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The go-to guy in vintage stoves

November 13, 2010 |  6:00 am


Fixers-stoves-AikensDavid Aikens has been taking apart stoves since he was a teenager, but his interest in vintage objects goes back to kindergarten. His mother loved poking through junk stores, and he loved going with her.

His parents bought a furniture store in 1960. Now Aikens runs the business, and he's best known as a go-to guy for vintage stoves, such as the Town and Country model pictured at top: 5 feet long, six burners, two ovens, a broiler -- and storage.

Aikens' story is the latest installment in "The Fixers," our series on the masters of home repair.


Photo: David Aikens opens one of the vintage stoves in his Inglewood shop. Note the blue model in the background; the shelf unfolds and lowers to cover the burners, essentially providing more counter space on demand.


Photo: Vintage grates, to be matched to the proper vintage stove.

Photo: An old O'Keefe & Merritt.


Photo: Replacement stove tops aplenty, in storage at Aikens' store.

Photo credits for all: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times


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