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Wallpaper that steals headlines


No surprise that the latest wallpaper sample to cross my desk generated a smile. It's called Newsworthy, and it's made from strips of newspaper that have been hand-loomed with nylon thread.

The effect is clever -- instantly identifiable up close, but pleasantly abstract from afar. The wallpaper has an earthy, vintage quality to it -- which could explain why its designer, Weitzner, is marketing it as an alternative to grass cloth.

Given the nature of the material, each roll is unique; no two will be identical in pattern. The paper is 47 inches wide and sold in 5-yard increments through the trade, meaning an interior designer will need to price the material for you through a Weitzner representative. In the Los Angeles area, that's the Kneedler-Fauchere showroom in the Pacific Design Center, (310) 855-1313. (In true old-school style, the showroom doesn't have a website.)

One other caveat: The spec sheet warns against using Newsworthy in direct sunlight. Like the source material, it's only a matter of time before the print fades away.

To see more designs in Weitzner's 2010 spring collection, click here.

-- Craig Nakano

Photo credits: Weitzner

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I've also seen vessels made using a similar technique. Clever idea, a great conversation starter... and it's really very attractive.

Thanks so much for the information! I really think this is a great find. I am enlightened and will be keeping tabs on this wallpaper vendor and this blog! :)

I love this paper! I am a total news junkie and a long time fan of grass cloth. What could be better!


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