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From bathtub to couch, one way to reuse

CastironbathtubcouchWhen it comes to upcycling, some waste items are more difficult to redeem than others. Take the cast iron bathtub that's been transformed into a couch by a Kansas artist. The bathtub couch was one of the finalists announced Monday in NBCUniversal's first Art of Reuse contest. The contest was conducted in partnership with Etsy, a website for customers and artists to buy and sell handmade items. 

Designed as a one-off for a gameroom when it first posted to the Etsy site last year, the couch inspired so many compliments that it is now in production. The 225-pound couch costs $1,700.

Shipping not included.

-- Susan Carpenter

Photo: Cast iron bathtub couch. Credit: Etsy.com

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Hasn't anyone seen Breakfast at Tiffany's?

This was done a long time ago in Breakfast at Tiffany's, the bathtub couch was in Audrey Hepburns characters apartment. It looks great in the funky colors.


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