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Mom's in love with a magician? Hocus, pocus! Please, make him disappear

March 5, 2011 |  5:58 am


In the latest installment of "It's All Relative," our monthly column on caring for and staying connected with an aging parent, Rosemary McClure looks at how a late-in-life romance can heighten tensions between daughter and mother, son and father. Writes McClure:

A friend of mine says she has mixed feelings about the new man in her mom’s life: a thrice-married magician she met on a cruise. My friend originally liked the new relationship because her mother was happier, but she says her family is going crazy now because the magician practices on them all the time.

OK, that is funny. But McClure goes on to explore the serious issues -- not only personality conflicts but also financial concerns. Difficult discussions naturally arise when adult children worry that a parent is falling victim to a gold digger -- and when mom decides no inheritance-obsessed kid should be meddling in her love life or her money, thank you very much.


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