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Monday links: Urban homesteading in Altadena, Japanese garden in San Marino

March 14, 2011 | 10:35 am

In case you missed them last week, two stories to check out:

From our colleagues in Food, this piece on Urban Homesteading Central:

Sometimes, the peach on a backyard tree is just a peach, a sweet, home-grown bonus. In certain circles of Altadena, though, that peach is a gateway fruit. One tree becomes three, which becomes an orchard. The quest for organic fertilizer leads to a flock of chickens, which beget a garden. Before you know it, there's a herd of goats out front, heritage turkeys in back, a beehive, a rabbit hutch and a guard llama. ... It's full-on urban homesteading, people raising fruit, produce and livestock in the city, and nowhere in Southern California has it taken off like in Altadena.

From our colleagues on the Culture Monster blog, this update on a landmark Japanese garden:

On April 4, the Huntington will shut down the scenic outdoor attraction for renovations that are expected to last a year. The Huntington said the Japanese Garden is scheduled to reopen in the early spring of 2012, to commemorate its centennial year. The renovations will include major work on the existing Japanese house, the ponds, water infrastructure and more. In addition, the Huntington will install a ceremonial tea house donated by the Pasadena Buddhist Temple.


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Photo: Gloria Putnam and Steve Rudice with their goats in Altadena. Credit: Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times