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Sneak peek: John Derian for Target premieres Sept. 5


New York designer John Derian's new fall collection for Target caught my eye when I saw his whimsical designs in the store's online "look book" sent to writers and editors for previewing. Curious to see how the items compared with the photographs, I got my hands on some samples and am happy to report: They did not disappoint me or my colleagues, as an audience quickly gathered when I unwrapped the fun mix-and-match plates, platters and serving trays at my desk.

Derian made his name as a decoupage artist whose glass tableware was made with color reproductions of 18th and 19th century illustrations. His new Target collection is a more affordable take on the same approach, with melamine pieces that seem perfect for a tea party or picnic.

Dreamlike images of butterflies, dahlias, leaves and feathers decorate the nearly 100 items, each under $25. Decorative trays such as the ones shown above ($12.99 apiece) are complemented with melamine dinnerware, ceramic mugs, coasters, stationery sets, notebooks and fabric-covered storage bins. The melamine pieces we sampled felt substantial and carried the same spirit (if not exactly the same look) as the original, more expensive glass pieces.

The collection officially premieres Sept. 5 and will be available for a limited time at www.target.com and select stores. Judging from Target's previous limited-edition collections, items could go fast. Can't wait? Some items will go on sale Friday at the online sale site Gilt Groupe. The sale begins at 9 a.m., but you must register to be a member before you can shop.

To see more John Derian designs for Target, keep reading ...


Appetizer plates, about 6 inches in diameter, will sell for $1.99 apiece. The melamine plates are dishwasher-safe but not for use in the microwave.


Dinner plates are $2.99 apiece.


The 6-inch dish with a flatware design is $1.99. The larger tray (shown in the Maze pattern but also available in water lily and dragon fly motifs) is $16.99.


The tapered tray (shown in the Grande Water Lily design but also available in honeycomb and pale geranium) is $19.99.

The three-tier Dahlia stand is $14.99.

-- Lisa Boone

Photo credits: Target

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The three-tiered stand looks perfect for serving afternoon tea cakes!

Oh man, I love John Derian's new fall collection!! Unfortunately, this line is going to be hit stores at a bad time. I can't buy it because we're boycotting Target for their attempt to buy elections in Minnesota by donating a huge amount of money to an anti-union organization running an anti-gay candidate.

I guess this stuff will go on the long list of things I can't buy at Target until they stop meddling in democracy.

Target's not "meddling". IF you don't like the store, don't shop.

Insider tip from Gilt: There’s always a chance that items marked as “In Members’ Carts” will still be available to buy if you keep checking!

Alright, they're not "meddling." They are straight-up attempting to purchase elections by spending 75,000 times as much as a human being is allowed to spend on the same candidate.

Sorry you missed the point of my comment, which is: I don't shop there anymore.

oh bother !
Do you think that the gay's/lesbian's that work at Target are boycotting their jobs because of this? NO. Get over it. If you want to purchase John Derian, purchase it, use it, when you tire of it resell it on ebay and donate that money to a gay/lesbian charity/organization. That way- everyone wins. Target donates approx $3M (yes Million) per week to charity.


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