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The latest indulgence for L.A. urban gardeners: the chicken sitter


First there was the dog walker.

Then came doggie day care and pet cams.

And now?  The chicken sitter.

After spotting a sign that someone posted looking for a chicken sitter, Anna Goeser established Easy Acres Chicken Sitting. Now, when urban farmers and chicken lovers go out of town, they can have more confidence in the idea that their flock is taken care of.

Having had her own chickens for more than 15 years, Goeser has the most important job skill down: Chickens don't scare her. "You can't imagine how many people are afraid of chickens," she says. "People are really freaked out by them. Over the years I've heard so many stories from people who were chased by chickens. It is hard to find people to look after them when you go out of town."

Chicken-sitting duties include feeding, watering, coop cleaning and egg collection. If the chickens are free range, Goeser will let them out in the morning and return in the evening to put them back to the coop. 

Fees begin at $20 per day and vary depending on the services. Goeser also does yard maintenance and can take care of other critters, noting, "I recently had to keep an eye on a honeybee swarm."

Goeser will host a meet-and-greet beginning at 6 p.m. Sunday at Swork in Eagle Rock. For further information: easyacresdesign@gmail.com.

-- Lisa Boone

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Photo: Christina House / For The Times

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This is wonderful! I hope she makes good $$$$$... It is a service that is new and needed!

Pardon my ignorance, but isn't there an no LA City ordinance prohibiting someone from keeping chickens at their residences as pets? How about roosters?

That's totally awesome. I always knew Anna would be a superstar chicken sitter!

You can keep chickens in coops in Los Angeles. I'm sure she has a fenced yard of some sort so they don't wander off.

I think it's a great new business!

The City of San Jose, California allows up to four chickens per household (single family dwelling) but no roosters - go figure. Fresh eggs in the city are a great bonus!

Toronto, Canada is currently considering allowing backyard hens. So it won't be long until this type of service will be up and running here too!

Chickens are great pets. And yes, you can have Roosters in the city- but they have to be kept a certain distance from neighboring properties.


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