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Parentology: Calling in the sleep consultants

Sleep_coach In keeping with the spotlight on life coaches, my latest story is on sleep consultants -- those magical angels who help us figure out how to get our babies to sleep in their cribs, all the way through the night.

You would assume that a story about sleep consultants would ultimately be a story about sleep, how to create it, and how to maintain it, but what I found over the course of the reporting is that it was actually a story about intuition.

Everyone I spoke with for the story used that word. "I tell parents to follow their intuition," said Brandi Rouse of The Cradle Company. "Our sleep consultant kept pointing us back to using our intuition," said Mary Baerg, a mother who could not say enough about sleep consultant Eileen Henry, whom she called when her son was 9 months old.

It seems that over-educated (and over-exhausted) parents have either lost faith in their own intuition, or possibly never had any to begin with. The goal of the sleep consultant it seems is not just to get a baby to sleep through the night, but to help parents tap back into what they may know deep inside.

Here's a link to full story: Calling in the baby whisperers

-- Deborah Netburn

Illustration: Bonnie Dain / For The Times

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Every baby is different. Some sleeps through the night in one month while others take much longer time to do so. My second child woke up every 2 hours on the clock, that is including about 1/2 hour of feeding and changing time. Those were really rough times when I had the most 1.5 hours of sleep each time she woke up. Until one night when she was 10 months old, I decided that I was not getting up when she cried. That magically started her sleeping through the night routine. What a relief! So my advice is: play it by the ear because no sleep consultant can really tell you the best way to deal with it.

This kind of consultants is nothing new. It is a usual thing in Japan, mostly for grown ups. People sleeps around 4 hours per day and they simply have to ask for help with the sleeping problems.

People got ill after couple of nights having a bad sleep. It's probably the most important thing after getting food. Elders have less need for sleep comparing to younger people. Remember babies sleeping 20 hours throughout the day? :)


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