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Anna Nicole Smith furniture to be auctioned by Julien's in Las Vegas


This is one auction Christie’s and Sotheby’s didn’t fight over. The late Anna Nicole Smith’s boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, is putting hundreds of the former Playboy model's personal items on the block this month.

AnnaNicolePurpleChaise Julien’s Auctions -- which previously has handled  items such as Marilyn Monroe’s X-rays and Michael Jackson’s famous sequined glove -- will sell her belongings on June 26, during its "Hollywood Legends Auction" at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

Of the 250 pieces of Smith’s clothing, furniture and decorative objects on the block, many fall into the high-camp category.

AnnaNicoleDogBed Some of the most eye-catching offerings include a hand-painted coffee table that features Marilyn Monroe's likeness. A purple leopard-print upholstered chaise, right, is part of a set that includes a matching sofa and ottoman. The set is from her Studio City home and is carrying a pre-auction estimate of $2,000 to $4,000. (Photo of Smith with the furniture on the jump.)

A pink feather and faux fur dog bed (traveling dog bowls and carrying case included) is estimated to sell for $200 to $400.

Also up for auction are a series of decorative bronzes that Smith acquired during her marriage to Howard Marshall, as well as a Warhol-esque screen-print portrait of the oil magnate, embellished in bright jelly-bean tones.

Surprisingly, some of the auction's most understated pieces were designed by Bobby Trendy, Smith’s flamboyant decorator who starred in her reality series, “The Anna Nicole Smith Show.”

A pair of oversized, mocha-hued velour sofas and a gilded coffee table, all designed by Trendy, look positively demure next to items like Smith’s personalized pink golf bag and her crystal-bedazzled furniture. (Photos of those also after the jump.)

A public exhibition of items from Julien's summer auction series (which also includes "Music Legends" and "Start Trek" themed sales) begins June 14 in Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. According to the auction house, some proceeds from the sale will benefit the Anna Nicole and Daniel Wayne Smith Charitable Foundation, as well as Smith and Birkhead’s 3-year-old daughter, Dannielynn.

-- Alexandria Abramian Mott

Above: A custom velour sofa designed by Bobby Trendy and featured in the first season of "The Anna Nicole Smith Show."


Above: Smith's gilded coffee table, which will sell as a single lot with two of the velour sofas. Julien's estimate: $4,000 to $6,000.


Above: Smith pictured with the purple leopard-print furniture to be auctioned.

Furniture photos credit: Shaan Kokin / Julien's Auctions. Anna Nicole Smith photos credit: Larry Birkhead.

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Who would want to buy Anna Nicole's trashy stuff? I think babydaddy should find a JOB and start to support his kid. That's what single parents do in the real world. Marshall money is gone.

Wow, Anna Nicole is a hot commodity again 3 years after her death. People are selling her belongings, opening exhibits in her honour and writing books about her,like the new one "The Killing of Anna Nicole Smith". I wonder why this is happening all of a sudden.

It makes sense for the father of Anna's child to sell these things now while Anna Nicole Smith is still lingering in pop culture memory and her stuff has value in the open market. That money could be put to good use.

Maybe he'll do the right thing, shelter his child from the media and parasite class of celebrity followers, and let her grow up normally, maybe even let her develop her mind instead of just her body; this money could become her college fund.

It's too be hoped for, anyway.

Anna's story is tragic, even operatic. Not sure why people would continue to heap contempt on her when she was so clearly a sad, and sadly used woman whose life should not have ended that way. She was so lost.

I hope for the best for Larry Birkhead and his daughter. Rest in peace, Anna.

Your article makes very good, so that makes me more able to explore some of the knowledge that you have written.

I ditto what Mike said. Would also say, there is no use in hanging on to items of this nature, they have a limited market and you should sell while it's hot and still new. Otherwise it's dusty and old. Plus it may not be his taste.

I always thought she had a BEAUTIFUL face!

This money is going for a real good cause,If Larry is going to put it in a trust for Dannielyn,Anna was a beautiful woman,it is so sad she did not get to see her little girl grow up.Good Luck On The Sale

I like the furnitures, especially the sofa design :D


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