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The Deal: Artworks for $20 on 20x200


Released Wednesday on the affordable art website 20x200, an edition of satellite prints by San Francisco artist Jenny Odell captures objects cut out from Google satellite images. What Odell won't steal? Your wallet. The archival prints come in an edition of 200 and start at just $20.

New York gallery owner Jen Bekman launched 20x200 in 2007. Each week her website offers two new editions by emerging artists or established names such as William Wegman. The work is offered in various dimensions and in editions of different sizes; smaller and more common versions cost less, and larger and more limited editions cost more. An 8-by-10-inch print offered in an edition of 200, for example, might sell for $20 each, while a 16-by-20-inch print of the same work in an edition of 20 might sell for $200, and a 30-by-40-inch print in an edition of just two might sell for $2,000.

Artworks are categorized by subjects -- landscapes, abstract, flora and fauna. All come with a numbered certificate of authenticity that is signed by the artist.

One negative: Many of the $20 prints sell out quickly. I am still kicking myself that I did not buy Joseph O. Holmes' wonderful photograph of a father holding his son in front of a display at the American Museum of Natural History.

To get up-to-date information on new editions, sign up for 20x200's newsletter. Subscribers get first notice of new editions as well as information about events and special offers. To see some more affordable artworks keep reading ...
Santa barbara

Untitled (Santa Barbara) by Liz Kuball, begins at $20.


  Yellow dress
"West Nineteenth Street (Yellow Dress)" by Joseph O. Homes begins at $50.


" Chateau" by Jeremy Kohm begins at $20.

"BG-0006-25A" by Bert Teunissen begins at $20.

-- Lisa Boone


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Inspired by the philosophy of 20x200, FOCUSMAINE.COM was launched on October 1, but with several essential differences in our approach: our focus is on the many fine art photographers based in Maine who need a much wider collector base; our editions are very much smaller; and our initial print sells for $50 and very importantly, every print sold is signed and editioned by the artist on the print. 20x200 has proven to be an incredible leader in building the pyramid of art collectors from the ground up and we are committed to do that for Maine's fine art photographers - a wonderful community.

Oh... more devaluation of the artist. Swell. What's next? Crowd sourcing paintings?

Au contraire, my feathered friend! We value artists enormously at 20x200, and strive to provide them with an ever-expanding array of opportunities to advance their practice.

How do we do that? By introducing them to new audiences, by getting their work on to the walls of collectors of all kinds and by creating substantive income so they can maintain their studios, fund travel and/or ambitious projects. There are few things that give me greater pleasure than writing fat checks to artists; as the business gains momentum, that's something I get to do with increasing frequency.

I started 20x200 with two core goals in mind: I want everyone to collect art, and I want enable an economy that allows more artists to make a living by making work. It's time.

20x200.com is so great.

20x200 opened up the world for me! Just this week an art magazine in Germany saw one of my 20x200 images and purchased rights to use it! And that's just one of several opportunities that have happened because of my association with 20x200.

All wonderful linages. Will have to check here more often for ideas for myself!


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