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Can I recycle ... Post-it Notes?


3M Post-it Notes and their even stickier counterpart, Post-it Super Sticky Notes, are recyclable in L.A.’s blue bin. While the notes are typically colored and also have an adhesive strip on one side, the dye and the pressure-sensitive glue are mostly removed from the paper in a chemical de-inking and pulping process that separates them from the paper, enabling the paper to still be recycled.

Some other adhesives are OK for recycling, such as those on the backs of business envelopes; on labels on cans and glass or plastic bottles; and on cardboard and product boxes. Those are all water soluble, L.A. Sanitation officials say.

But other adhesives shouldn’t go in the blue bin. The adhesive on address or shipping label sheets tends to ball up and mar finished paper products. Scotch tape, painters tape and masking tape are not recyclable. Neither is duct tape; it is made of layers of waterproof material.

Because policies and recommendations can vary from city to city, each week we ask a sampling of officials from different municipalities to weigh in.

Can you recycle Post-it Notes in …    Factoid

Glendale: Yes
Manhattan Beach: Yes
West Hollywood: Yes
Torrance: Yes

-- Susan Carpenter

Photo by Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

Drawing by Steve Sedam / For The Times

Each week we explain the recycling potential for an item that might be confusing. Here are some previous Can I Recycle columns:

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Thanks Susan for such an informative series. What we have found locally, just like you did, is to ask your municipality if something is recyclable. For example, in our area, we were told that shipping label sheets (and an empty sheet after you have peeled all of the labels off), are recyclable. So, we would suggest that your readers check with their locality about any item they may question. I look forward to reading the remainder of the series.

I like the series as well but a group of links to the various cities websites where these are listed would be great


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