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Set Pieces: How 'V' created its mod space pod

In a mother ship hovering above Manhattan, Anna, the queen of the reptilian alien visitors in ABC's "V," plots the extinction of Earthlings from the comfort of a design classic: the 2004 Spoon chair, above, designed by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen.

SediadaufficioThe Spoon is definitely more office chair than throne, set decorator Mark Lane said by e-mail. "Anna is more like a ruthless CEO than queen. The chair and desk reflect this. It also reflects what Anna represents: beauty and sensuality, the curves of the chair, the curves of her body."

Manufactured by the Italian firm Kartell, the polypropylene chair is notable for its cantilevered seat and a height-adjustment mechanism concealed in the stem. The Spoon sells for $675 at Kartell stores and modern furniture websites.

In the photo at top, the devious Anna (Morena Baccarin) has face time with human reporter Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) at a desk created for the show by designer Ian Thomas. He carved it from a single block of foam and added a glass top.  

Other interiors of the V ship are decked out in iconic Modern furniture by designers such as Eero Saarinen "because they possess an anamorphic feel, almost as if they were growing out of the floor, and, because they are classics, the audience can identify with them. It begs the question: Are the Vs making us comfortable with what we know?"

When Anna entertains Earthlings, below, she uses the well-known 1956 Saarinen marble-topped table, produced by Knoll and sold for about $1,600 and up (though you can find knockoffs for half the price). Rather than use the Tulip chairs that Saarinen created for use with his dining tables, Lane chose a recent design, the Azhar chair by designer Marcello Ziliani.

Picture 5
Anna and the Vs have supercomputers, but Lane found the chairs the old-fashioned Earthling way: on the Internet. "I basically typed in 'cool white chair,' " he said. "I thought they looked like some form of sea life." He contacted the Italian manufacturer Casprini, which has yet to introduce the chair in the U.S. "We were the first to have them in North America," Lane said.

And the first to ship them off into space.

-- David A. Keeps

Corrected: An earlier version of this post cited "the 2006 Spoon chair." The chair was designed in 2004, and it premiered in 2005 at the Milan furniture fair.

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Photo credits: ABC, Kartell


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Yawn. "The Prisoner" it's not.

Double yawn.

This is one of the worst television shows in the history of broadcast television.

Worst green screen CGI interiors since the KTLA local weathercast. Morena Baccarin's extraordinary visage is the only thing that makes these scenes watchable.

I love Mark Lane!
I think he is the best most talented set decorater out there!
Go Mark!
'V' is a very cool show and I hope it lasts long!

this article is about the beauty of the sets not the actual show...
and these sets are gorgeous and the furniture chosen is perfect...
nice work ...
good article.



"Me": Yeah. I know. That's why I compared it to the Prisoner. That show was actually known for it's awesome set design. This just looks like a guy bought a bunch of furniture from a Mac store.


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