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California Look: Kittypod and Pebble pet beds

September 15, 2011 |  8:30 am

The California Look poll, Round 10: Pet beds

Back in the day, Snoopy would have spent the night in the doghouse and Garfield might have been let out in the morning, but now cats and dogs are a larger part of the family -- and they have beds, boxes and fancy furniture to prove it. As we hit the home stretch of our two-week survey on the best of contemporary California design, we decided no depiction of modern life would be complete without a place for our furry friends. But cat lounger or dog bed?  Set aside your pet preferences and focus on the design merits of our two nominees:

Kittypod-1_large A. Artist and furniture designer Elizabeth Paige Smith founded Kittypod in 1998, making scratching pads and habitats from recyclable corrugated cardboard. Her Kittypod is a sleekly minimalist 2-foot-diameter bowl perched on a wooden pedestal. It's 100% recyclable and made in California. 






IMAG0167 B. Eva I. Sobesky of the residential and landscape design firm EIS Studio in Venice has created a line of indoor-outdoor table-seats called Pebbles in cast stone, resin and upholstery. This version, carved from stacked laminated plywood, forms a curvaceous dog nest complete with upholstered cushion.




Vote below and let us know which design tickles your dog or cat fancy. The poll in this category will close in three days, so share your opinions now about why your favorite captures the spirit of California design today. Winning pieces and reader comments will be featured in a forthcoming article.



Coming Friday: Our final poll in the series: patio lanterns


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-- David A. Keeps

Photo credits: Kittypod, EIS Studio