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The bed that has readers losing sleep

Our recent photo gallery featuring the home of This Is Not IKEA co-founder Alexis Hadjopulos prompted several messages from readers wondering: Where did he get that bed?

You asked, we answer: That is the Edge bed from Environment Furniture. The wide frame provides a place to set glasses, books and remote control. Side drawers provide storage under the mattress. The wood is Brazilian peroba rosa and mahogany veneer. Price: $3,995 for queen, $4,395 for standard king or California king.

If that's beyond your budget, consider our recent post on Croft House. The store sells a Mossam platform bed that has a different silhouette but is similar in spirit. Price: $1,850. 

-- Craig Nakano

Photo: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times

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There are dozens of woodshops and furniture shops in LA County that can emulate and modify designs you see in high-end catalogs for much, much cheaper. I was able to get a bedroom set with dresser, nightstand and platform bed for under $400, and it was constructed from solid wood.

The reason you haven't heard of these stores is two-fold:
1. They're immigrant-owned and operated, and while they may do really nice work, they aren't savvy to marketing, whether in print media or online.
2. These shops are located where the immigrants live, not in the tony neighborhoods where furniture buyers would be concerned with trendy furniture designs. Let's not lie, the affluent folks who would consider buying a $2000 or $4000 bed are afraid to drive to places like El Sereno, Alvarado St. or Paramount to negotiate a furniture deal.

I found the woodshop that made my furniture because the owner's son posted an ad on Craigslist. I'm sure carpenters of their ilk could build a bed like the one in the picture, but you would have to pay a little extra for the materials. It would still cost you less than $4000, you would be able to meet the craftsmen in person, and you would be able to support local businesses. Win-win!


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