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Kittypod Dome, sensible shelter for the modern cat

December 20, 2010 |  7:00 am


Sometimes, even the cat needs to downsize.

As manufacturers roll out ever-more-expensive beds and perches for pets, designer Elizabeth Paige Smith has smartly developed a budget-minded addition to her Kittypod line of feline beds and scratching accessories. The new Kittypod Dome ($49.99) just went up on Smith's website.

The cardboard shell comes with an interior scratch pad and little kitty-head-shaped ventilation holes in the back wall. The whole thing is very Frank Gehry meets Mr. Bigglesworth -- a sleek, futuristic seat of power from which the family cat can plot household domination.

Shopping for more presents? The Kittypod Dome is No. 44 in our gallery of 99 gift ideas for home and garden.

-- Craig Nakano

Photo credit: Kittypod