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A gas station at home? It's Honda's vision of the future

June 26, 2010 |  6:02 am

Hydrogen-refueling-Ellen-WeinsteinHonda's FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel-cell car made headlines when it premiered a couple of years ago, and with good reason.

The only emissions from the tailpipe are droplets of water. Who wouldn't want that?

But one of the obstacles to wider adoption of the emerging technology has been the question of gas stations: Places where drivers could refill their tanks with hydrogen were few and far between.

Times staff writer Susan Carpenter, however, recently got a peek at one potential solution: a Honda Clarity home refueling system that essentially turns your house into a personal gas station.

A car that's refueled at home using solar panels and water? Could this be our future?

Read the story to find out. Carpenter and Times videographer Jeff Amlotte also have put together an accompanying video showing the Honda hydrogen refueling station in action.

-- Craig Nakano

Illustration credit: Ellen Weinstein / For The Times