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On Monday, Jan. 25, 2010, The Times launched a new version of the Homicide Report. You have arrived at the old blog.

Readers can no longer post new comments on this site, but we encourage you to join the conversation on our new site. The updated Homicide Report features an interactive map and searchable database of the more than 2,600 homicides in L.A. County since January 2007, when Times' reporter Jill Leovy first started this blog with the goal of covering each one.

Comments prior to Jan. 26 will, at least for now, remain archived here, with links provided in the new database.

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail, and we will do our best to respond.

-- Megan Garvey and Anthony Pesce

A Reader Makes a Map

March 12, 2007 |  4:07 pm

Many readers have asked why there are no maps on The Homicide Report. One reader has done something about it.

That reader is Michael Quick, a dean and neuroscientist at the University of Southern California. Quick has built a map for the site based on the entries in each weekly coroner's list. You can view it by clicking here: Quick's map. Brown markers indicate homicides from the last month; black markers indicate those from January and February. Scrolling over each marker produces information on each homicide.

Map2 "I just started to look at the blog, and was really touched by it," Quick said. "I would read it and think, where is this exactly?" Quick, below right, confesses to being a workaholic with a weakness for repetitive tasks. He toyed with a mapping program, and after a few days, he had entered every listed homicide--some 10 dozen--leaving out just a handful whose addresses need to be reconfirmed.


Quick2 The map revealed both expected and unexpected patterns of homicide, Quick said. "You look at what's going on in South Los Angeles, and it's heartbreaking," he said. "But then you start to see it's not contained. There are these little tentacles that go out ... it brings home that this is not just a problem in one area." At the same time, Quick noted that some neighborhoods that people used to call dangerous, such as MacArthur Park, now have few homicides.

Quick is dean of research for USC's College of Letters, Arts, and Science, and studies the molecular mechanism of addiction. Why is he interested in The Homicide Report? "I love this city," he said. "And this is like a daily chronicle of what goes on in this city, truly something we all share in Los Angeles. Each of the stories, even the brief little ones, it makes you wonder, who are these people? Who are their families? It gives faces to this tragedy. We overlook it so easily, but it makes it so you can't overlook these things."

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I now live in the Philippines, whats going on in Los Angeles? All I read is that young Latinos and African Americans are killing each other! It use to be dope, now I don't know!

My heart goes out to all the parents, who are older and wiser, and who have lost children in all this senseless violence. I feel so lucky to live where I do, but I used to live in California. Do I miss it? Yes. But to tell you the truth, I am scared to death of going back. The only thing that scares me worse, is the thought of taking murders for granted.

Considering that the average age of most gun offenders is around 20, would it not be prudent to prohibit all persons under 25 years of age from possessing any firearm at all? With 25 years being the age specified in the U.S. Constitution that one must attain to be eligible to represent ones district in Congress, I can see no conflict with the Constitution for using age, or with the Second Amendment, as long as the right is restricted, universally, by age only. The necessary exceptions and conditions for police and military personal who are properly trained in the use of firearms can be made, as well as those under 25 ,who want to learn to shoot, can leave their gun at the shooting range until they are 25 years old.

Charles Norris says......."Considering that the average age of most gun offenders is around 20, would it not be prudent to prohibit all persons under 25 years of age from possessing any firearm at all?"

That seems to be a solution but would impact many law abiding people and they may need a firearm for legitimate protection.

I would suggest that it would be much simpler and safer just to make murder illegal. That would put an end to it for good and would be much more effective than making firearms illegal for those under 25 years of age.

Would you agree, Charles?

Hi: No matter WHERE you live, unless we get this AMNESTY STOPPED and our borders protected, we are going to have the same thing all over America. In fact, we re already having it.

It is ironic that the first reaction to violent, murderous criminals is to ban guns to the law-abiding. After all, criminals don't obey laws, they make their own.

How about enforcing all of our laws in order to protect our kids? Start with the existing state & federal gun laws...any person who commits a crime with a gun gets an extra 25 years in prison. That way you punish the behaviour, instead of depriving rights from the 90% who are decent, law-abiding citizens.

Secondly, we should demand that our federal immigration laws be strictly enforced, especially in these gang-ridden communities. According to the FBI up to 2/3's of the gang members in certain gangs are illegally in the country to begin with. Local police and gang task forces should use this as a tool to rid our streets of the tiny percentage of armed thugs who are killing our youth. This is only common sense.

Enforce existing laws, increase penalties where effective to punish the law-breakers preying on the innocent. DO NOT DEPRIVE THE INNOCENT OF THE RIGHT OF SELF-DEFENSE in the name of "safety". That is an absurd reaction in the face of a government unable to do the job of securing our borders and our homes from unlawful entry.

This is what happens when groups like La Raza force their agenda down America's throat. The Hispanics are invading and will kill anyone in their path with either bullets. knives or disease. Wake up America.


You should be reading the Daily News!
They've had a map like this for the valley for a while now...


LA has suffered a massive influx of violent Mestizo invaders who care not one whit for its laws or its safety.
You can thank Mayor Viva LaRaza for much of this mayhem. Also, you should take the time to thank the loyal, Raza voters for electing him.

The L.A. of my youth has been deceased for about thirty years.

R.I.P., L.A. In your glory days, you were a city like NO other.

Nobody ever seems to talk about the ill effects of illegal immigration and the societal chaos which it has in our communities. Maybe when Los Angeles experiences the L.A. riots, part 3, will policies change. We have reached the point of critical mass in Los Angeles and we are truly morphing into a third world slum. To think our own elected officials would allow such chaos to occur is equally shocking. If we only would enforce our laws.

I live in Southwest Florida and am active in anti-illegal groups. What amazes me is the apathy of Americans. We have rallies, protests, informational meetings and the numbers are pitiful of those attending. What will it take to wake people up before if is too late. We sponsor a monthy vigil to honor Americans killed by illegals, this past on we had 9 people attend. Again , I ask, what will it take?

LA could cut its gang violence in half if it would repeal Special Order 40 (the "sanctuary law") and allow its police to cooperate with federal immigration authorities to deport the estimated 40,000-50,000 illegal immigrant gang members currently residing there.

Mayor VivaLaRaza of course doesn't want Special Order 40 to be repealed as it protects so many of "his people" from deportation. (We do need them to clean our toilets after all, sez Hizzonor.)

Unfortunately the people benefiting most from "sanctuary" are the vicious drug gang members as well as radical anti-American grouops like La Raza and Mecha.

Mayor VivaLaRaza expects either Washington or Sacramento -- or both -- to pick up the tab for vast social programs that are supposedly going to "fix" the gang problem.

Yet he'd never support the much more economical, logical and merciful (merciful, that is, to the legal citizens of this state) option of fixing the problem by enforcing our borders and immigration laws, thereby ceasing to import the problem in the first place.

Dear JT from the Philippines, Southern California, particularly LA, is now officially a Third World Toilet. Not only is it the drug gang capital of the entire Western Hemisphere, it's also the e-coli, TB and Hepatitis A capital of the US. Stay in the Philippines, the quality of life is probably better there than LA's.

I take offense at statements like the one from No Quiero, "The Hispanics are invading and will kill anyone in their path with either bullets, knives or disease." People need to realize that "Hispanics" can include people from many countries and it can include law-abiding, naturalized American citizens that work, pay taxes, and are willing to go to war and fight for this country (as many have and many have died doing so). When you refer to "Hispanics" you're including people that honor and respect one flag, the flag of the U.S.

Those of us "Hispanics" that came here through legal means are as appalled and disgusted by the actions and demands of the illegals as the rest of Americans. We do not condone people from other countries coming here without permission, making demands as if they had rights, and disrespecting the American flag.

Please bear that in mind the next time you find yourself referring to illegals as “Hispanics”.

The Illegals have brought Down the homicide rate, if anything. There used to be many more homicides in the 90s when the illegals population was significantly smaller. We need to bring in more illegals, to quell the violence.

In the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre, I love the way the Republican candidates have been true to form in spouting the NRA line against gun control, while there is deafening silence from the pusillanimous Democrats. How many more Columbines or Virginia Techs will it take before this country enacts gun laws with teeth? Right now, it's easier to purchase a gun in America than it is to buy Sudafed. The U.S. surely could learn a thing or two about gun control from Britain and Australia.

you people blaming the problem on illegals are so blinded by miseducation!!!! illegals would rather fly beneath the radar and avoid problems with the police, shoot they only go to the doctor when its an emergency. gang members on the other hand are useless filth that should be taken care of, whether they be illegal, armenian, asian, white, legal, whatever. the immigration problem is not the issue. it is a gang problem. these same thugs often exploit and extort from their own immigrant communities, it is the same thugs depicted in the gangs of new york. they are low lifes. sure some of them happen to be illegals. but not all of them. that would be as ridiculous as saying that the fact that the constitution allows citizens to have arms is the reason incidents like v tech or comlumbine occur. there might be overlap, but not direct link. be smarter please.

I just want to know if you could put the populations of some of the small areas with so many homicides. Like West Athens for instance, because people always say L.A has so many killings because it is so big. I believe the areas with all these killings should form it's own city and probably be the worst city in America. What is the population of Florence-Graham, and the rest of the areas in South L.A?

to find out population density wikipedia los angeles county and look at the cities where these killings occur. also look at unincorporated parts of the county as well as specific neighborhoods within la city limits, then you will get a better picture of population.

In January when we visited Chile, I asked multiple residents about Agusto Pinochet, a man reviled as a human rights pariah by the "civilized world". In every case they held him in high esteem, the reason: he ridded the country of the criminal class. What we have been told was Pinochet's use of "death squads," the citizenry of Chile saw as a return to a civilized society - pre Pinochet the cities were run by gangs, robbery, extortion, kidnapping and murder were common. One cab driver described how a gang actually stole his house when he was a kid and forced his family into the streets. By the time Pinochet came to power the country was essentailly ungovernable. He forcebly eliminated the criminal class. Chile is today considered to be the most stable, safest country in South America. Did he violate the rights of criminals? Most certainly. Did the greater population of Chile benefit from his actions? The people answer in the affirmative. Is the US ready for a Pinochet? I doubt it, but many people are fed up with an identifiable criminal class that is permitted to prey upon hard working members of the citizenry. So am I.

i think its time for the world to gather together and make the apocalypse occur, its going to happen but we dont know when.... so we all know who the bad are we just have to catch them doing the crimes... they sell their drugs brandish their weapons and then get away and when they are caught, we the tax payers pay for them to have a lazy retirement in jail????? so the world has to become vigalanties and just kill all the disease out of the world.... we can play dumb and pretend we dont know who they are.... just let them recruit you in their gangs and see... reform them and let them grow to better peoples the way but when you cant reform them and their just bad then what... put the chips 666 gps and know where they are and see the crime take place... future world is here to come and stay the 666 chip is near.... an eye for an eye as the old testament was and will be or did jesus forgive them for their sins? we didnt forgive the crimanals but we will pay for them in jail????? whats up with that...vigalantee will get the job done quicker and justice will be served and we wont have a deficit it wrong? no its not because then the criminals wont kill just because you live on a different street.... the old testament said not to ammend the bible but the new testament does... so if thats the case the vigalantes will be forgiven

"Southern California, particularly LA, is now officially a Third World Toilet. Not only is it the drug gang capital of the entire Western Hemisphere"


Where do we start?? Cali (Colombia), Medellin, Rio de Janeiro, San Pedro Sula and Kingston all suffer far worse drug gang violence than Los Angeles.

Probably Northern Mexico is worse too though the area has far less 'street gang' drug-related violence than the cities I mentioned previously, so I don't know how bad the murder rates are aside from the terrorist-style violence by these drug cartels.

Los Angeles really isn't that dangerous.

First, I'd like to say I'm heartened by the fact some people still read the LA Times. Literacy rates are plummeting and I fear for our future. 2nd, if you don't live in Los Angeles, why the hell are you posting here? wasting our time? (Though I am amused by the term "Third World Toilet". I read envy between the lines of a comment like that). At a mere glance, it's so obvious where the concentrated clusters of black markers (homicide sites) are: They're in the nastiest parts of Los Angeles county. I can't remember the last time I had to venture to Inglewood or Compton or even Van Nuys. To foreign eyes, the map is misleading. And relative to the population size, I think the homicide rate is tiny, given that humans are naturally violent (at least us Americans, I mean). Lastly, it's depressing to see some of you hellbent on the retarded immigration issue. Look at this thing holistically, and it's all about economics. Focus on keeping "quality" jobs here, if possible. Losing high end positions appalls me more. We are losing billions more in dollars to India and the Phillipines and China than to undocumented farmhand or Downtown LA sweatshop personnel. For the hate mongers out there who just don't get it, you should check out the current storyline in Marvel's Punisher "War Journal" (issues 6, 7, 8 and up). You'll find it a cause to rejoice and something to share with your kids: A villain called "Hate Monger" with a swastika on his chest, leading a militia south of the border, killing immigrants attempting to cross the border.

People of L.A. You created this mess and allowed it to go on and on so all I can say is, ENJOY

I used to wonder why I never read in the paper about all of the homicides of so many young people, but I am heartened that the paper has finally begun publishing these events. It is very important for the public to become aware of what a widespread phenomena this is. Maybe if they grasp the full gravity of the matter, they will be willing to fund more diversion programs for youth, before they become victims.


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