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The Deal: Goldfish get mod digs
with the new Fishcondo from Unica Home


With all the modern pet decor on the market -- dog blankets knit from dog fur, modern kitty litter boxes, eco-friendly cardboard cat houses, bird feeders as sculpture -- it's not surprising that a modernist fish tank would debut for spring.

The Fishcondo, designed by Teddy Luong, a student at Carleton University School of Industrial Design, won first place at Umbra's "Build a Better" design competition. This mod aquarium is basically a glass fish bowl with a white ABS plastic shell that creates floors and windows. The glass bowls can be taken out for easy cleaning. 

The units, which are 7.5 inches square and 8 inches high, can be stacked to create a condo-like appearance. $25 from Unica Home. Shipping is $8.50 and begins in June. For more details, click here.

-- Lisa Boone

Photo credit: Umbra

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Completely unsuitable for goldfish. Way too small, with no space for filtration.

The Siamese fighting fish pictured would do fine, with regular water changes, otherwise, it would pollute the water it lives in and kill itself.

If this design were meant to be an aquarium, it fails miserably.

This looks like fish torture rather than something a living thing should be housed in. Where are the plants? Where is the running water? Pets are not freaking accessories. This is pathetic. And the article doesn't say ANYTHING about how inappropriate this monstrosity is....SHAME ON YOU LISA BOONE!


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