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Great divides: Room screens for the space-starved

September 19, 2011 | 10:32 am

Zeitrum Struktur
Room dividers, screens, backdrops. Whatever you call them, we've got a roundup of some the newest designs: notched cardboard, patterned Tyvek, felt panels, earthy bamboo, solid walnut and leather. Whether you want to turn one room into two, increase privacy, add storage or absorb some noise, these pieces might do the trick -- or at least provide the inspiration for a DIY fix of your own.

Photos: The great divides -- 12 novel room screens

 ABR Feel-Thru 2 Mio Loop by the yard 







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-- Craig Nakano

Photo, top: Zeitraum's Struktur, cardboard pieces that fit together for an airy backdrop (Credit: Zeitraum).

Photos, bottom, from left: The Spanish studio ABR designed Feel-Thru, felt panels connected by magnets and set on a ceiling track (ABR); Loop by the Yard, patterned Tyvek from the design studio Mio (Mio).