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Inspired awfulness: $89 faux hay

Grandin road hay bale-2
Over the last decade, as Halloween has joined Thanksgiving and Christmas in a holiday marketing trifecta, home decor companies have devised ever more-spooky products designed to scare the money out of your cold, bony hands. Some of them, however, are frightfully silly -- especially because they can be easily replicated at a far lower cost. 

Take, for instance, Grandin Road's Faux Hay Bales, above. They are made from PVC on a collapsible wire frame for easy storage (although they may not be sturdy enough for all adults to sit on). A 3-foot-long version is 18 inches deep and 14 inches high and costs $69. The 40-inch-long version is 14 inches deep and 16 inches high. That will set you back $89.

By contrast, a 4-by-2-by-2-foot bale of real yellow straw is a mere $7.95 at Stephen's Hay & Grain in Glendale. Although you will have to pick it up or pay a hefty delivery charge, it does make excellent mulch later. (Plus it's not that tasty to critters that may really give you a fright.)

Almost as absurd as faux hay: For $16, Pottery Barn will send you its Chalkboard Rock Vase Fillers, below left, a set of four puny poly-resin rocks and a piece of chalk to write scary messages.

For $6, I bought a can of Rust-oleum Chalk Board paint and sprayed rocks of the same size from my yard. I still have three-quarters of the can left. I used a white charcoal pencil from an art supply store to write on them, but a piece of chalk works just as well. 

I'm just saying.  

-- David A. Keeps


Photo credits: Grandin Road, Pottery Barn, David A. Keeps


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this is all gross - and don't forget that pvc is terrible for the environment, and questionable to our health! it's definitely terrible to have around children - and this is totally the kind of decor some family would buy to get festive for their kids. ugh.

Yuppies can't find enough ways to blow their easily earned (if not given) money. These things should be illegal. Waste to the environment and our children's future. People that buy this stuff should have their money taken away.

PVC is terrible for the environment? What do you think the water pipes are made from in 95% of the homes and businesses worldwide?

insipid awfulness

Steven Parker - just because it's widely used doesn't make it less poisonous. your stat illustrates convenience, that's all.

Or you could just keep your money in your wallet and refuse to decorate for every minor holiday.

The problem with PVC is not the product in it's final form - it's very inert. The problem is in it's manufacture - it is impossible to keep dioxins from entering the environment during any commercially viable manufacturing process of PVC. Also, when it burns (usually accidentally, but it happens a lot), it releases some nasty toxins. But it sure is cheap, convenient, and easy to work with!

Gads. IF you are willing to pick it up you can get hay for $2.50 a bale from craigslist. ::sighs::

Real hay bales are lovely - but highly flammable...one small spark could create a really scary Halloween!


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