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The Deal: Melamine dinnerware at Sur La Table


This colorful dinnerware made me do a double-take.

It may look like expensive heavyweight Italian pottery, but it's not.

The shatter-resistant pieces are actually made of melamine. On sale for 30% off at Sur La Table, the outdoor collections are a great alternative to the socially inappropriate paper plates at poolside parties and picnics at the Bowl.

Dinner plates, normally $9.95 each, are now $6.96. Salad plates and bowls, formerly $7.95 apiece, are now $5.56. Rectangular serving tray, regularly $24.95, is now $17.46. A large salad bowl for potlucks, normally $19.95, is now $13.96, and an oval platter, usually $19.95, is now $13.96. Another design is available in yellow. All of the pieces are dishwasher safe.

For locations or more information: www.surlatable.com or (800) 243-0852.

-- Lisa Boone

Photo credit: Sur La Table

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I'm on a mission to protest the unnecessary and unhealthful production and consumption of petroleum products. I will not be stopped.

I urge the LA Times advertisement department to inform all current and future advertising clients that the LA Times will NOT promote frivilous, unnecessary and overpriced petroleum based products.

I urge everyone who reads this to complain to the LA Times about their promotion of all overpriced petroleum products, like melamine.

I urge everyone to be aware of how much plastic we consume and discard.

I urge everone to complain to the stores that sell these items, like Sur la Table, and tell them that they will not stand for their promotion of these dangerous to our health and the environment petroleum products.

When will we ever learn? Enough is Enough.

Once again my 6/17 comment has been censored. I'll try once again.

Do not purchase petroleum based products. Plastic is killing the planet and destroying our health.

Shame on the LA Times for promoting products made from petroleum excrement. These products are most likely made in China or some other foreign country without adequate environmental or employee workplace standards.

These products are produced at extremely low costs. By the time they reach Sur la Table, the price is 300% higher.

Please, everyone, voice your condemnations of the production of unnecessary and orverpiced petroleum based products where ever you see them sold.

Ms. Boone, had I praised instead of condemned your paper's promotion of the production and consumption of nonessential petroleum based products such as the mealmine plates sold at Sur la Table and the plastic chairs in featured in another story in this section, would you have printed my recently posted comments?

I hate to think you favor censorship, but unless you are on vacation or haven't had a chance to print my comments, I'm afraid I must assume you do indeed favor censorship.


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