and love them. Daniel is dead so quit spewing you ungodly lies about this man. Brad will be in prison where he belongs for life.



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