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Bugaboo Donkey, the baby stroller that kicks its way past the $1,000 mark


The luxury stroller brand Bugaboo this week launched a double stroller called the Donkey. It can be used as a single stroller with an attached shopping basket or as a side-by-side double stroller. It pushes great, it folds up not so great and it is insanely expensive, retailing for $1,200, $1,499 or  $1,659 depending on what configuration you get.

One might assume the price tag is a deterrent for new parents in this uncertain economy, but as I've learned while writing a column about why parents buy what they buy, one should never assume anything when it comes to baby gear. The publicist for Bugaboo said the new stroller was selling out and triggering waiting lists at the select stores where it is sold. (In the L.A. area, that includes Bel-Bambini in Beverly Hills, Giggle in Pasadena, Juvenile Shop in Sherman Oaks and Traveling Tikes in Century City.)

"We already sold out of most of them," said Jodi Cristi, a sales associate at Bel-Bambini. "And we just got it yesterday."

"Did anybody balk at the price?" I asked.

"Not at all," she said.

Over at Traveling Tikes, store owner Brian Pulice said he's been getting daily calls about the Donkey for weeks and sold his first shipment before it even arrived.

If, like me, you are are wondering what's so special about this stroller and who is willing to spend that kind of money, keep reading the full story on Bugaboo's Donkey stroller: The $1,659 ride for tots.

-- Deborah Netburn

Photo: The Bugaboo donkey in three configurations. Credit: Bugaboo


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Really? Is this monstrosity really needed to carry kids? It's like the baby Escalade. Not needed. Period. I detest mothers and their nanny's who use this piece of garbage and take up the entire sidewalk, or block businesses as they feel entitled to need something like this.

Ha ha! A $1000+ stroller. Parents pushing such a stroller are wide open for ridicule.

Bugaboo products are usually made to the highest quality. But $1657 for a stroller is a tad excessive to say the least.


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