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Keep boiling eggs from cracking

With Easter coming up, this little space-alien-looking gadget, called a foodpod, could come in handy for boiling eggs. But it's also meant for vegetables or anything else you'd like to nestle inside to blanch, boil or steam.

The foodpod, made by fusionbrands, keeps the food from rattling around in a pot while cooking. A hook on the end of the tentacle also makes it  easy to pull the cooked food out of the boiling water. Plus, it's cute.

The foodpod costs $15 and can be ordered online, or find retailers at the website.

-- Mary MacVean

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Photo credit: fusionbrands

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waste of money

I own a foodpod and use it for everything from blanching brocolli to steaming mussels. It's ideal for hardboiled eggs-- especially if you just want to make a few eggs at a time. fusionbrands makes great gadgets I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Does it work; did Times test it? My kitchen is chock-a-block full of task-specific gadgets. Some work, some don't. The intention of the design and the cuteness factor are nice.


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